20 Ways to Pull off a Pull Through Braid

Our love for braids starts in childhood with improvised hair salons for dolls and friends, but it doesn’t stop there. It grows with us. So, you don’t have to be stuck with the same braided pattern you’ve mastered as a child. The pull through braid technique will help you to diversify your braided hairstyles with chunky dimensional plaits. We have picked out for you the state of the art examples in 20 pictures. Take a look!

How To Make a Pull Through Braid?

It’s a kind of braid made out of ponytails. Make two half up ponytails, one under another. Split the first one and put the second ponytail between the two sections of the first pony, clip it up out of the way. Add some loose hair to the two sections of the first ponytail to make the third ponytail. Unclip the ponytail you’ve previously clipped up, split it in two and continue your braid, repeating the steps.

And now let’s see some finished hairstyles!

#1: Rapunzel-esque Braid

For girls with extra-long hair, it’s always a good idea to channel their inner Rapunzel for a romantic yet casual look. The cute Disney-inspired look is achievable with just a few steps and the help of hairspray or volume powder.

#2: Tuck-in Braid

With the pull through braid you need to use elastics for each ponytail, and they are usually visible. While it’s okay for your casual braid, you may want to hide them for your formal hairstyle. Wrap each elastic with a strand of hair and pull at the edges of your braid once it’s finished to achieve a lacier look.

#3: Messy Braid

Pictures like this say it all: a casual checked shirt and a messy braid for the ultimate weekend hangout. Do your best with a straightforward pull through braid and then do an even better job messing it up. You will have fun doing the hairstyle and end up with a cool ‘I woke up like this’ look.

#4: Double Trouble Braids

Double braids used to be a banner for kindergarten – not any more. Two easy pull through braids and a loose side fringe with the right makeup and accessories (the nose ring is a major plus) will give you some edgy flair to stroll around the city looking for the right kind of trouble.

#5: Diagonal Medieval

For those who are not sure they want to mess with elastics, fear no more. There is no need to consider using a faux braid when you can go for a dutch braid that can look exactly like the pull through plait. Our pro tip: let it sit diagonally and curl the ends of your free-hanging locks for a fairy style.

#6: Oversized Nineties

Think of a nineties pop music video. Remember the high ponytails and side braids? It’s time to reenact while remodeling. Use invisible small hair bands for the braid and add a messy finish for locks around as if you were not working too hard on your hair today.

#7: Crowned Ice Queen

All-around braids make us travel north. Inspired by traditional Icelandic hairstyles and icy landscapes, a crown braid will suit almost any kind of event or weather. In the winter it won’t get between your scarf and you neck, in the summer it will keep you effortlessly cool.

#8: Happy Hour Braid

Start this hairstyle with a pull through ponytail and apply the technique described in the beginning of this article. Do not stretch the braid, on the contrary, “squeeze” it in length, as you need a more compact plait to pin it up as an updo.

#9: The Pony-Braid

Experiment with Mohawk-inspired styling. Do a few turns of a pull through plait and finish with a bold ponytail. Who says you can’t get the best of both worlds?

#10: Seashell Design

Turn your hair into a mesmerizing three-dimensional wonder with this look. The longer the hair; the better. The concept goes around volume and layering, so you might need some styling products and pins to keep it together.

#11: Low Profile

There are days when you just want to put oversized sunglasses on and hide from the world. This pull through braid is just what you need to get that extra hint of energy. It doesn’t stand out much but it certainly is a better alternative to uncombed hair.

#12: Modern Handmaid

An easy braid for the city inspired by the countryside. Notice how the braiding technique is used here as a way to play with volume – the dimensional braid on the flat layer of sleek strands. Lucky you!

#13: Keep it Sleek

Yes, it’s okay to flat iron you hair and then decide that you’ll go for a cute braid. When making ponytails for a pull through plait, you need sleek hair or it will get knotted and tangled with those thin elastics.

#14: Know Your Knot

This chunky ponytail braid for thick hair uses the same approach as in any example above, only you take bigger pieces of hair and do the wraps to hide the elastics.

#15: Triple Threat Braid

Not that we have anything against French braids; but it’s always inspiring to see a new take on the classic style. This braid looks like it could be used by an urban Lara Croft in a sporty tank top ready to take over the world. Pair it with formal attire and be surprised – it works as a charm.

#16: Spring Blossom Braid

Flowers and braids go together like chocolate and milk. Never, ever, be afraid to embellish a cute braid with flowers. If you are able to spot some fresh ones before your event, don’t think twice. Just sprinkle them with water spray and they will look good for a couple of hours.

#17: No Filter Braid

If you are looking for pull through braid ideas, you have probably found many styles that play with hair color. Well, it is not a coincidence: braided dyed hair looks so good on camera that you will start to question the use of photo filters.

#18: The New 80’s Braid

The 80’s are back. We’ve seen and heard music, fashion and cinema remakes all over. Now they are here to claim the braids’ throne. Keywords for your checklist: hairspray, hairspray and more hairspray. Wild curls and long hair will be your perfect allies for this disco quest.

#19: Mother Nature

Pay homage to the roots we all share and use nature as a source of inspiration. Butterflies are just a prop that we love. Flowers and leaves will do the job as well as decorative hair pins. Earthy hair colors are a major plus.

#20: Royal Princess

You can use a pull through braid as hairband. We cannot somehow outgrow this juvenile hairstyle. It just looks too good to be left exclusively to flower girls at weddings.

Today very few of us do not want to try a perfect pull through braid. After going through the last 20 pictures, we are sure that, now more than ever, pull through braids are a bold fashion statement. What are you waiting for? Grab your tools and find the closest mirror.