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Updated on December 21, 2022
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Wedding updos have been the top hairstyle picks among brides of all ages worldwide. This phenomenon is easy to explain: updos are not only practical, but they do complete a delicate bridal look better than any other hairstyle type. An updo and a floor-length bridal gown are a traditional duo that brings out the grace and delicacy of the bride’s silhouette and image in whole.

Wedding Updos for Long and Medium Hair

Having looked through our review of the most elegant bridal updos, you will easily make up your mind about the hairstyle you want to wear on your wedding day. We’ll show you the examples of the best updos 2023 for long and medium hair. Dear brides-to-be, please, enjoy our gallery and get inspired!

1. Wonderful Wild Waves

When thinking about your wedding look, you must take into account how everything will look together. Strapless dresses or detailed necklines pair best with loose curly updos and drop earrings. If you want something a little more glamorous, try a smoky eye makeup.

2. Pretty in Pearls

Pearls are a pretty addition to bridal hairstyles because they add shine and texture without overwhelming the look. Plus, the color will match well with your white gown. Whether you want loose and flowy hair or a sleek and chic updo, the milky gem will work with all looks and all hair colors, too.

3. Gorgeous Blonde

For short hair, it can be hard to achieve polished updos for wedding without adding extensions. But, it really comes down to expectations. You may not have a huge bun or long ponytail, but you can have a sweet and chic style that will suit you perfectly. Just don’t overwhelm it with extra accessories.

4. Dressed-Down Drama

Bridal hair doesn’t have to be overdone and super polished. If your fashion sense tends to lean more towards bohemian and free-spirited styles, it’s best to stick to your tried and true preferences on your special day.

5. Sweet Beehive

In contrast to the previous hairdo, this slick updo is more appropriate for elegant brides who are hosting a lavish black tie ceremony and reception. Balance out such a sleek and voluminous look with a few wispy face-framing pieces.

6. Woven Updo with Tendrils

Check out how thick her hair looks in this style. The different pieces weaving gracefully in and out of the mass of hair give it a striking look. If you have finer tresses, your stylist will amend this by gently teasing them before finishing the updo.

7. Wavy Low Bun with Hair Accessory

Wedding updos are often thought of as very sleek and tight hairstyles. However, bridal hair is even lovelier when it has a loose finish. The pearl barrette looks like the only thing that stops these waves from tumbling down. It’s a very romantic touch.

Loose Low Blonde Updo

Instagram/ @lee4you

8. Wedding Low Bun

The large looped bun looks sophisticated and effortless at the same time. The imperfect side twists pair well with the messy loops of the bun. They promise an extra voluminous updo even if your hair is of medium density.

Looped Updo With Side Twists

Instagram / Hair by Dee from @swellbeauty

9. Embellished Caramel Blonde Chignon

Don’t limit yourself to having your wedding veil as your only hair accessory, especially when there are so many striking options to choose from. If you find a clip you love and it can complement the style you’ve chosen, don’t hesitate to test it.

10. Soft Wedding Updo with Headband

Elegant updos are often simple and lovely, but with a suitable embellishment they may turn into something unexpectedly gorgeous! The cute headband works s beautifully with her chic wedding hair. And it seems like it could be a DIY piece.

11. White Blonde Twisted Hairdo

Large or small, twists add the right amount of fanciness to an updo. You can blend twists with a low bun and add a decorative string or a chain for visual interest and diversity in texture of your hairstyle. It can be contrasting or of the same color as your hair for a delicate, tender look.

12. Large Curly Bun with Beaded Clip

This stunning updo seems to be done without a single brushstroke – as if the Hair Fairy herself has made it with her magic wand! Such effortless-looking hairstyles need professional hands, but you can certainly try to do it yourself when considering different options of wedding hair.

Loose Lopped Wedding Updo

Instagram/ @lee4you

13. Curly Bridal Bun with Veil

A bun is one of the timeless wedding updo hairstyles. Although low bridal buns are more traditional, if you lift your bun from nape to the crown, you can pin a veil underneath – why not? Leave a few front layers of your hair loose to balance the draped tulle.

14. Swirled Wedding Updo with Embellishment

Take a second to admire the wonderful flow of this hairstyle. As opposed to pulling the bun extremely tight, the hairstylist has relaxed the twist slightly so you can appreciate the way the hair coils around itself.

15. French Twist Updo with Baby’s Breath

Flowers aren’t just for your bouquet. They can also be for your hair. Crowns are a popular option for brides, but other delicate options work too. She incorporated a sprig of baby’s breath along the side of her French twist and got an unexpectedly exquisite look on the base of the classic updo.

16. Sleek Bridal Hairstyle with Floral Barrette

One big thing for brides is finding wedding hairdos that will not appear dated in photos as time passes by. Chignon up dos are usually the preferred elegant hairstyles because they have the timeless appeal. The sleek chignon with a bouffant and a well-placed clip will be just as captivating in 20 years time.

17. Curly Updo with a Bouffant

Every new bun updo you see on Instagram photos is like no other. This one is made of wavy hair with an added twist wrap and a dainty pearl hair piece. A bouffant is a plus for the balance of the style if you’ve got a big low bun.

18. Formal Curly Updo with Bangs

When you have corkscrew spirals, you do not need to do much to your mane to achieve a fancy hairstyle. Pin the side locks up to get a statement Mohawk that shows up your killer cheekbones and perfectly chiseled jawline.

19. Voluminous Side Wedding Updo

When it comes to figuring out how to style your locks for wedding, it can be a difficult choice to pick between bridal updos and styles with hair down. Indecisive ladies will appreciate this asymmetrical low loose updo. The hair is pulled back and up just enough to show off your shoulders.

20. Undone Low Bun with Floral Headband

Flowers are among the most romantic things, so they look fantastic in bridal hair. It doesn’t really matter whether they are real or fake blooms. The key thing is that they work with the rest of the style. The floral headband that rests on the soft low bun is as stunning as the bun itself.

21. Voluminous Bridal Hairstyle

There is no need for decorative clips or pins when you have a hairdo like this. It appears complicated, but it is really like one big deconstructed braid with the ends tucked in. The lose tendrils on the sides compliment the softness of the back.

22. Embellished Twisted Bun for Brides

Most brides-to-be believe that updos for weddings should be elegant. You may opt for an intricate and even messy bun in the back, but the front of your updo and its top should be perfect. Hair flowers also add to the elegance of bridal hair.

23. High Updo with Jeweled Headband

Many women feel like princesses on their wedding day. If you think that a traditional tiara is too banal, select a floral headband that you can wear like a crown. Allow the accessory to be the focus by pulling your hair up into a soft bun.

24. Bridal Chignon with Headband and Veil

You can wear a long veil, headband and earrings without any risk of overwhelming your look with accessories. The important thing is to make sure that everything is minimalistic, and that all of your pieces aren’t competing for attention.

25. Vintage Asymmetrical Wedding ‘Do

Wedding updos for long hair offer lots of versatility. Channel passed decades by pinning your hair in a cascade of curvy curls to one side of your head. The asymmetrical arrangement keeps things modern. Finish the look with a hair gem. If you’re a brunette, choose a contrasting clip that will pop against your raven mane.

26. The Princess Bride

There are many ways to jazz up hairstyles for medium hair, but the easiest way is with curls and a delicate hair accessory. This thin pearl tiara is the perfect accent to short or flat updo hairstyles for wedding, because it adds a hint of sparkle without overpowering the entire style.

27. Classically Beautiful

Many of present-day wedding updos use a hair accessory instead of the veil. This ornate option uses pearls and crystals to highlight the spiraled style for a formal affair. It’s a beautiful solution, especially for women with thick hair.

28. Forever and Ever

One of the most interesting things at a wedding is the little symbols and personal touches that the bride incorporates into the event—this can even include your hair! Show your husband that you are serious about being together forever with an infinity wedding updo. It’s a touch of sweet elegance he won’t forget.

29. Two-toned Twist

Color is a great way to add a unique touch to updos for wedding, especially if you want to create depth within thin strands. Make the details like a twist stand out with a lighter color and crystal headpieces.

30. A Rosy Outlook

Wedding updos can still be creative, even at traditional or conservative ceremonies. On first glance, this looks like a sleek low bun; but on further inspection, it reveals itself to be a blooming rose. Flowers and brides are always a perfect fit.

31. Draped in White

Hairstyles with veil are great for a variety of reasons. You can use them to hide your face when walking down the aisle or to cover your shoulders in more conservative settings. If you have a flair for the dramatics, take a cue from the royal wedding where the bride wears an extra-long veil with a train.

32. Fancy Finger Waves

Put a retro spin on your wedding hair updo with small bouffant and larger-than-life finger waves. They will not only add texture to flat styles, but you can count on them to last through hours of dancing without worrying about curls falling flat or frizzing.

33. The Ultimate Flower Girl

If you have naturally curly hair, don’t stress about having it straightened to achieve the perfect bridal style, embrace the texture for a full and flirty updo. A sweet flower barrette ties it all together for the perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication.

34. Bold Blonde Bun

Cute yet simple wedding updo hairstyles still work for more formal dress codes. For example, adorning a high bun with a headband creates a crown-like effect that looks regal and luxurious. This is not a style exclusively for the bride; it can also work for guests.

35. Sleek and Chic

As stated previously, the best updos are all about balance and playing with proportions. If you have chosen a big princess ball gown, it’s best to pair it with a hairdo that is sleeker and more pulled together–this way your fairy tale dress will be totally in the spotlight.

36. Formal Faux Hawk

Who ever thought that a faux hawk could be used as a bridal updo? Despite the connotations, this curled loose style actually appears sweet thanks to the tiny crystal flowers outlining it on both sides. It proves that any hairdo can be appropriate with the right styling.

37. Bright Braid

One benefit of not wearing a veil or accessories is the ability to work with braided elements like this side lacy braid. It serves as a gorgeous headband, pulling the hair back and framing the face. Plus, it’s a great way to show off the variations of color within your highlighted hair.

38. Big and Breathtaking

It can be hard to find an updo for long hair that still seems weightless and effortless, but this one manages to make it work by incorporating curls into the bouffant and chignon. Polished with texture, the hairdo can work for virtually any occasion.

39. Sparkly Chignon

Here is another great example of how to elevate a look for medium length hair. A chignon is always going to be classic, but it can be boring for some who crave a little more pizazz in their lives. Different sized pearls create a galaxy-like effect around your updo, which shows that your wedding look is truly out of this world.

40. Fresh Curly Bun for Shorter Hair

Tiaras and crowns are often used in updo wedding hairstyles, because every woman should feel like a queen on the day that feels like a fairy tale. But, because many women tend to gravitate towards those accessories, the style can feel a little redundant. Baby’s breath or flowers are an easy way to make it feel fresh and very tender.

Updos look invariably elegant on brides. Even when hair trends change, updos remain in favor among different hairstyles for special occasions. Choose the variations that flatter your face and look in whole. Consider what kind of veil you’d like to wear and pick a wedding dress first, and then think of a complimenting hairstyle. We wish your enjoyable preparations!

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