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Updated on September 08, 2021
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Black ombre is classy and striking. It may not flatter everyone though. Who is black ombre for then? If you have highly contrasting looks and natural dark hair color, you may try black fades into browns, reds or even blondes. Long hair is a plus for ombre, since this coloristic technique requires length to do a quality fade, especially if it’s as dramatic as most of black dip dyes. Check out the creative variations of dark ombre hair and get inspired for your next visit to the salon.

The Unlimited Possibilities of Black Ombre Hair

With natural blonde hair you can go only a few tones lighter in ombre. In this case you achieve a dramatic transition of colors, only if you go for a reverse ombre or darken your roots previously. With dark brown and black hair you can transition to any color of your preference, including unnatural pastel hues and bold, bright colors. Besides, your ombre for dark hair will last for months, and you won’t have to worry about the root growth, as you would with a solid hair color that’s different from your natural hair hue. Check the following ombre ideas for brunettes to choose the hues and patterns you like the most.

1. Dark Ombre with Caramel Shades

Ombre for black hair can mimic the look of sun-kissed locks. This hair color solution is perfect if you want to lighten up your natural hair color with a dark ombre effect that is shiny and healthy-looking.

2. Copper for Dramatic Shine and Natural Beauty

Copper tones are a great way to do dark ombre hair. Mingled in with deeper shades of brown and black, copper tones can add dramatic shine to your mane.

3. Subtle Dark Ombre that Won’t Cause Drama

If you prefer a natural look, such a subtle black to brown ombre will mimic the natural look of lighter ends and darker roots.

4. Black to Brown Ombre with Sun-Kissed Tips

Long hair has enough drama, so keep things subtle by going from black to brown with gentle color changes. A few natural shades can go a long way in making your hair look great and keeping it healthy.

5. Going Gray Ends

Going full gray is a big commitment. Lessen the impact while creating a statement style with black hair that has shades of gray at the ends. Note that the very tips are gaining the bluish tint to set off the noble steel gray shade used in the middle.

6. Black and Tan Ombre

Ombre variations are known for being inspired by the sun and having a glowing goddess flair, but what if you want a version with a little more edge to it? This grungy goth style gives you the best of both words: black and platinum hair.

7. Sleek Fuchsia Ombre for Black Hair

One of the most beautiful ways for a girl with black hair to rock the trend is to go for a bright burgundy ombre (or red if that’s more your thing). If you have cool toned skin, you’ll likely look best with red purples, but if you have a warm skin tone, you should try something that is true red or with hints of orange.

8. Subtle Copper Ombre for Dark Hair

Here’s a fantastic option for a girl who seeks a subtle ombre: copper. Any hue from warm brown to caramel will look gorgeous on black hair. If you can’t decide the exact shade to add to your ends, try holding up pictures on your phone against the clothes in your closet to see what goes with your wardrobe best.

9. Dark Ombre with Sandy Hues

For an ombre style that is completely on-trend, ask your stylist to tone your bleached ends with a sandy caramel shade. When you remove the gold and brassy hues, you’ll get a look that is very flattering for dark hair and light skin. Girls with darker skin can experiment with golden brown hues.

10. Brown and Red Ombre

This cute style is sweet and simple. We love how the white tee makes the red ends really pop. Consider what you will wear with your new ombre look. Wearing bright or light colors on top helps a dark ombre stand out much better.

11. Beautiful Light Brown Ombre

If you’re looking for black ombre hair that is glamorous and touchable, then you need to master the art of imperfect waves. To try them out, wrap big sections of hair around a large barrel curling iron starting at the midshaft. Then brush out the curls with a wide tooth comb (and go light on the hairspray).

12. Blue-Tipped Black Ombre

For dark ombre hair that is completely unique, think outside of the blonde box. Yes, blonde ombre is beautiful, but if blonde isn’t your thing, then try a less dramatic but no less interesting option. A deep midnight blue is the perfect addition to shiny black hair with a multidimensional finish.

13. Golden Ends for Dark Hair

The way that the light catches the waves on this golden ombre is proof that the metallic tone (think copper, steel gray, golden brown) is a winner all on its own. However, metallics really shine when combined with black. The pairing that makes it extra special! For hair this sleek and shiny, do hot oil treatments regularly.

14. Cool Toned Blonde Ombre on Dark Hair

Ash blonde shades are very in right now. So, if you have cool-toned skin, go for it! Ask your stylist to tone your hair starting a bit higher than a regular ombre for a more modern look. If you want to try the cool-toned effect but you have a warm skin tone, ask for something in the neutral zone.

15. Black to Red Curls

The pink tint to this red is divine. Red is always a favorite for brunettes who want to try highlights. But what about ombre? Yes! Red and black don’t just make for a stunning ombre—the combo is also somewhat of a fashion statement.

16. Smoky Dark Ombre

The gray hair trend is interesting. On the one hand, it seems universally flattering. On the other, it may appear damaging to dark hair. If you want to try a smoky shade without bleaching to high heaven first, opt for a dark hair ombre with charcoal ends. Your hair will thank you for it.

17. Black Hair with Light Brown Ends

This is a classic option when it comes to a dark to light ombre—or at least as classic as an ombre hairstyle can possibly be. A black base and long flowy caramel ends are what ombre is all about. To really master the styling, make sure that your waves start at the same level where the color changes.

18. Gorgeous Ombre Curls

Curls for days! Black and blonde hair has never looked so lux. What makes this look so unique is that there is practically no transition color. Instead the hair goes straight from black to bronde. To blend it in, the lighter color starts off in thin streaks and gets gradually wider.

19. Dark Ombre Hair with Bangs

This dark ombre isn’t too subtle and it isn’t too bright, making it the perfect choice if you want your new look to be noticeable without standing out from a mile away. Bangs are an uncommon addition to long ombre hair, but with medium lengths, bangs create a very cute, hip style.

Medium Brunette Ombre Hairstyle

Instagram/ @studio417salon

20. Sunset Red Ombre on Dark Hair

This gorgeous color is nearly impossible to identify! It’s paler and warmer than burgundy, but it’s not quite red, and it definitely isn’t pink. Whatever you want to call it, this faded wine shade is simply stunning paired with dark hair. It’s complicated, sophisticated and very modern.

21. Bright Red Ombre

This bright shade makes for a stunning ombre look. For dark hair, bright or deep reds look the best, whereas women with light hair should try paler, faded shades.

22. Washed out Ombre for Black Hair

A black and blonde ombre gives you the same benefit of blonde: namely, you can easily add in colors to your newly light ends. If you’re curious about trying colorful ombre hair and want something edgy and unique, go for the pastel trend in the form of ombre.

23. Black Hair with Blonde Waves

This pretty style is great for women with natural curls or waves in their hair. To get this look, all you’ll have to do is to use a diffuser on damp hair. Try adding a curl defining cream before you blow dry. Then after hair is dry, spritz with a salt spray for a beach waves look.

24. Subtle Black to Brown Ombre

For a dark brown ombre that doesn’t completely change the color of your hair, ask for a rich chocolate ombre with soft caramel highlights. Treated to a warm tone, the ombre ends stand out and catch the light better—but still in a subtle, classy way.

25. Perfect Ombre for Black Curls

One of the most stunning ombre varieties is the afro ombre, which looks better when the light color starts almost from the roots but not quite. Golden locks like these will declare your impeccable fashion sense wherever you go.

26. Smooth Black to Blonde Ombre

For a full variety of natural hues, a black to blonde ombre works well. This look is perfect for those with super long hair – with a good length you can make the transition gradual and smooth through several different shades. Go through shades of dark brown to light brown and lighter, until your tips go blonde.

27. Burgundy Ombre for Controlled Color

A burgundy ombre is a fun yet elegant way to kick black ombre hair up a notch. Applied to the dark base, it’s not an extremely bright shade of red, but it’s a perfect choice for fall.

28. Black and Purple Ombre

Skip the pastel and go deep with a black and purple ombre. For long hair, doing just the ends can have plenty of impact.

29. Black and Gray Ombre

Black and gray ombre is a less intense look than the one within the full gray hair trend. Avoid the aging-naturally look by adding gray towards the ends. A slight tinge of purple mingled with the gray keeps the look fun and young.

30. Burgundy Ombre for a Touch of Fun

If you want just a hint of naughty, go with a burgundy ombre on the previously bleached ends. Black hair looks extra dramatic with such an enticing color accent.

31. Black and Dark Blonde for a Naturally Sunny Style

Black and blonde are usually at opposite ends of the color spectrum, but when mingled together in an ombre twist, they complement each other for a look that is soft and subtle rather than unreasoned.

32. Black and Blonde Ombre for a Sexy Style

A favorite look of celebrities, the black and blonde ombre is a good way to test the waters before going full blonde (if you’re ready to make the commitment.)

33. Bold Blue Hues

This ombre with blue isn’t for the shy type. Showcase blue against the backdrop of black for a bold look that won’t have you singing the blues.

34. Black to Bluish Gray Ombre

It creates the softness you want to touch. There is nothing old lady-ish about this blue-tinged grey on black hair. Resembling an elegant paintbrush, the hint of blue in the grey makes the look more unique and youthful and appears more sophisticated than your typical shade of grey.

35. Black and Emerald Green Hair

Instead of going full out with a green color, a black ombre hairstyle with shades of green can have a great effect that leaves people wondering whether or not they’re really seeing this out-of-the-box color in your locks.

black to green ombre bob

Instagram/ @studio417salon

36. Black and Purple Ombre

This solution isn’t too dark or too light, but just of the right intensity. Ombre dark hair lets you incorporate any color you like, which is a great way to make a lovely color combo with a fancy dress for a special occasion. Purple pairs with yellow for a bold contrast, and with grays/pinks for a refined, romantic color combination. Dark roots and lighter ends make the purple pop.

37. Black to Gray Long Ombre Hair

Having extra long hair gives you an opportunity to stretch your color fade. Keeping much of your hair black makes the ends with grey tips a bigger surprise. This certainly looks beautiful on young girls.

38. Medium-length Black Hair with Blue Ends

For shorter hair and medium length cuts, having just a subtle hint of color can take your look from drab to fab. Having less hair to play with means that too much color can go overboard. Keep it subtle with just a faint hint of color to get in on the trend without going crazy.

39. Black To Brown Ombre With Golden Highlights

Thanks to a transitional fade to dark chocolate, this black blends very harmoniously with the lighter shades of medium brown, while golden highlights make this hairstyle truly sensational. Wearing your locks loose, straightened or lightly curled, you will show the beauty of your black ombre at fullest.

40. Black Into Chocolate Dip Dye

Chocolate ends for black hair is one of the sweetest and classiest treatments you can offer for your locks. It’s so chic and beautiful in itself that you don’t need to invent any intricate hairstyles: loose hair, messy curls would be the best. And here are more ombre solutions for black, brown, red and blonde hair.

Ombre flatters everyone. If you still haven’t tried it, you just haven’t found an idea you’d really like to try. Here we have dozens of ombre pictures for short, medium and long hair. Subtle and more distinct solutions, seamless fades and very bold dip dyes are waiting for your attention, welcome!

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