Ashly O’Neil
Updated on December 21, 2022

Having a hard time deciding what tone to dye your hair next? Consider getting a split color! Seriously, half and half hair is a revolutionary concept for adventurous women who love making heads turned. Keep reading to learn from my experience and see some fantastic split hair color ideas!

What Is Split Hair Color?

Half and half hair (or split dye) is when you divide the hair right down the middle and dye each half a different color. This can range from subtle, natural colors to bold, contrasting colors. It is the perfect way to achieve a unique look that will have everyone asking how you did it.

Pink And Blue Split Hair

Instagram / @brookealexandri

My Experience with Half and Half Hair Color

I had half and half hair for about a year and it’s one of those colors I miss! I took a more subtle approach and stuck with the natural tones. I received daily compliments and felt completely unique which was a true confidence booster. Moreover, day-to-day styling was so fun! Parted down the middle gave me the most contrast but I could part on one side or the other for a totally different look.

Although this hair color is most fun you might face some minor challenges. It can be hard to choose the right makeup when you have two different tones to deal with. I struggled with finding the right shade of blush or eyeshadow to complement one warm side and one cool side. It can also be difficult to find the right hair products to accommodate both sides if they are different levels of lightness. The lighter side of my hair always felt drier whereas the darker side kept its healthy state. After some trial and error, I quickly remedied any challenges and continued to love my hair!

Strawberry Blonde vs Brunette Hair

Instagram / @hairgarbage

7 Split Hair Color Ideas

Half and half hair is the perfect way to express yourself beyond the norm. Let’s scroll through some fabulous split dyes to get inspired and see how different colors complement each other.

1. High Contrast

Here is an example of a high contrast half and half hair. I love this because it mixes warm and cool tones to make a truly bold statement. This combination of trendy gray and yellow hair color is just one example.

Yellow And Gray Split Hair

Instagram /

2. Black and White

I love this classic Cruella de Vil style half and half. Both sides live on opposite sides of the spectrum creating a head turning effect that is also timeless.

3. Sorbet Two Ways

The more subtle effect of this style is hypnotizing. You could stare at this all day trying to decide which side is your favorite.

Short Bob With Peach Gradient

Instagram / @dld_creative_hair

4. Low-Maintenance, High-Fashion

The balayage effect of this half and half hair is truly impressive. With this you can still have all the fun and none of the maintenance.

Brunette Hair With Emerald And Plum Pieces

Instagram / @tamestudioaz

5. Pink and Green

With this split hair color idea, you can create a festive look by playing with your eyeshadow palette. Make-up blogger Lauren Rohrer used green and pink colors to match her half and half hair. Lovely!

Half Teal Half Tangerine Hairstyle

Instagram / @laurenrohrer

6. Tumblr Aesthetics

Tender yet saucy, tumblr girls love half and half hair solutions because they want to stand out from the crowd. Needless to say, such girls prefer pastel colors.

Gray And Pink Split Hair

Instagram / @ffigs

7. Blonde Meets Peach

Warm blonde and pastel peach are two most fashionable colors of the next few seasons, so if you want to double your fashion points, split dye is definitely an option to consider.

Peach And Blonde Straight Hair

Instagram / @remiejanehair

How to Split Dye at Home?

I cut and color hair professionally, that is why I’m usually skeptical when it comes to DIY tips. Do it yourself ONLY if you’re confident in your skills and know what you do. Especially if you need to bleach your locks first. There are some good and inspiring YouTube tutorials for crafty ladies who strongly decided to split dye at home. For example, this is Crystal Lindy trying to rock silver and black colors at once:

If you’re not brave enough to split dye your hair, there are some safer alternatives such as wearing a half and half wig or using temporary hair dyes. Get creative!

Did you like these split hair color ideas? Follow me on Instagram for hair ideas and pictures of my happy clients. Let’s cultivate mindful and intentional beauty together!

Pink And Blue Split Hair Strawberry Blonde vs Brunette Hair Yellow And Gray Split Hair Black And White Half And Half Hair Short Bob With Peach Gradient Brunette Hair With Emerald And Plum Pieces Half Teal Half Tangerine Hairstyle Gray And Pink Split Hair Peach And Blonde Straight Hair