Taylor Swift Greatest Hairstyles to Try On

Taylor Swift is spotted with new hair almost as much as she makes up jaded love songs about her ex-boyfriends – but we have to admit that this girly girl is exactly the celebrity hair goddess we need to get a little hair inspiration from. We’ll check out 20 images that are sure to have us drooling for those summer months and shorter cuts, or longer ones – Taylor Swift wears both styles like the adorable pop princess that she is!

#1: Beach Blonde Taylor Swift

The usually cute and stylish Taylor Swift rarely changes hair colors, but when she decided to go a little more bold with bleached hair and a brighter blonde style we couldn’t argue about how fabulous she looked – especially with a darker makeup combination.

#2: Messy Shag Haircut

Taylor Swift is no stranger to shorter styles, but I loved the shag cut on her – it made her look a little older and wiser. I think she could rock any look but this one has been one of my favorites in the past year that she wore with an indescribable confidence!

#3: Tousled Layers

The “mob”, or mullet lob or whatever you want to call it looks absolutely stunning on Taylor Swift. This is also the look that happens when you’re trying to grow out your long bob hairstyle, and you decide to add some texture to your layers. It’s pretty easy to pull off, and you’ll be turning heads everywhere you go!

#4: Retro Style

Taylor Swift does vintage style better than any celebrity I know – I think it’s her ability to pull of bright red lipstick shades or her naturally curly hair – whatever the reason though there’s no question that Taylor Swift is as beautiful as any of our past beauty icons.

#5: Simple and Sleek

This short hair paired with those straight face-framing bangs are sure to be a hit when the warmer months start to approach — it’s an easy, care-free style that won’t take much effort on your part.

#6: Floral Accessories

No girly girl is complete without a giant Beverly Hills mansion and a closet full of the world’s most expensive designer shoes and clothes, but if we can’t get those things, we can always just be happy and carefree like Taylor Swift being caught wearing a headband with floral accents. There are some amazing floral headbands to choose from.

#7: Wrapped Ponytail

I adore wrapped ponytails but Taylor Swift made this look elegant and not look like a quick fix — that’s pretty challenging to do, but if you think ponytails aren’t classy follow this easy to do weekly ponytail tutorial, and you’ll be looking just as fabulous as her on your next night out!

#8: Tight Tendrils

This is classic Taylor Swift and probably one of our first memories of her as a country star in her cute dresses and cowgirl boots — she used to rock her curly hair, giving girls with curls of their own hairstyle hope that they could tame their wild manes.

#9: Chic, Classic Updo

I had to do a double-take when I first saw this image because it looked so much like Grace Kelly! Taylor Swift always blows her fans away when she decides to go with a vintage look, especially a hairstyle that hasn’t been done quite this well in a very long time.

#11: Short and Simple

This was a very grown-up version of Taylor Swift when you compare it to her very long tight curls that she wore almost a decade ago. I like this short, modern cut, and I don’t think short hairstyles get enough credit on celebrities. Short hair can be just as fabulous and fun to work with as longer locks!

#12: Jeweled Headbands

Sometimes we don’t have enough time in the day and when that happens we have a fallback plan: headbands. If Taylor Swift can wear jeweled headbands and look like a princess so can we, and if you’re looking for a little accessory inspiration check out DIY Dolce&Gabbana headband tutorial.

#13: Fringe Bangs

The minute we spotted Taylor Swift with fringe bangs — I had at least eight girlfriends go to their hairstylist and ask for the same style. I’m sure that it wasn’t just because of Taylor Swift, but it could have been and that’s why I suggest checking out clip-in bangs if you’re too afraid to get dramatic bangs like these.

#15: Chignon Bun

No one pulls of a pretty chignon bun quite like Taylor Swift – can we just officially name her the new American Princess? She’s about as close in poise, grace and style as any princess that I’ve seen and that’s why we should be finding our own chignon bun style to look just as sophisticated and chic as our favorite singer.

#16: Big Bouffant Style

If we’re going to talk about big hair we have to discuss the classic bouffant style, most women from the ’60s wore their hair much bigger and more dramatic than we would today, loading up on the hairspray and harming the environment unknowingly. I think Taylor Swift’s less dramatic approach might be a little easier to complete especially with this tutorial to help!

#17: Big, Dramatic Curls

If you’re searching for a romantic look like Taylor Swift’s big curls just make sure you’re using the right curling iron to achieve the desired style. If you’re not sure what size barrel to use on your hair it is your extra reason to become familiar with different curling tools.

#18: Braided Ponytail

If we could wear a ponytail every day we probably would but since we can’t – we’ll just have to hope we look just as adorable as Taylor Swift when we sport one. If you want you ponytail to have a little flair leave a strand or two out and braid them from front to back, secure the strands with a bobby pin and you’ll be looking great before you know it.

#19: Golden Locks

Taylor Swift much have called out to her inner Goldilocks for this hair inspiration, but we think she looks fabulous just the same. Those face-framing fringe bangs and the slight curl to her blonde hair make her look absolutely adorable!

#20: Halo Braid

Taylor Swift pulls off the halo braid like the true hair goddess that she is – we’ll definitely want to copy this creative style for upcoming beach parties or lazy days by the ocean. If you want to get this look check out this amazing tutorial so you can look just as stunning as Taylor Swift did at the Grammys!

Okay, so we’ll probably never get red carpet hair, or I should say we won’t get to sport our hair at big events like Taylor Swift but that doesn’t mean we can’t take her fantastic style and make them our own. We can use these looks for everything from a casual trip running errands to a special event like a wedding or prom. If you want to go a little more dramatic take one of the pictures and get a Taylor Swift haircut to help make the summer months a little cooler – after all, everyone loves the compliments that come with a new haircut.