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Updated on September 26, 2021
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Typically, a Mohawk is perceived to be a very outlandish and rebellious hairstyle. However, there are so many ways that men can rock a Mohawk that it is impossible to narrow the hairstyle to such a limited spectrum. They can be worn formally and casually. This article is going to show you 40 different ways to wear a Mohawk!

So Different and so Stylish Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Whether you want to shave the sides of your head or just style a fauxhawk, you’ll find interesting images with Mohawk ideas in the list below.

1. Shaved Sides with Topknot

Here’s an androgynous take on Mohawk hairstyles for men: the hair is buzzed extremely short on the sides, up to the narrow, V-shaped patch at the top. The length of the hair up-top allows the model to pull it up into a stylish topknot, ideal for warmer days and a chilled-back look.

2. High Fade with Up-Sweep

This look is half punk rock, half skater boy – a completely contemporary mix that’s ideal for younger men. The Mohawk featured by this model is styled into an Elvis-like quiff, complete with a cowlick at the front. The sides of the head have been faded. The facial hair completes the look, while the mo’ itself also features a shorter, undercut element for added structure.

3. Sharp Skin Fade with Neat Combover

Care for an edgy a la Mohawk haircut? Then ask your hairstylist to create a sharp line to the undercut supporting the longer hair at the top. Get the sides and back of the head clean shaven, all the way down to the skin. Finally, style the longer section up and back with a product, and add a bit of hold spray as a finishing touch.

4. Comb-Over and Taper Fade

Our gallery today features a plenty of inspirational pictures of guys with Mohawks. This hairstyle for younger men is a blend between a comb over and a taper fade. Note the angle at the meeting point of the two sections and how the hair gradually decreases in length from the top toward the ears.

5. Natural Curls with Fade Shave

The central section of the hair maintains the model’s natural small curls. It has been left from the nape of the neck all the way up to the hairline. Meanwhile, the hair on the sides has been fade-shaven with a precise line around the sideburns. This is a great natural look for African American men, who sport kinks and curls.

6. Swept-Back Tapered Quiff

For a more adult version of the Mohawk fade haircut, you can try to grow out your top hair longer, but still get a taper towards the bottom hairline. To style it, sweep the hair back and away from your face. This is the ultimate contemporary hipster look, especially if paired with well-trimmed facial hair.

7. Long Hair, Full Beard and Undercuts

Pair your cool tats with this amazing graduated Mohawk look, which looks spectacular not only in pictures, but also in reality. You don’t need to do too much in order to achieve it: simply allow your hair to grow long and add undercuts. Keep trimming the sides, to get the stark contrast that all the looks featured here require.

8. Highlights, Cowlick and V-Shaped Skin Fade

Want a look that’s complicated to achieve, but quick to style on a daily basis? Try this one! You’ll need a medium length hair up top, buzzed or faded sides and back and the shaved lines dividing the two bordering sections. Add plenty of product to hold your hair up, looking fabulous.

9. Real Shaved Mohawk

This has got to be the epitome of men’s Mohawk hairstyles, the true blue original template. The central section is styled into tall spikes, with ultra-strong hold gel. At the same time, the sides are completely clean shaven for a true fierce feel a real Mohawk is supposed to have. That’s what this look is all about!

10. Men’s Braided Mohawk for Long Hair

Male looks which feature super-long hair are usually impressive, and this one is no exception. It’s a great mix between the punk Mohawk and hip-hop braids – a dramatic, sophisticated look for guys who are after special hairstyles.

11. Short Curly Mohawk

Some Mohawks require heavy-duty upkeep and a major investment into specialized hair products, but not this one. This is just a showcase of natural curls with the sides of the head featuring a faded style. Note the straight-edged undercut at the hairline—a simple addition to the look, but one which greatly improves its structure.

12. Upswept Cut with Taper Fade

Mohawk hairstyles for men may be the product of the punk era, but they were approved by other subcultures, too. This one is very ‘90s and reminds us of rappers, as well as of techno aficionados. To create the look, you need a few inches of length up top. The top section is sheared shorter toward the back and faded on the sides into a taper fade. Add your coolest Ray Ban wayfarers and you’re good to go!

13. Short Haircut with Taper Fade

If you’re one of those guys who prefer their styling as natural as possible, and who want to avoid using too much product, then this is your best bet. Ask your stylist to create a precisely tried hairline and a tapered fade on the sides. Leave the central section of the hair a bit longer, but trimmed short at the back. Finally, style it up, into a spiky quiff. All done!

14. Afro Mohawk for Black Guys

The Afro, with its emphasis on volume and natural curls, is a traditional style that black men have been touting since the 1960s. Now this consummately hippie look gets an update that skews punk, with a Mohawk thrown into the mix. Unlike most similar styles, the sides of the head have not been shaved for this one, but fade trimmed from the top down. The central section maintains the typical texture of a regular ‘fro.

15. Short Haircut with Geometric Pattern

Don’t be fooled into thinking that a short Mohawk haircut can’t be bold or different. Check this one out! Though the main quiff has been trimmed fairly short, the look amply compensates through the funky patterning in the back. Note how the lines shaved into the hair are highlighted by the faded triangular sections.

16. Short and Low Mohawk with Skin Shave

Here’s a look that provides a fresh update on a classical 80s counterculture style. It’s inspired by the Madchester scene of punk-pop and disgruntled blue collar working class heroes. To achieve it, follow these steps: first, trim the hair into a medium-length buzz cut. Then, shave the sides all the way up, and down to the skin. Remember to leave a long patch of hair, running from the hairline down to the nape of the neck.

17. Rainbow Colored Low Mohawk

This Mohawk haircut is perfect for festival-goers, who want to really stand out in a crowd. The Mohawk itself has been styled short and combed back, into a spiky look. Then, it was divided into four distinct sections, which were dyed in the model’s favorite colors: green, red, and blue. You, of course, can opt for whatever dye combination you like. Pro tip: this is a very creative way to show support for your favorite soccer club.

18. Fauxhawk with Blue Crest

Here’s a look for guys who dare to be different and always march to the beat of their own drum. It’s a great style for skaters and ravers, as it features the top frontal section dyed in electric blue. To draw attention even further, it’s been styled up, into a classic spiked Mohawk. The sides have been trimmed short, allowing the colored section to really come into focus. You can try the same look in combination with a low fade.

19. Dutch Braid/Cornrow Mohawk

Want to combine ultra-long hair with a Mohawk fade haircut to get a look that’s both punk and classic rock? Try this one. The central section has been left to grow down to the middle of the model’s back, only to be then braided into an inverted French braid. In classic Mohawk style, the sides have been trimmed almost down to the skin.

20. Patterned Skin Fade

Most modern Mohawk hairstyles for men are funky, but this one takes the cake, with its awesomely creative graphic patterning. The military-inspired visuals feature the American eagle and the sun rays of the Japanese flag – it’s definitely a statement about the model’s cultural heritage. At the top there’s a simple spiky Mohawk, styled with a bit of gel for hold and structure. Very cool!

21. Real Dramatic Mohawk

Wearing your Mohawk dramatic is making a statement. This style is great for those who want to look somewhat polished yet very edgy. It’s good for men with naturally straight hair.

cool men's mohawk hairstyle

JStone /

22. Feathered Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

The feathered Mohawk is awesome for those who like a softer look but still want to stand out from the crowd. This works best on naturally curly and wavy hair. When getting your hair cut, you want to be sure that the sides are clipped rather short. Also there should be height at the top and point cut ends. This will really bring out your natural texture!

men's fauxhawk hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

23. Thick and Stark

Wearing your Mohawk thick and stark is a fun option that works best on ethnic hair. To achieve this look, you want to have your sides cut close but not shaved. The hair in the middle is styled into the Mohawk shape with a product. You can pick it out just a little bit for volume. Just be sure not to disturb the curls too much as this can lead to breakage.

black mohawk hairstyle for men

Stacey Newman /

24. Upswept Mohawk

The upswept Mohawk is a very handsome style that works best on men who have more of a devilish personal style such as blazers and oxfords. To achieve this look, you want to make sure that you have at least a couple of inches of length on top. You are going to spray your hair with holding hair spray and lightly back comb until you reach the desired upsweep. Leave the sides untouched.

men's upswept hairstyle

Jaguar PS /

25. Purposefully Patchy

This Mohawk is very extreme and definitely doesn’t fit your average Joe. However, if you are a Daring Dan who loves to push boundaries, then this look is something that can work for you. It is very low maintenance and doesn’t even require you to go to a professional. Simply cut your hair to about half an inch. Then, shave the sides completely and leave a strip of hair going in the middle.

extra short men's mohawk

DFree /

26. Light and Messy Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

The light and messy Mohawk is awesome for guys with fine hair. It gives you a new edgy look without causing your hair to appear overly thin. You want to be sure that the difference in length between the middle and the sides is not too drastic because the contrast will cause fine hair to seem sparse. Run a little gel through the hair and create your Mohawk using your fingers – sleek the hair on the sides and spike it on top!

edgy mohawk hairstyle for men

magicinfoto /

27. Mohawk with Highlights

The bleached blonde interpretation of Mohawk is the perfect combination of pop and rock. The blonde highlights give the hair a sense of fun and cuteness. And the upswept top gives it a harder edge. This is perfect for those who like to have the best of both worlds!

blonde upswept hairstyle for men

Joe Seer /

28. Black Mohawk

The afro Mohawk is perfect for those with dense ethnic hair. It allows you to be in touch with your roots while adding your own spin to a popular hair style! It is important that the sides are buzzed or shaved if you want the classic look of Mohawk. To style the middle, you should opt for oils and creams.

black men's mohawk hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

29. Tapered and Curled

This Mohawk is very good for the cases when you want to look slightly edgy at a formal event. It is polished enough to be worn on the red carpet yet it still displays an individual style. All you have to do to achieve this hairstyle is to take a 1 inch curling iron and curl chunky pieces of hair on top, going away from your face. Spray for hold and you’re done!

men's curled mohawk hairstyle

Stacey Newman /

30. Messy and Angular Mohawk

For those of you who are into the grunge style, this messy and angular Mohawk is a wow hair idea! It gives the appearance of a very sharp haircut but it is still very wearable in case you don’t like high maintenance hair dos. It looks especially well when paired with a nice tie and a little stubble.

edgy men's mohawk

Helga Esteb /

31. Wet and Wild

This Mohawk is “wet and wild.” It gives the illusion of after shower hair, and fits into the gelled look trend. Simply run a light hold hair gel from root to tip through the hair and allow it to fully air dry!

gelled mohawk hairstyle for men

Helga Esteb /

32. Widow’s Peak Mohawk Hairstyle for Men

The widow’s peak Mohawk is great for disguising a slightly receding hair line. Not only does it distract attention from the hairline, but it makes thinner sides appear purposeful! This look is good for men with straight hair and is best left slightly messy.

men's Mohawk hairstyle for fine hair

Helga Esteb /

33. Short and Sweet

The short and sweet Mohawk is best for those who don’t want the commitment of a real Mohawk with shaved sides. The contrast in length between the middle and the sides is very light. Also, the length in the middle is not too long, it is typically an inch or shorter so you don’t have to do too much styling besides quick texturing with a product.

curly fauxhawk hairstyle for men

Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley /

34. Dramatic Angular Mohawk

The dramatic angular Mohawk is perfect for men with square face shapes. The bright contrast between the shaved sides and the mid section raises the masculinity of your look. When balanced by a facial hairstyle, it appears quite cool!

men's mohawk hairstyle with shaved sides

Jaguar PS /

35. Textured Mohawk with Extra Height

This side-swept Mohawk is a great way to elongate your face visually. Simply apply some pomade for hold, tease your hair on top and comb it to the side, defining the ends.

men's mohawk-inspired hairstyle

Helga Esteb /

36. Spiky Mohawk

The straight and spiky Mohawk is cute on men with rounder faces. It gives the appearance of a stronger jawline and broader cheekbones. To maintain this look, you want to keep plenty of gel on hand to style all those crazy spikes!

Mohawk for Asian men

Helga Esteb /

37. Long on Top

This particular undercut hairstyle is a renowned 90’s throwback! Essentially, the sides are cut really short and the length on top is kept around 4 to 6 inches. Because of the length, it is often swept back and out of the face. This look is best for men with straight hair.

cool men's hairstyle with side undercuts

JStone /

38. Cute Natural Mohawk

This cute curly Mohawk is awesome for men with tight curl patterns. The sides are cut extra short and faded into the back. The mid section is left to about an inch. It should be styled with gel to define and preserve the curls.

nice mohawk hairstyle for black men

Helga Esteb /

39. The Rollover Mohawk

The rollover Mohawk is cut clean and styled fancy. The sides are typically cut to a short but visible length, and the top is rolled over to the side. Spraying the style for hold is recommended.

men's pompadour with extra short sides

DFree /

40. Extra Short Mohawk Hairstyle for Men with Thin Hair

This short Mohawk is a great mix of polish and punk. The length on top is kept to about an inch and is heavily styled. The sides are very clean. This is a cool hair do for those who like to be bold yet uncomplicated in their style endeavors.

men's Mohawk for fine hair

Helga Esteb /

These are 40 different types of Mohawks for men. Each look has its own advantages but they are all fun! Pick the one that is most suitable for you and your wants from a hair cut!

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