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Updated on November 14, 2021

If there is one thing that you can count on within the worlds of fashion and beauty, it’s that everything will repeat itself eventually. This is definitely true when it comes to retro hairstyles with a modern spin. They are often noticed on runways and on red carpets worn by your favorite celebrities. This post is all about the classic, retro style of the voluminous beehive hairdo. Beehives are known for being larger than life and making a lasting impression regardless of who is wearing them.

Today’s Beehive Hairdos

If you are feeling equally daring and nostalgic, perhaps you should give this hairstyle a try and add a little spice to your strands. Modern beehives are a little edgier than those of the past, which makes them ideal to experiment with without any fear of looking dated or like you’re playing dress-up. We have prepared a host of inspiration for those of you who are ready to take the plunge into this classic hairstyle. Here are hairstyles for a variety of hair types – have a little fun and experience the beehive!

1. Smooth Beehive with Side Bow

When you think of beehives, the uber fashionable decade of the 60s quickly comes to mind. Here, you have a very smoothed out version of the classic 60s-inspired beehive that is accentuated with a sculpted side bang and a feminine silver bow placed low in the back and off to one side.

2. Crimped and Twisted Beehive

This style definitely proves that beehive hair does not have to be boring or one-note. In fact, this current take on the hairstyle adds just the right amount of fresh innovation to make it appealing to younger women, while also being fresh-looking and intriguing to those who are older.

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3. Lavender Beehive Bun with Flowers

Arguably the best phrase to describe this floral take on the classic beehive is “immensely pretty”. With its candy pink color, soft chunky bangs and a twisted chignon at the nape of the neck, this beehive is perfect for a romantic evening on the town. The finishing touch of course, is the colorful flowers placed on top to resemble a festive crown.

pastel pink updo with bangs

Instagram/ @diablorose

4. Pin Curl Beehive

Taking two separate hairstyles and combining them together is hardly a new practice, however, when the two styles in question happen to be very retro, the outcome deserves attention. That’s exactly what this pin curl beehive does, as it keeps its familiar shape until you reach the back where several pin curls have been placed. It’s finished off with short, chunky bangs that are tightly curled.

red vintage beehive

Instagram/ @diablorose

5. Half Up, Half Down Beehive

If you love the look of a beehive hairstyle, but don’t want to fully commit to it, the half up/half down look is a worthy alternative. Basically, the top half of the hair is formed in a basic beehive, but the back is left down and filled with soft curls. Deep, side-swept bangs adds a lovely finishing touch.

6. Low Ponytail Beehive

Perhaps the most understated way to wear a present day beehive is to keep it as simple as possible in the form of a ponytail. A low ponytail beehive is so classic and chic, that it’s perfect for the office and low-key casual outings. The slightly curled ends of the ponytail and side-swept bangs keep it looking fuss-free. The style is also a great base for an extravagant hair piece.

7. Swirl Beehive

Creating different varieties of the same basic hairstyle is a part of the fun you are experiencing when interpreting your vision through your hair. This swirl beehive is a perfect example – it not only plays with shape, but also tricks the eye. The regular beehive is formed, but instead of the ends being tucked in, an open swirl shape is created.

8. Braided Partial Beehive

If you want to channel your inner rockstar while you rock your beehive hairdo, then this is definitely the style for you. This edgy look features the tightly braided sides that are twisted together to form the base of the upper half of the hair that has been formed into a beehive. The lower half is simply straightened to keep the focus on the bouffant.

9. Messy Beehive with Side-Swept Face Framing

If you want to bring the beehive into the current era, it couldn’t get any more modern than this. This variation of the beehive is messy with a side-swept bang, but it also has just enough edge to make it editorial and fashion-forward. The embellished accessory added as a headband offers a feminine and festive touch.

10. Extreme Green Beehive

This beehive is definitely not for the faint of heart, however if you have the guts and bold personality to pull it off, then give it a go. Everything about this hairstyle is extreme, from the color and style to the accessories, it’s as far from subtle as you can get. The high beehive is surrounded by big pin curls and a wide bang, while the pieces of black netting are placed around as an added accent.

11. Low Chignon Beehive

How to achieve a hairstyle that is both retro and modern simultaneously? Well, the answer lies with this beautiful beehive hair that is almost too pretty to believe. The beehive is smoothed to perfection with a low chignon being created at the nape of the neck. With such an elegant look, this is a style that is ideal for a wedding ceremony.

12. Half Up Beehive for Wavy Hair

Very similar to the half up/half down style seen in the pictures above, this is the same idea except the texture is added with soft flowing waves. The long waves in the back are complemented by the high beehive at the top and the straight bangs that draw attention to the eyes.

half beehive with bangs for long hair

Instagram/ @diablorose

13. Braided Bun Beehive

Braids and buns coming together sound like a winning combination, however, when you throw a beehive into the mix, things get even more interesting. A low bun is formed and offset by a set of braids that start along the sides and then wrap around the bun base. A neatly formed beehive and soft, side bangs complete the look.

platinum blonde bun with braids and bouffant

Instagram/ @bysophiak

14. Wispy Red Beehive

Wispy hair is often dreamy and ethereal, perfect for adding a dose of whimsy to your casual style. That is the outcome of this wispy beehive hairstyle that isn’t too done-up or sculpted, but finished in a way that gives it a wind-swept look thanks to the strands of softly waved hair that escape along the sides, around the crown and nape.

15. Honey Blonde Beehive with a Headband

The varying blonde highlights and the bejeweled hair accessory are the standouts of this side-swept take on the beehive. The bigger section of hair is formed into a beehive, the bangs are swept and pinned to the side, while the loose curls are cascading gracefully down from under the beehive.

16. Partial Beehive with a Side Braid

This beehive version features braided sides that join in the centre into a messy knot. Here, the beehive is quite small without much volume and it is placed at the very top. We love the soft wavy texture and the adorable pearl blonde hair hue.

17. Beehive for Short Hair

Don’t think that just because you have short hair it’s impossible for you to rock a beehive hairdo. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, all you need is a lot of teasing and hairspray. In this picture, bob-length hair is formed into a beehive at the top, while the lower part of the hair is straightened to show off the blunt cut.

18. Beehive with Flipped Ends

Think of this beehive look as a slightly fancier version of the one above. Both feature short, bob-length hair that’s been formed into a beehive, but this style adds flipped ends and a wispy, side bang.

19. Tall French Twist Beehive

Definitely not modern and as retro as it can be, this beehive is what most of them looked like back in the 60s. This means that it’s harder to pull this off in the present day without looking like you’re from a theme party, but if you have the guts then go for it.

20. Curly Beehive

A massive curly crown is the focus of this voluminous beehive hair. The back is neatly twisted up, allowing the golden blonde curls to remain the focal point.

This season 60’s are actively re-interpreted, and that explains the beehive’s glorious comeback. If the looks above represent anything, it’s that the beehive hairdo is definitely still a style that resonates with those who like a bit of nostalgia with their hairstyle. Nevertheless, whichever variation of the beehive you choose, make sure that you look unBEElivable with it!

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