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Updated on December 22, 2023

Not so many people who have become stars in the sports world have also managed to succeed in developing their personal style to the level, high enough to be referred to as a style icon. David Beckham is a pleasant exception. His sense of style and ability to mix wardrobe items to achieve harmonious casual and formal looks are rather impressive. And his haircuts and hairstyles are a good topic for a whole article. We have searched for the most popular haircuts and hairstyles of David Beckham. They are all different, although the soccer star chooses only short and short-to-medium lengths.

The Most Stylish Haircuts and Hairstyles of David Beckham

Find a minute to have a look through the best 20 haircuts and hairstyles from the man with the million faces.

1. Haircut with Extra Short Sides and Elongated Top

David Beckham’s collaboration with H&M is a big joy for his fans. This photo is from the last year’s launch of Beckham’s bodywear range. David was rocking a cool haircut with extra short sides and nape, balanced with elongated hair on top. The cut is meant to wear back-swept with a lift at the roots as a sort of a pompadour hairstyle.

David Beckham short haircut

Debby Wong /

2. Extra Short Crewcut

Commonly crewcut is recommended for thick hair, but we see that David Beckham can pull off practically any look, even if it’s a simple extra short haircut. David successfully combines it with the matching facial style and gets the clean stylish look that fits even into the formal style.

David Beckham crecut

Everett Collection /

3. David Beckham Hair – Short and Edgy, with Cool Undershaves

If you are a fan of extra short haircuts and you want something more interesting than a plain crewcut, this cool edgy style may find a way to your heart. Besides the shaved temples, it features a shaved triangle over the forehead – something you don’t come across in mens haircuts every day. Bold and creative!

4. A Master of Transformation

If you compare this image with the picture #2, you’ll realize what a potent tool a haircut is in terms of your face (and head) shape correction. Here we see that David enhances the impression from his perfect square face at the expense of the sharp taper cut with enough weight in the corners and the graphic facial hairstyle. The hairline that seems practically horizontal and David’s signature back sweep look pretty impressive.

5. Short Edgy Haircut with Temple Shaves

Shaved temples definitely flatter David Beckham’s face. They accentuate his wide cheekbones and strong manly jawline. That’s why he often has his hair cut with extra short sides or temple undershaves. This haircut features slightly elongated razored hair on top and tapering of the length from the crown towards the nape. We love the highlighted spot in particular. It’s obvious that modest color accents can look very good on men.

6. Cool Mohawk

Mohawks on white men is a rare thing, but David Beckham manages to pull off this look as well. This style is accurate and edgy, neat and provocative. It works great for David’s straight hair that is skillfully textured to look sharp and jagged.

7. Ultra Short Haircut with Two Shaved Parallels

Shaved head designs are a trendy twist for those who are ready for some extra attention. David Beckham is used to being in the spotlight like no one else, but he doesn’t opt for a sophisticated pattern. Minimalism in everything from clothes to hair is a welcome thing in today’s fashion.

8. More Crewcut Ideas

The feel of ease and low-maintenance are among the most frequently requested requirements men have for haircuts. If crewcut flatters you, do not hesitate and pick it for your next haircut. A new contemporary way to wear it is with a facial hairstyle of the same length that you have on your head.

David Beckham crewcut and facial hairstyle

s_bukley /

9. David Beckham Haircut That Suits Most Men

Here is a classy haircut variety without extremes. It’s to the liking of men who shy away from extra short cuts. This look seems to be slightly outgrown not only on top, but at the temples as well. If you like to texture your hair and switch styles from sleek and formal to disheveled casual ones, this is a worthy pick of a basic cut.

10. “Outgrown” and Bleached Hair

These days most men feel ok about hair bleaching. Dyeing solutions on men look the best when done on slightly outgrown hair. It is still a haircut, not just outgrown hair, because what you need in such looks is the accuracy of edges and well-trimmed ends. David’s bleached hair appears very cute. In 2024, we still wear roots natural or darkened.

11. Medium Haircut and Disheveled Hairstyle

Does it seem neat and professional? Not really… Stylish and trendy? Absolutely! Short-to-medium haircuts, styled disheveled, look the best on younger guys or men of creative professions. They suit both straight and wavy hair. If your hair is straight like David’s, you can apply sea salt hair spray for “scrunched” hairstyles.

12. Short-To-Medium Haircut with an Angled Quiff

In case you prefer to wear elongated short haircuts, they look the best with the point cut ends and top hair, angled steeply. David Beckham’s haircut is a nice example to follow in this relation. Natural-looking highlights for men are used to brighten up your eyes and as a refreshing touch. It’s optimal to pursue the look of sun-faded hair.

13. Elongated Razored Haircut with Sun-Kissed Touches

Another great solution for slightly longer haircuts is the elongated nape section. When your haircut is accomplished with a razor, it provides the right edge that is welcome in disheveled looks. Balayage highlights allow achieving the cool look of random sun-kissed touches.

14. Haircut with Outgrown Temples and Nape

Guys who do not mind experimenting with different hairstyles for elongated hair will like this nice haircut. The blunt cut temples and nape don’t require any additional styling efforts. They are going to look natively neat. And, as for the quiff and top hair, they are point cut for an added volume that you will appreciate in hairstyles with a lift at the roots like in the photo.

David Beckham short to medium haircut

s_bukley /

15. Headbands in Men’s Hairstyles

When a man decides to transit from a short haircut to medium length hair, he faces that confusing period when his outgrown haircut begins to look messy and untidy but the desired length is not achieved yet. David Beckham suggests using a minimalistic headband to pass through the transition with comfort.

16. Cornrows

David Beckham’s cornrows made a splash back in 2003 not only in UK but all over the world. There were publications about an influx of young guys who were storming hair salons in order to get the same braided hairstyle. Well, David’s braids are remembered even now, but, alas, they are more often referred to as his worst hairstyle ever. We do not agree, but on some boys who mimicked his style they really looked ridiculous.

17. Tapered Haircut Styled Elegantly

This one will work even for your wedding. Many brides-to-be choose this hairstyle as the best wedding hair idea for their grooms. It’s a classy taper with elongated top hair cut straight and styled with a root booster.

David Beckham tapered haircut

Jaguar PS /

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18. Effortless Slicked Back Men’s Hairstyle

A slicked-back short hairstyle is a true windfall for a contemporary man. It’s easy to style in different ways, depending on the occasion. When you need a formal look, comb your hair back with a semi-matte styling product. A casual hairstyle needs a more pronounced texture and definition. Note that David Beckham always has his hair styled with a root lift.

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19. David Beckham Hairstyle with Pompadour Bangs

Pompadour hairstyles for men are always in great demand. If you want to minimize the minutes, you spend on hair styling, get a short, neat cut with elongation only for the quiff. Use your favorite volume boost product to style the quiff.

20. Pompadour with Extra Voluminous Top

Some haircuts and hairstyles we have seen here may seem a bit eccentric. This one is not an exception. You show the highest class in your style when you wear something that is not just trendy, but really becomes you. David pulls of another cool hairstyle that we absolutely love on him.

These were David Beckham’s old and latest hairstyles. Our goal was to acquaint you with his brightest haircuts and show that changing looks and trying different hairstyles can be an enjoyable process not only for a woman, but for a contemporary man as well.

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