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Updated on June 23, 2021
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Lisa Rinna is not only a madly popular celebrity, she is also a glamorous TV diva, so, many women want to look like her. We do need to know what Lisa Rinna wears, how she completes her looks with accessories, how she styles her hair, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We do not mean here blind copying or something, but borrowing image-related ideas from celebrities and adopting them to your looks, you will be able to come up with your own genuine style. Thus, let’s see the hairstyles Lisa Rinna prefers and how she manages to look different each time with practically the same haircut.

Apart from those few times when Lisa Rinna presented her gorgeous formal updos, lately she sticks to a razor textured shag haircut, with off-centered parting, rounded bangs and the lower side/back ends styled outward, which can be achieved with a round brush and hairdryer. Commonly Lisa prefers hairstyles with some extra lift of the top tresses for special occasions and smooth/shiny natural finish for casual wear.

Lisa’s favorite shag haircut is flattering for her beautiful face, although it’s far from being a perfect oval. In fact Lisa Rinna has a square face. You can see her angular jawline in the photos featuring the front look of her face. Besides, the length of her face doesn’t exceed significantly its width. Therefore, her face is not long or round as you may read in different sources, but square. The layered haircut she prefers softens the angles of her face and presents it in the best light.

30 Spectacular Lisa Rinna Hairstyles

1. Dimensional Brown Shag

Preparing for the Carousel Of Hope Ball, Lisa Rinna opts for the dimensional hair color that works terrific in combination with her statement texture. The caramel tones on the dark brown base, teased with random dark blonde highlights, do the miracle, flirting with the color of Lisa’s eyes.

2. A-Line Shag With Ultra Shine Finish

One of Lisa Rinna’s latest hairstyles, worn to the 10th anniversary Pink Party, is this classy shag with a distinct A-line silhouette, widening smoothly towards the ends. It’s typically marked by the “Lisa Rinna’s signature flicks” and complimented exclusively with the ultra shine finish.

3. Chin-Length Layered Hairstyle With Honey Highlights

Heading to the art exhibition of Sham Ibrahim, Lisa Rinna styles her shag haircut in the familiar way, but this time we can spot an update with honey highlights which make her dark brown hair color more sophisticated and accentuate the texture.

4. Soft Sun-Kissed Shag

How does she manage to look so different, rocking much the same hairstyle from event to event? During the Mercedes-Benz fashion week, Lisa Rinna was spotted looking extremely sensuous with her soft touchable shag hairstyle, upgraded with the gorgeous sun-kissed highlights.

5. Honey-Glazed Angled Layers

Sure we understand that a quality haircut stands behind any eye-catching hairstyle, especially when it comes to shorter lengths. Lisa Rinna’s thick locks were skillfully layered and additionally treated with honey glazing to offer us this gorgeous look of the actress from the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

6. Medium-Length Shag With Volume On The Crown

This time the major volume of Lisa Rinna’s hairstyle is concentrated on top, while the sexy side flicks are play the role of a lovely amendment to the hairstyle silhouette. The actress often duplicates the color of her eyes in her hair hues and clothes prints. This look from the Pre-Emmy Party is not an exception.

7. Two-Tone Edgy Hairstyle

This sexy rapacious look of Lisa Rinna is subordinated to one idea which is sensed in every detail – the print of her dress, the look in her eyes and the edgy outlines of her two-tone shag hairstyle. This is 100% her look!

8. Shaggy Hairstyle With Wispy Ends

Visiting the SiriusXM Studios, Lisa Rinna looked extremely chic, rocking her lovely shag with the finely razored edges. Lisa’s thick layered locks were styled into the sassy feathers with wispy ends and spiced with very subtle highlights.

9. Piecey Texture & Out-Flicked Sides

This time Lisa Rinna presents us her truly fabulous hair style that looks especially radiant in the sun. Lisa’s short hair is styled to enhance the texture of the chopped pieces on top and reveal the razored flicks on the sides.

10. Short Edgy Hairstyle With Highlights In The Bangs

When Lisa Rinna arrived to the Los Angeles premiere of “Million Dollar Arm”, we’ve noticed the lovely upgrade of her haircut and hair color, which gave a new sensational twist to her signature hairstyle. Lisa’s thick angled tresses look so wonderful when stirred by the wind, eh?

11. Play Of Contrasts

Lisa Rinna’s gorgeous look from the 21st Annual Race To Erase Gala amazes with so many things. The edginess of her short hairstyle is balanced by the rounded silhouette of her haircut. And the coloristic solution, featuring the blend of cool browns and warm golden tones, flatters Lisa’s appearance miraculously.

12. Chocolate & Caramel Feathers

The “Veronica Mars” Los Angeles premiere is another event where Lisa Rinna sported a new fantastic look. This time Lisa’s angled locks gained the more pronounced caramel highlights, sprinkled throughout the rich chocolate base.

13. Shorter Than Ever!

To attend the 66th annual Directors Guild of America Awards, Lisa Rinna has gone shorter than ever. But basically it remains her signature hairstyle with the piecey texture, light lift at the roots and cute flicks at the ears. The local highlights of Lisa’s hairstyle are, unquestionably, the zest of this look.

14. Tapered Silhouette & Softened Locks

The tapered silhouette of Lisa Rinna’s hairstyle is meant to underline the beautiful shape of her face. Even though it’s not the perfect oval, Lisa has the lovely jawline that is not all that strong to correct it with longer locks.

15. Extra Lift At The Roots & Reddish Highlights

The HBO Golden Globe After Party was sparked by the chic playful look of ravishing Lisa Rinna. This time the actress rocked the short hairstyle with volume and reddish highlights on the crown, which added Lisa’s hairstyle a cute mischievous twist.

16. Short Graded Universal

Here is a beautiful above-the-shoulders haircut with highlights and distinct layering, beginning at the cheek bone level. Lisa Rinna opted to style it sleek which can be a nice option for a casual hairstyle.

17. Sassy Slicked Back

This is a cute example of a sassy medium-length hairstyle for a night out. Lisa Rinna has her hair slicked back to open her ears and show her elegant earrings.

18. Short Jagged Highlighted

Fine delicate feathers are the main attraction of this short eye-catching hairstyle. The fantastic glowing effect of the look is achieved thanks to fine razor layering and 2 tone highlights: medium brown and soft caramel.

19. Shiny Wavy Glamorous

This is a look of a gorgeous inimitable diva. Lisa’s locks are weaved for a soft feminine style. Dark brown for main hair color, accentuated with chocolate highlights, works perfectly for her, making her cat eyes even more seductive.

20. Short Chic Attention-Grabbing

The flamingo color of Lisa’s dress and her warm honey highlights light her up to shine around as the brightest star in the sky. This short shag haircut couldn’t be styled any better: teasing at the roots, side parting and a cute feathery finish are so flattering for Lisa’s beautiful face.

21. Sleek Sexy Natural-Looking

A layered bob with golden highlights is a fantastic match for Lisa’s tanned skin. Light teasing at the roots and a shiny finish is all that needed for an awesome sexy look she is presenting.

22. Enticing Formal Flawless

Those flipped up flicks and chocolate highlights on dark brown together with volume on top are in unison with Lisa’s red lipstick and her captivating glance.

23. Straight Graded Casual

Even without any particular styling Lisa’s graded haircut looks wonderful with this awesome highlights, matching the color of her eyes. As you realize, the choice of the right haircut is a key to your ever-gorgeous look.

24. Delightful Formal Updo

Sleek sides, crowned with a high bun, make Lisa look like a goddess and draw attention to her facial features. Any updo is a wonderful opportunity to wear large and showy earrings.

25. Short Fancy Loopy

This is a very imaginative do with loopy tresses, raised at the roots, that suits Lisa very much. With all the volume off her face she can again complete her look with fancy earrings and expressive eye makeup.

26. Slicked Back Shaggy Asymmetric

Long slanting asymmetric bangs sticking out boldly add Lisa’s look sassiness and chic. You can mimic this hairstyle for a night out with friends. Note that highlights always enhance texture.

27. Silky Softly Feathered

Here stylists used no volume enhancements, concentrating entirely on the silkiness and softness of Lisa’s hair. The outlines of this hairstyle are fluffy and touchable.

28. Short Layered Bold

A cleavage like this suggests an equally bold hairstyle, and Lisa Rinna chooses a short sassy style with volume on top and well-trimmed traces framing her face and opening her ears.

29. Natural Sleek Glowing

This natural hairstyle with A-silhouette attracts with its simplicity, low maintenance and smooth texture. Highlights 1-2 tones lighter than your basic hair color offer a stunning dimensional effect.

30. Gorgeous Fancy Updo

Here is another memorable updo, featuring intricate twists and loops on the crown. This Lisa’s look is both fancy and laconic: you can observe chic in every detail.

Lisa Rinna is not the only celebrity who loves short shag hairstyles. You can see similar looks in the photos of Jane Fonda. So, if you want to mimic Lisa’s hairstyle, show a photo you like to your stylist. Note, however, that you can count on the same result if your hair is really dense, because Lisa Rinna does have good hair density.

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