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Updated on July 13, 2021

Some days, the sweetest look you could possibly sport is a nice and casual ponytail with bangs. It’s not too complicated, doesn’t take much time to style once you get the hang of it, and, most importantly, it gives you a great style without looking like you tried too hard.

Diversity of Ponytails with Bangs

They can work perfectly well for a work day and for a get-together with friends or a date later in the evening. Just decide what cute version of this hairstyle you want in the morning and then enjoy it all throughout the day.

1. Side-Swept Pony

This look is one of the best casual hairstyle ideas you could possibly have when it comes to ponytails. To recreate it (whether you’re a brunette or not, it still works wonderfully), just tie your locks together in a low ponytail, not too tight, so you can then sweep it to one side. Take one strand of hair and make an easy wrap around. No need to style your bangs in any particular way, the natural hair look is just perfect with this relaxed hairstyle.

2. High Braided Pony with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

This is one of the best ponytails with bangs, especially pretty with black hair, but it works fine if you’re not an African-American or not even a brunette. It’s obviously intended for long hair, but it also works with a mesh insert or a weave, if you want. To obtain this easily doable look, just tie up your hair high on top of your head, and then braid your pony loosely. Straighten your long bangs, giving then a light flip to the side, and finish with a short puff of glossy hairspray (on the bangs, to maintain their shape). This one looks like a classy updo, isn’t it?

3. Side Bangs and Pony for Wavy Hair

This lovely pony is one of the simplest ideas for naturally curly hair. It’s easy to do (almost in a minute or two), especially if you like messy and cute looks. If you don’t actually have natural curls, feel free to create them and then tie your hair at the nape and sweep your pony over your shoulder.

4. Double Tied Pony

This look is perfect for long bangs, whether they are on the side or not. Perfect bangs with a pony hairstyle can save your look whenever you’re having a bad hair day or don’t have time to refresh your locks. Also, your hair should be pretty long as well (or feel free to lengthen it with a weave). Tie a half of your hair high and then tie another low ponytail joining these two together. Wrap one strand of hair around the low pony, fixing it in place with a hair pin. This style shouldn’t be too loose or too neat.

5. High Messy Pony with Long Bangs

Another easy to create look, this type of ponytail with bangs can be obtained just by teasing your hair roughly before tying it up high. Use just a little hairspray to maintain the effect. Keep your bangs natural and you’re good to go.

6. High and Glossy Brown Blonde Pony

For this classic and stylish look, all you need to do is to use a hair care product or a satin hairspray to make it sleek and shiny. Tie your locks up in a high ponytail on the top of your head and use a strand of hair to wrap around the pony. Finally straighten your bangs to make them silkier and define their fringy ends. Shiny ponytails with such cute bangs are so in!

7. Glamorous Pony with Side Bangs

When you’re preparing for an out-of-the-ordinary occasion, this perfect elegant ponytail can be your best hairstyle choice. First straighten your hair, then tease the root slightly, curl the ends and gently tie your hair into a side ponytail. Comb your bangs to the same side as your pony. Use hairspray to keep everything in place.

8. Fancy Sleek and Polished Pony

This ponytail with bangs is wonderful whenever you’re looking for something sexy or different from your casual hairstyles. And, at the same time, it could also work well as a simple and classy prom or wedding hairstyle, if you’re not looking to complicate your style too much or you’re bored with curled hair ideas. If your hair is black and you already have a portion of it died blonde, all you need to do is to straighten your locks flawlessly, and tie them up, sectioning out your short bangs precisely. With long hair wear your pony swept to a side.

9. Half Pony with Parted Bangs

This is perfect with messy hair that is just a bit curly. Section out a half of your hair and tie it up high. Part your long bangs in the middle. This hairstyle is ideal if your hair has natural volume or you just love voluminous styles.

10. Two-Toned Pony for Fine Hair

This is for all of you ladies who like to experiment with bolder hair colors. Unusually colored ponytails with fringe are now the next frontier in creative hairstyles. If you’re thinking about pink, green, purple or turquoise, focus the color on your bangs and the upper part of your hair. And the style itself is pretty simple – everyone knows how to do it. If you don’t want your pony to look too thin at the base, use a hair wrap or a metallic/plastic ponytail holder.

11. Vintage Curls

If Christina Hendricks is among your style icons, then you’re going to love this ponytail with side bangs. You don’t need to actually tie your hair up, but just use pins to fix it in a very loose side swept ponytail. Then also sweep the bangs to the side and apply some light spray.

12. Weaved Polished Pony with Blunt Bangs

This unusual gorgeous look is right for you if you want to rock something extraordinary. Using a weave, you’ll be able to achieve ideal sleekness, perfect edges and curves without any risk of damaging your natural hair.

13. High Pony with Contrasting Bangs

As you see, using clip-in extensions is an easy way to achieve a lovely hair-to-hair style and experiment with hair colors. This side ponytail with rose gold bangs is definitely an eye-catching ‘do.

14. Pony with Curled Bangs and Cornrows

This is a nice alternative to typical full cornrows or simple ponytails. Get the cornrows only on the sides, tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail and use the cornrow tails to wrap around the ponytail base. Use a curler on your long bangs. If you also have an ombre, it’s even better for similar ponytails with bangs.

15. Classy Flower-Studded Pony

This is another great vintage style for special occasions, and it also works fine if your hair is monochromatic (instead of ombre like in this photo). This very romantic girly hairstyle, featured by @salondezen, is quite easy to make. Backcomb your hair for a natural, slightly messy effect and tie it low and to the side. Then tie the ponytail with a couple of flower and pearl scrunchies from place to place. It’s a loose messy version of Valentino’s bubble ponytail.

16. Pineapple Pony with Whirl Bangs

When you want a change from natural Afro hairstyles and Mohawks it might be the right time to try something fun and creative like this sexy pineapple pony with undercuts and shaved designs. We love the long bangs styled in a whirl pool pattern.

17. Minaj Pony with Arched Bangs

This is another super-easy ponytail with bangs, perfect for long and sleek black hair. It works especially well with arched point cut bangs, but even short bangs would do fine if they flatter your face shape.

18. Sleek Pony with Thick Side Bangs

This is a great look for keeping it stylish and elegant. It works very well if you have balayage highlights or ombre. One of the best ponytails if you’re thinking about a classy formal hairstyle!

19. Side Pony with Fishbraids and Long Bangs

To start working on this ponytail, first plait your hair in several fishbraids and a loose French braid as a headband. Then tie everything into a low side ponytail and brush your long bangs to the side as well.

20. Braided Headband and Twisted Side Pony

This loose and messy style works particularly well for blonde hair but the color is not mandatory. Section out a strand above one ear and braid a thin fishbraid. Sweep all hair and the braid to the opposite side. Divide the unbraided locks into two sections and braid a few inches of a fishtail braid, blending in the headband braid. Fix with a clear elastic and wrap with a strand from the pony. Bangs with ponytail of this type should be light and wispy.

We hope you’ve found plenty of inspiration in our list of cute ponytails with bangs. The advantage of this style is that it can make you look all cute and relaxed, but you can also glam it up for a truly romantic and classy feel when the occasion asks for it. Let your coming weeks consist only of good hair days!

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