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Updated on September 11, 2021

Low bun updos are a great option for formal events because they seem more polished than long, loose strands. A bun at the nape of your neck will give you glamour and versatility. We have put together 20 different ways to wear this trend whether you are a wedding guest, a time-crunched student or the ultimate beauty bombshell.

Trendy Low Bun Updos

Upgrade your bun with unusual braided details, fun twists or romantic pin curls, go to messy extremes, throw in a sprinkling of tiny blossoms, play with textures and volume of your bun and more…

1. Low Bun with Two Side Braids

If everything about you is larger than life, why not try a bun that matches your personality. With a voluminous front and back, you need something to break up the middle of this style. The double side braid is just the thing, plus it provides some much needed edge to the style.

Loose Messy Bun With Braids

Instagram/ @kykhair

2. Blonde Bridal Low Bun

If you have short, fine or thin hair, it can be difficult to achieve a voluminous low bun look. Style the bouffant and curls for some added visual volume. A small curly bun can also look very cute and oh-so-moving!

3. Bouffant Low Bun

Thin hair can look really flat and limp in a low updo. Create fullness by styling your locks in loose curls before you pin them into this easy chignon. A bouffant will boost volume throughout the crown.

4. Low Bun with Long Bangs

Women with chubby cheeks may find that pulled back styles emphasize the roundness of their faces in an unflattering way. With a long side bang you can add a dash of drama and slim your visage at the same time. A subtle bouffant will balance out the weight of a heavy bun in the back.

5. Double Braid Low Bun

The best part about low buns is that they allow you the space to incorporate some braided designs throughout the top of your style. Because your hair is pulled back, it could seem flat and lifeless on top without texture. A double braid makes the look multi-dimensional and lends a beautiful boho vibe.

6. Simple Bun with Side Braid

A low bun is pretty simple. However, when combined with a braid, it adds a touch of femininity and romance to the overall appearance — which is exactly what almost every woman wants from a hairstyle. Upgrade this basic updo with a messy finish and you get a trendy look you’ll enjoy to rock anywhere.

Messy Braid And Low Bun Updo

Instagram / @emmachenartistry

7. Elegant Low Bun

Even the simplest knots can be very elegant, as this image proves. Ensure that your tresses are loose to create a relaxed feel, and pull a few strands out with your fingers for a messier appearance. And if you want to give your look an extra wow factor, then finish it off with bejeweled accessories.

Formal Low Wrapped Bun

Instagram / @tonyastylist

8. Old-Hollywood Hairstyle

Romantic and sophisticated, yet with a twist. The polished braid and bun updo is a perfect combination of the old-Hollywood elegance and modern day glamour.

Low Bun With A Crown Braid

Instagram / @elstilespb

9. Tousled Locks in a Bun

Easy-styling and cute: these are the adjectives that best describe this low bun updo. The tousled blonde locks have a very relaxed feel about them, while the criss-cross nature of the bun gives it a modern update. It’s a great option to take you from day to night, and you’re bound to love it.

Casual Low Sock Bun

Instagram / @kykhair

10. Deconstructed Bun

A curly bun is one of the most popular choices for women with wavy locks because it complements the texture wavy and curly hair. It’s also fantastic for anyone who wants something unpolished yet chic.

Wedding Loose Curly Updo For Long Hair

Instagram / @elstilespb

11. Feminine Back Bun

This is one of the most perfect pictures to show just how pretty a back bun can be. It’s fuss-free and will lend itself well to a variety of different settings – so, you can wear it to work, or to a cocktail party.

12. Side Braid with Low Twist Bun

If you’re interested in trying out low bun hairstyles, then the braid and twist option is a fantastic choice. The style is even more dimensional and shiny thanks to the soft highlights throughout.

13. Unstructured Low Bun

Classic updos are great when styled in a number of different ways. However, if you’re just trying them out, it’s always best to choose something uncomplicated. The unstructured nature of the knot is the beauty of it, so don’t worry to secure your flyaway locks with hairspray — let them fall as naturally as possible.

Low Messy Bun Updo

Instagram / @theprettyparlour

14. Knotted Side Buns

The addition of two side buns creates a youthful appearance, but also an exceptionally modern one. Plait your tresses as you would normally, but instead of completing it with a pony, split the hair into two sections and make a couple of fun low pigtail buns.

Two Low Buns With A Centre Braid

Instagram / @missysueblog

15. Thick Hair in a Braided Bun

If you are blessed with plenty of thick locks, then this is a fantastic option for your long hair. Pull your tresses into a loose plaited low bun, which will give the impression of an even fuller head of hair.

Low Formal Bun Updo

Instagram / @alliedoeshair

16. Sleek Braided Bun

The polished braided nape bun may appear as if it took the help of a professional to create, but the good news is that it is actually incredibly easy to do. Simply gather your tresses in a low ponytail and wrap it up into a knot.

Slick Knotted Low Bun

Instagram / @hairbyjaxx

17. Classic Twisted Chignon

For a woman of classic tastes, out of all the updo options out there, the chignon bun is the one. Another benefit of the style is it tends to flatter most face shapes and women of all ages.

18. Bun with a Split Braid

While most of these images are very straightforward, if you prefer something more detailed, then there are many tutorials online to help you out. These helpful videos can give you a step by step guide on how to do a low bun that is intricate, like this stunning layered braid into bun updo.

19. Middle-Parted Hairstyle

Updos may consist of sophisticated elements, some more challenging than others — and this is one of those. The focus of the rope twist bun is the middle part, so be sure to create two very even sections. It’s also a great look if you want to disguise any damage to the hair (braids tend to hide split ends).

5-Strand Braids With Twisted Low Bun

Instagram / @hair_by_pelerossi

20. Intricate Braided Updo

An alternative to a classic bun is to incorporate detailing, like multiple french braids or fishtails. It’s great for formal events, so, if you’re attending a wedding, definitely opt for this!

Low Braided Bun Updo

Instagram / @catherinestroh

21. Fuss-Free Side Bun

There is something really appealing about low bun hairstyles, because even with minimal effort they appear chic and polished. But if you want more dimension, opt for a side bun. The beauty of the look is the simplicity, and it requires only a quick pull back, and a few twists of the hair — for the woman on the move.

Messy Low Side Bun Updo

Instagram / @goldplaited_

22. Twisted Bun

If you’ve been wondering how to create an updo that is pretty but also quick to do, then look no further. While it may appear simple, the hair is made texturally interesting by the inclusion of the twisted pieces — fantastic for ladies with coarse or curly locks.

Low Messy Bun With Twists

Instagram / @kellgrace

23. Flirty Messy Bun

Embrace your natural hair texture with a style that shows it off, like the tousled messy bun. It’s modern, flirty and feminine. Feel you need to go one step further? For a boho vibe, add pretty flowers such as baby’s-breath into your tresses.

Messy Crown Braid With Low Bun

Instagram / @inspobyelvirall

24. Classic Twisted Chignon

One of the most classic and timeless low buns for women of all ages is the bouffant bun. Being fuss-free and requiring minimal effort to style makes a bouffant a great option. It’s also a top choice if you weren’t born with thick tresses and want to add volume and root lift.

Formal Messy Chignon

Instagram / @theprettyparlour

25. Tiny Low Bun with Side Plait

Updos work well on short hair, too. But because the look is extremely plain with fewer locks, it’s beneficial to add interesting elements, like a side plait and/or a twist.

Low Bun For Short Natural Hair

Instagram / @sashabasha2

26. Simple Sock Bun

When it comes to an updo for a formal event or a conservative setting, it’s best to just keep it simple. Large sock bun hairstyles with a few face framing layers are classic and polished without being too stuffy. If you have trouble achieving the perfect donut shape, try using a sock bun.

Casual Low Bun Updo

Instagram/ @jenniekaybeauty

27. Powder Pink Low Bun

It’s important for brides to be themselves on their big day, and while this may not be one of the typical styles for a wedding, it surely is one of the most memorable and personal. The style itself is actually quite chic and pulled together, but the pepto pink color takes it into the edgy territory.

28. Champagne Blonde Low Bun

When choosing a shade of blonde for your low messy bun and other styles, it’s important to make sure that the color is complementary to your skin tone. If you have very light complexion, this champagne blonde will set it off beautifully. It shimmers and sparkles without stealing your shine, which is ideal for brides-to-be.

29. Elegant Ombre Low Bun

An ombre dye job is flattering and desirable in updos for many reasons — this style is just one more to add to the list. The lighter color towards the ends draws attention to the bun and also shows the intricate details within the updo style.

30. Twisted Crown Low Bun

Put a literal twist on the standard braid crown with the hairdo shown. Make sure to keep the roots darker in the front so that the textured detail will really pop. Because you want the focus to be on the front, keep the bun in the back simple.

31. Side Braid Low Bun

Add fullness to straight medium-length hair with a Fishtail braid hairstyle. The low side bun may just look like a messy coil at first glance, but it is really a fishtail braid that has been pinned. The plaited look also shows off beautiful brown and blonde highlights.

Side Braided Bun Updo

Instagram/ @catherinestroh

32. Whimsical Wedding Low Bun

When it comes to your special day, a regular hairdo just won’t cut it. Elevate the look with a silvery color and intertwined braids. Instead of typical blooms, a few delicate sprigs feel natural and relaxed.

33. Weekend Low Bun

For a cool and casual weekend low bun, the messier the texture the better. While it is polished and unexpected, it avoids being too stuffy or overdone. To avoid frizz or fly away strands, make sure to spritz your style with flake-free hairspray.

34. Infiniti Low Bun

A hidden message within hairstyles may give the wearer an extra boost of confidence. This style has been manipulated to mimic the look of an infinity symbol, which means forever. It’s perfect for a wedding, date night or even a formal gathering.

35. College-Worthy Low Bun

Trying to get to an early morning class after a night of partying or cramming for an exam can be extremely difficult. Sometimes all that you have time to do is hop out of bed, brush your teeth, and go. The key getting the perfect casual style is to do your bun before you go to sleep so that when you wake up it has the perfect messy texture without any additional effort needed.

Messy Low Bun

Instagram/ @headstudio

36. Cute and Curly Low Bun

The benefit of curly hair is that you don’t need to do anything extra to get a voluminous low bun hairstyle. In fact, if you have long hair it may be better to style when it is still wet to prevent frizz from over-brushing dry hair. A side part allows you to be able to frame the face without overpowering it.

37. Radiant Red Low Bun

When your hair is dyed a bright color such as this, it’s great to balance it out with a sleek style for formal occasions. Keep tendrils and messiness to a minimum by pulling hair back with a high-shine side braid. Ask your stylist for a gloss treatment beforehand to seal in your color and make it look vibrant.

38. Vacation Low Bun

Don’t overthink your beauty routine when you are luxuriating away on a beach vacay. Low updos are your go to because they are slightly pulled together while being as relaxed as you feel. Let your hair air dry to embrace the amazing wavy texture that the sea salt in the water provides.

39. Pin Curled Low Bun

Instead of one large bun, why not assemble an updo out of individual flat coils? The resulting look is not only visually intriguing, but it also resembles a bouquet of roses. The romantic touch is perfect for weddings and other formal or major red carpet events.

40. Sassy Side Low Bun

This look is effortlessly cool thanks to the intertwined curls and the mix of blonde and brown colors to the slightly messy texture. It’s one of the low bun hairstyles that are perfect for a woman who likes to wear a leather jacket over her ball gown.

By moving your bun lower you are able to open up the door to a variety of exciting styles. From bold colors and braids to chic or casual curls, there is a low bun look for every woman.

Loose Messy Bun With Braids Bouffant Low Curly Bun Updo For Shorter Hair Messy Chignon With A Bouffant Low Curly Bun With Side Bangs Low Messy Bun With Crown Braid Messy Braid And Low Bun Updo Formal Low Wrapped Bun Low Bun With A Crown Braid Casual Low Sock Bun Wedding Loose Curly Updo For Long Hair Low Looped Bun Updo Back Low Bun With A Braid Low Messy Bun Updo Two Low Buns With A Centre Braid Low Formal Bun Updo Slick Knotted Low Bun Formal Chignon With Twists Layered Braid And Low Bun 5-Strand Braids With Twisted Low Bun Low Braided Bun Updo Messy Low Side Bun Updo Low Messy Bun With Twists Messy Crown Braid With Low Bun Formal Messy Chignon Low Bun For Short Natural Hair Casual Low Bun Updo Pastel Pink Low Curly Bun Blonde Chignon Updo Loose Bun Updo For Long Hair twisted crown low bun Side Braided Bun Updo Messy Boho Chignon With A Braid Simple Updo For Tousled Hair Twisted Chignon For Long Hair Messy Low Bun Curly Chignon Updo Messy Chignon With A Side French Braid Loose Messy Side Bun Side Curly Bun Curly Messy Updo