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Updated on December 21, 2022

Beach wave hair is the go-to for bombshells. Why? The look is perfect: feminine, grungy, soft, and sexy all at the same time. In case you don’t know what are beach waves or were wondering how to do them, we are ready to share a couple of ideas. To be honest, while they look effortless, they do need some work. But fear not: every girl copes with them at the first try.

1. Blonde Beachy Hair

Long Blonde Balayage Beach Waves

Instagram / @romeufelipe

This look is so gorgeous. The dark eye liner is a great addition to imperfect waves. For the look with big waves, start by blowing out clean hair to get a smooth even texture. Next use a large barrel curling iron to wrap large sections of hair, one away from your face, one towards your face, leaving half an inch of your ends straight. Use hair extensions for more volume.

We found the how-to with more tips, check:

2. Wedding Beach Wave Hair

wedding beach waves

Instagram / Hair by Dee from @swellbeauty

With messy beach waves wedding hair looks even more elegant and romantic than with perfect coils or complicated plaits. There is no reason you have to change your image completely on your big day. Be yourself and just show off your best features. The half up look in this picture is great for brides, bridesmaids and wedding guests. Save the idea for the next important event!

Watch a great tutorial below:

3. Easy Messy Waves

Shaggy Beach Waves For Layered Hair

Instagram / @anhcotran

If your locks are dyed in 2 or more shades, beach waves will help you to highlight them and reveal their beauty fully. Plus, with this slightly messy texture you will not be accused of excessive obsession with your hair.

A very detailed how-to by Megan Batoon:

4. Beach Waves with Curling Iron

Messy Wavy Gray Bob

Instagram / @hairbynoora

The perfect waves for short hair are bouncy and fun. Get this beach wave hair with curling iron (the large barrel one), using it on the top layers of the hair. Next, you’ll want to break up the curls and tease the top and back of the hair to create volume.

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5. Cascading Curls Beach Hair

Long Blonde Beach Waves

Instagram / @larisadoll

These stunning curls really show off those gorgeous blonde, platinum, and strawberry hues. With highlighted hair, curls and waves have a lot of visual interest. To create curls that last, use a tapered curling iron, pinning up every section after you curl it. Then take them down and shake them out, spritzing your hair with a salt spray.

A tutorial explaining how to pin curl your long hair:

6. Soft Beachy Waves

Medium To Long Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @sarahpotempa

If you want to know how to do beach waves that look really natural, — well, don’t use any hair products. This won’t work if your hair doesn’t hold a curl completely. But if you have naturally textured hair, you can use a curler to create beach waves and then forego a finishing spray. This method creates a soft look.

A video that shows how to use a rotating beachwaver:

7. Waves with Straightener

Long Choppy Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairby_chrissy

If you don’t know how to get wavy texture easily, you might be surprised by the suggestion to make beach wave hair with a straightener. It’s true! Your straightener will give you those kinky twists that look so cool. Use it to bend sections of your hair forward and backward.

Easy how-to found on Kayley Melissa’s Youtube channel:

8. Beach Waves Hair with Flat Iron

Disconnected Wavy Bob

Instagram / @anhcotran

Modern bobs have tons of texture. Wanna know hot to create such hairstyles that are super popular on Pinterest? Then learn how to create beach waves with a flat iron! Part your hair into several horizontal layers, start curling your strands from the ‘ear-to-ear’ nape section. Twist hair with flat iron in alternate directions, leave them messy and imperfect. Use texturizing product (cream or pomade) to create definition in the twists.

We found a very easy tutorial with step-by-step instructions:

9. Twisted Beach Waves with a Flat Iron

twisted flat iron beach waves

Instagram / @buddywporter

Do you believe that you can curl your long hair in 5 minutes? Everything is possible with a flat iron. Brush your hair, use some styling mousse, spray heat protection product, and separate hair in two sections. Start by twisting hair from one section (or create a two-strand twist out of it), then take a flat iron and run it down the twisted strand several times. Make sure the hair has cooled down and loosen the curls.

The best tutorial imaginable was created by Kerastase team:

10. Lavender Waves with Lowlights

Pastel Purple Wavy Lob

Instagram / @bescene

Putting lowlights at the part is a fun way to make colorful hair even more unique. When you have multiple tones in your hair, they enhance the texture of your locks. The key for this look is definitely to twist the hair haphazardly.

One of the ways to get showy beachy waves on highlighted hair:

11. Voluminous Natural Bobbed Curls

Black Curly Side Parted Bob

Instagram / @hairbychantellen

Bobs look stunning when styled in full curls. This beautiful look is all about the side part, which is sultry and mysterious when paired with evening-ready makeup. Create the curls with a curling iron or straightener, and be sure to curl hair a few inches off the roots. That will give you the most volume.

A very detailed instruction how to curl natural bob:

12. Natural Beachy Curls Tutorial

Long Curly Hairstyle

Instagram / @jane_hahaeva

If your hair is naturally curly, why not go for beach curls? The curls should be soft and touchable (not stiff), but they should also stand out. Salt sprays are often too drying for curly hair, so instead try a product designed specificallyfor curly hair (mousse or curl enhancer), then use a diffuser to get some extra volume.

Want to get a tutorial how to use diffuser for beach waves? Watch the video below:

13. Permanent Beach Wave Hair

permanent beach waves

Instagram / @instahairloom

If you have naturally straight hair and are tired of curling it every day, then perms are your variant. To get permanent beach wave in your hair, you will have to book a salon appointment, as it is impossible to DIY such curls at home.

The stylist will clarify your hair, use large rods and apply perm solution over your head. Be sure to ask for additional treatment like Olaplex for hair, that will save your marvelous locks from damage. The result will be stunning.

The perfect tutorial describing the perming process:

14. Beach Hair with Braids

Pastel Purple Shaggy Wavy Bob

Instagram / @donovanmillshair

If you’re curious about trying heatless waves, you should test different methods to find out what works best for your hair length and type. Having short locks, you can create beach waves hair with braids. Plait two or three loose braids, and make sure all the hair is incorporated. When you undo the braids, use a salt spray for definition.

A tutorial that shows how to braid your hair to achieve messy waves:

15. Dutch Braid Waves

Heatless Beach Waves

Instagram / @showmemakeup

This is beach waves hair at its best. Sexy, natural, and easy! When you want the top of your hair to be wavy too (not just the middle and ends), a Dutch braid helps you achieve the style without heat. Clearly, that’s a perfect braid for waves. If you’ll be doing your drying time at home, you don’t have to create a braid that nice or you can wear the braid one day and waves the next day.

See how to get these soft Dutch braid curls:

16. Twisted No-Heat Beach Waves

Long Beach Waves For Ombre Hair

Instagram / @romeufelipe

Wonder how to achieve beach wave hair with no-heat methods? That’s fairly easy! Plaits are one way, but there is one more chance to get the natural look without heat. Make tight twists and you will have cute spiral curls! Short tutorial how to make your hair wavy easily: let clean hair air dry until it’s damp. Then add in a light hold moisturizing product. Pin hair up in six to eight twisted bantu knots, let dry completely, and take down.

The how-to is on Elizabeth Ruedas’ Youtube channel:

17. Beach Waves on Relaxed Hair

beach waves on relaxed hair

Instagram / @haircolorkilla

Did we mention that beachy waves are a top choice for any hair texture? And for some hair types it is a miraculous hairstyle that both looks great and saves strands from styling with hot tools. To make beach waves on relaxed hair use a leave-in conditioning spray and your favorite oil for ends, create two French rope twists, and untwist in a few hours (or in the morning).

Instructions hot to get beachy waves on relaxed hair:

18. Long Overnight Beach Waves

Long Wavy Bronde Hairstyle

Instagram / @kayleymelissa

With beach waves, it’s all about coolness and ease. To try this overnight beach wave hair style, create two (three or even four) twisted buns. But first, don’t forget the hair products, this style is impossible to copy with dry hair! Before you create the buns, use a moisturizing leave in spray or cream. Go to bed and be ready to get lovely curls in the morning. Don’t forget to use the sea-salt spray in your hair after untwisting to get that chunky definition.

See Abby Smith’s tutorial for such bun beach waves:

19. How to Style Wavy Bob

Choppy Brown Bob

Instagram / @salsalhair

Need one more idea how to make waves for short hair? Use a headband! Place the headband around your head just above the forehead, take a strand of hair and twist it around the headband. Gather more hair in sections and add it to the first strand, continue twisting. Do the same on the other side. Tuck the tips into the headband. Wake up, untwist your hair and define some strands with a styling product.

Get the tutorial on headband beach waves:

20. Heatless Doughnut Curls

Long Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @johnnyramirez1

For hairstyle that will have you feeling like a top model, opt for a heatless donut bun method. This will turn your straight locks into beach waves that aren’t too perfect. Start with high ponytail, bring the ponytail through the hair donut, split your hair into two sections. Spray your hair with water and pull strands through the donut, wrapping them around it. Go sleeping, wait several hours or blow dry your hairstyle if you want to have curls immediately. Take the dry hair out of the donut and enjoy the result!

Step-by-step how-to included:

A cute, modern style aims at striking the balance between trying too hard and not trying at all. Maybe that’s why we love doing beach wave hair so much. It’s sexy but effortless. Whether you go ‘au naturel’ or turn up the heat to get them, we hope you’ll enjoy rocking beach waves!

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