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Updated on January 22, 2021

Long brown hair is among the most popular color solutions for women nowadays. No wonder, many celebrities experiment with a wide brown hair color palette. They try new hairstyles to present their brown locks in the best light. So, if you are in search of new hair ideas for brown hair in terms of color and styling, get inspired by the looks of the most breathtaking brunettes in the world!

Hairstyles and Haircuts for Long Brown Hair

1. Deep Dark Brown Hair

Victoria’s Secret angel Adriana Lima dyes her slightly wavy hair in a dark brown hue to accentuate her tanned skin and bright blue eyes. This color makes her hair look thicker and adds it extra brilliance. Remember to use special care products for dyed hair to maintain the freshness and saturation of your hair color.

dark long brown hair

Anton Oparin /

2. Layered Hair with Golden Copper Balayage Highlights

Beauty Megan Fox has enhanced the showiness of her long dark brown hair with bright accents. These provided some added volume of Megan’s layered locks and boosted their thickness. Let’s assume you love the effect, but before duplicating the look, make sure it’s something that is going to become you personally. Note that light vertical highlights around your face, make it wider visually.

layered hairstyle with copper highlights

Jaguar PS /

3. Asymmetric Hairstyle for Light Brown Hair

If today you do not feel like rocking a casual insipid hairstyle, but you haven’t made an appointment with your stylist, there’s a way out. With a bit of patience and a curling iron, you will be able to achieve Jessica Alba’s chic asymmetric downdo. Make a side parting, curl your locks with a large-barrel curling iron and let them settle in soft waves. Fix the result with hair spray.

long brown hair with highlights

Jaguar PS /

4. Laconic Knot for Rosewood Locks

Australian top model is always in the center of fashion news. Miranda surprises her fans with her flawless taste in outfits and men. Thus, Orlando Bloom’s wife is wearing the laconic top knot to accentuate her beautiful face shape and draw attention to her graceful neckline and stylish outfit. Hairstyles for long brown hair like this look really fashionable!

top knot for long hair

DFree /

5. Dreamy Curly Braid for Mahogany Brown Locks

Elegant and exquisite Eva Longoria has fascinated the audience with her simple yet charming hairstyle. Eva’s messy side braid adds flair of romance and sweet informality to her look, while her pastel dress accentuates the rich tone of her mahogany brown hair. A little braiding tip: if you want to achieve a chunky voluminous braid, curl your locks before braiding.

braided long brown hair

Andrea Raffin /

6. Classy Wavy Hairstyle

Tender and delicate French actress Marion Cotillard demonstrates her elegant and fairly discreet brown hair style. Marion’s locks are swept to the right side, and her top lock is curled into the gorgeous “Hollywood wave”. Such a lovely smooth hairstyle with a retro touch is a find for a romantic dinner or any other special occasion.

wavy hairstyle for brunettes

Everett Collection /

7. Provocative Downdo for Amber Brown Locks

The songstress definitely knows how to mesmerize her fans and stay unpredictable. J Lo sleeks her locks back and fixes the result with gel. This simple product is ideal for the sexy effect of wet hair. What an easy and wonderful hairstyle solution for a night club!

long brown hairstyle with wet effect

Helga Esteb /

8. Neat Girly Hairstyle

Long brown hairstyles like this will characterize you as a cute modest girl. Just gather your top locks into a high pony and fix them with a cute ribbon. The hairstyle doesn’t only look super sweet, it evokes so many positive emotions!

half up half down hairstyle for girls

Helga Esteb /

9. Elegant Pony for Straight Chestnut Hair

Young songstress Selena Gomez keeps experimenting with her image. Looks with short, provocative dresses and wavy updos change those with elegant pant suits and simple, minimalistic hairstyles. The cute sleek pony completes Selena’s strict look in black ideally. If your hair is wavy from nature, you’ll need to straighten it with flat irons to achieve the perfect sleekness of Selena’s pony.

sleek ponytail for long brown hair

Jaguar PS /

10. Pony with a Bouffant

Messy hairstyles with a punk twist are considered stylish and fashionable. Section out the crown locks of your long brown hair, and backcomb them from the roots to mid shaft. Smooth out the bouffant on the outside and fix it with bobby pins. After, make a high pony and fix the result with hair spray.

ponytail with a bouffant

s_bukley /

#11:Polished Brown Curls with Ombre

If you wear the ombre hair trend or any other creative hair color solution, try to curl your locks. The work of your colorist will be revealed at its maximum! To achieve the springy and dense curls with highlights, like Salma Hayek’s, you need to apply some mousse to your previously washed hair and blow dry it. After, you may pass to the styling with a curling iron. The gorgeous celebrity curls like in the photo are guaranteed!

curly long brown hairstyle with ombre

Featureflash /

12. One Level Haircut with Bangs

This haircut for long brown hair is very popular among women and girls. Being unpretentious in maintenance, it serves the best base for braided hairstyles. However, in case you want to avoid ordinariness and extreme plainness, you need to think of a creative hair color solution to go with this cut. Ombre would be a great idea.

long haircut with bangs

DFree /

#13:Light Brown Layered Hair

This type of haircut is recommended for girls and women who want to refresh their look, retaining the length. The light layers along your face upgrade your long straight haircut and elongate your neck. If you have a round face or sharp cheekbones, your layers should start below the chin. Such long brown haircuts will approximate your face shape to the desired oval.

layered haircut for long brown hair

Everett Collection /

14. Layered Medium Brown Haircut

Layered haircuts are loved tenderly by many celebrities. Jennifer Aniston, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Cameron Diaz have their locks cut in layers regularly. And this is, of course, not a full list of celebrities, who prefer layered haircuts for long brown hair. We are not surprised, because layers are excellent for straight and curly hair. Thanks to layering, your locks are gaining added volume and great feel of movement.

medium layered haircut

Featureflash /

15. Romantic Layered Haircut with Bangs

Haircuts for wavy hair are performed in simple shears, without usage of any complicated techniques or methods. This principle will help you to maintain the shape of your haircut longer and give your locks a more natural look with smooth curls. If you have a prominent forehead, you can correct it with bangs.

wavy long brown hair

DFree /

16. Sharp Layered Haircut

When your hair grows out, it’s getting heavier and loses its mobility and attractiveness. A haircut with layers, where the difference between the shortest and the longest lock is significant, can improve the situation. Such a haircut removes unnecessary bulk of thick brown long hair and gives it the enjoyable bounce.

layered haircut for thick hair

s_bukley /

As you see, it’s fun to be a brunette with long brown hair. You may alternate brown hues, add bright streaks, make curls or straighten your locks, experiment with braided hairstyles and layered haircuts. Long brown hair styles give you a great chance to change your image radically. And whatever you opt for this time, be sure, it’s going to change to better not only the way you look, but your inner world as well!

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