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Updated on October 21, 2021

With a flurry of decisions to make before your special day, wedding preparations can feel a bit hectic, but don’t fret; are here to help and make sure your glam factor is taken care of. We have hunted down the top twenty beautifully breathtaking wedding hairstyles for medium hair, so you can be sure you’ll be looking tip-top and totally fabulous.

Now it’s time to set your priorities and push table plans to the side. Now is the time to focus on yourself!

Getting it Right

Making sure you feel great has got to be pretty high on the priority list, but what should you go for? Hair up, hair down? A perfect pleat or flowing waves? The real benefit of medium length hair is its incredible versatility. So, regardless of your style preferences, you are sure to find super cute wedding hairstyles that suit your vision, right here.

Medium Hair Options

With so many bridal hairstyles to choose from, it can sometimes feel like you’re spoilt for choice. Although, really there are only three questions to answer to uncover your perfect ‘do:

1 – Up or down?

2 – Smooth or textured?

3 – Accessory, crown or veil?

Above all, it’s your wedding day, so have some fun, dream big and make it memorable.

Around to Stay

Once you’ve found the perfect wedding style, it’s all about longevity. Utilise products that are made to last and preserve your luscious locks until the end of the day. Items to consider would be a fixing spray, dry shampoo, salt spray or high gloss conditioner depending on your needs.

Cute Wedding Hairstyles for All

We’ve thought of everyone, so whether your hair is curly, wavy, or polka-straight, we’ve got you covered. Take a look now to discover your favourite from our top twenty.

1. Relaxed Wedding Updo

Whimsical and feminine, this wedding updo frames the face softly and features a beautiful back view. With a sparkly accessory and relaxed volume at the back and sides, the look is almost angelic.

Bridal Updo For Bob Length

Instagram / @blossomandbeauty

2. The Crowing Glory for Medium Hair

Searching for regal medium wedding hairstyles? This style has been torn out from the pages of some fashionable fairy-tale. The combination of texture, volume and the crown works in perfect harmony with your self-perception. You are the Queen!

Medium Wedding Updo With A Crown

Instagram / @bitilher

3. Boho Chic Hairstyle

This pretty wedding updo is both relaxed and polished. It draws the eye around to the detail in the back. Try it if you wear layered hair and achieve that playful feel He’ll love. This bride has included pearl pins to glamourize the look.

Low Curly Updo For Brides

Instagram / @full_eclipse

4. Curly Bridal Updo

This one is for ladies who want to tame their locks, but still retain that soft, elegant feel. Tuck and pin your curly hair loosely at the nape of the neck for a natural look, and finish with a delicate wedding accessory.

Messy Curly Updo For Medium Hair

Instagram / @duyenhuynh

5. Sleek and Simple Wedding Hair

This bride has nailed sleek and sultry by keeping it simple. Enhance with a slight wave towards the ends and accessorise with a glamorous pin to create this classic style. This works well with layered straight hair.

Medium Bridal Downdo

Instagram / @tatiana.wladi

6. Messy Chignon Updo

Pretty and girly with a touch of sophistication, this bridal updo is a relaxed twist on the classic chignon. Generate volume at the crown and then tuck and pin the hair at the nape of the neck, leaving small tresses to fall along the sides.

7. Wedding Curls with Accessory

Show off your lovely locks and let your hair down for the big day. Finish with a high gloss spray to ensure you are looking photo-ready all day long.

Wedding Mid Length Curly Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @bonika_muah

8. Plaited Updo for Medium Hair

Play around with plaits for a unique bridal style. Utilize a texturizing product before getting started and French plait the hair loosely down both sides of the head. Secure at the nape with a decorative pin.

Messy Braided Updo For Fine Hair

Instagram / @the_suitestylist

9. Low Updo with Flowers

This classic bridal look will never go out of fashion. Tease the crown section before sweeping the layers around, securing with bobby pins and inserting some fresh flowers.

Low Bridal Updo For Shorter Hair

Instagram / @lepiquebeauty

10. A Twisted Treat for Medium Hair

Never before have twists been so sumptuous. Part your hair into as many horizontal sections as you wish and twist each as you would do making a topsy tail. Finish off with a chignon and adorn with some fresh flowers. This is definitely one of our favourite cute wedding hairstyles.

Wedding Twisted Mohawk Updo

Instagram / @nicoledrege

11. Gibson Tuck Hairstyle

When considering wedding hairstyles for medium hair, you can’t go far wrong with the elegant Gibson Tuck. This bride has modernised the look with slightly relaxed hair and an ornate accessory, but its classy vintage feel is still there.

Low Wedding Updo For Medium Hair

Instagram / @hairbycasiek

12. Sculptured Boufant Updo

The contrast of sleek and messy in this updo is truly stunning. A loose plait adds some intrigue and separates the lower and upper sections. The icing on the cake is the delicate pin that compliments the lines of the hair.

Messy Bouffant Updo

Instagram / @brianacortello

13. Polished Bridal Beehive

This silky smooth wedding style is everything you could wish for – glamorous, polished and guaranteed to last. Include a laconic sparkly headband and some high shine spray to achieve this timeless bridal updo.

Sleek Bridal Updo For Shorter Hair

Instagram / @karla.shimada

14. Coveted Curls and Wedding Accessory

This dreamy hair-up style is a real head-turner. Romantic, feminine and fun; it will showcase your curls to their best, whilst keeping them deliberately tangled and out of your face. Include gemmed accessories or real flowers as a dainty accent.

15. Fabulously Floral for the Big Day

Adding exotic fresh flowers to your hair can really boost the wow factor of your whole look. This bride is fabulously floral with a relaxed chignon and a colourful splash of spring. The result is an original organic style you want to do a double take on.

Low Wedding Updo With Exotic Flowers

Instagram / @thebeautylineup

16. Relaxed and Rustic Bridal ‘Do

The textured bang and loosely pinned locks create a really sweet style. Use a combination of twists and braids to achieve this soft, rustic updo. For the full wedding package add a pretty pin of your choice.

Curly Updo For Shorter Hair

Instagram / @polinamuah

17. Loose Curly Chignon

This curled creation is a fabulous way to flawlessly integrate your veil without covering up your hairstyle. The spiral curls are carefully tucked and pinned at the nape just to release the waterfall of the veil underneath.

Blonde Curly Chignon Updo

Instagram / @jojo_hicks_mua

18. Tousled and Pinned Perfection

This textured updo is full of air, as if summer breeze has got caught among those dishevelled strands. We recommend using a salt spray to make the hair easier to handle.

19. Wedding Glamour for Natural Hair

Oozing glamour and class, this high-gloss masterpiece will ensure you are shining bright on your big day. An over sized floral pin completes the creation.

Black Wedding Updo

Instagram / @charishair

20. Twisted Updo for Medium Hair

Twists can be sculptural or soft and organic. Rejuvenate the classic chignon by twisting back smaller sections and securing with a large flower for the maximum impact. It’s cute, creative and one of the most adaptable medium wedding hairstyles.

Bridal Updo With Twists And Flowers

Instagram / @bonika_muah 

For the most romantic day in your life, you can be tender and innocent or bold and sultry; with so many options, the choice is yours. We hope you have found what you needed and liked our medium length hairstyles for weddings as much as we enjoyed finding them. We know you will be looking absolutely fabulous on your big day!

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