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Cortne Bonilla
Updated on August 21, 2021

Once you commit to cutting your hair short, there’s no going back — for a while anyway. Besides, you probably won’t want to. If you’re thinking of going for a short haircut, you certainly aren’t alone. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from and tons of celebrities with short hair to inspire your next visit to the salon.

Short Hair Perks

During the summer, short hair keeps us feeling cool and looking chic. It also requires less time to style when running late for work in the morning or getting ready for an evening out. Last but not least, short cuts show off your face. With a very short cut, like a pixie, you can play with brow shapes, eyeshadows, and accessories like fun, dangling earrings.

From pixie cuts to blunt bobs with bangs, get ready to feel inspired. If you’re ready to dive into the world of short cuts, here are some images of our favorite, famous short-haired celebrity women.

1. Short Natural Curls

Loving actress Ruth Negga wears her hair curled, natural, and super-short. All this look needs is a natural face and high-shine products for luscious curls.

2. Wavy, Tousled Bob

Vanessa Hudgens is proof that naturally thick and wavy hair can look HOT in a short cut. Female celebrities have been loving the bob lately, so now is the perfect time to dive into the trend. Vanessa’s bob frames her face with soft, flattering waves. This style is perfect for those with naturally curly hair.

3. Bright Blue Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is a mainstay for hairstyle trends but, lately, we’re obsessing over the bright bob and Katy Perry is the queen of bright hairstyles. Just before she chopped her hair even shorter, she opted for a bright blue blunt bob with equally blunt bangs. This look is fun and chic.

4. Super-Short Blonde Pixie

Michelle Williams completely changed her life and her career when she decided to go super-short. Her platinum blonde pixie cut is the inspiration for girls and women everywhere.

5. Tousled Bob with Bangs

Taylor Swift has been sporting short hair for a while now, and we still love it. With a shaggy bob, you can easily pull it into a ponytail while experimenting with curls and waves. Pull a long bang to the side for a cool side part.

6. Wavy Natural Bob

Black celebrities have revolutionized the bob by highlighting their natural hair and curls. Kelly Rowlands natural bob is perfect for girls with thicker hair. This hairstyle looks great on women with oval and square faces.

7. Deep Side Part Bob Cut

Anne Hathaway is not only a fantastic actress, she’s also an advocate for short hairstyles. When she cut her brown hair into a simple bob cut with long bangs, we were all floored. This sleek and posh look emphasizes femininity and elegance.

8. The Wavy Lob

The long bob can be pin straight but it can also look great messy and tousled, when it’s done on purpose, of course. Katie Holmes does this look best. Apart from being effortless and carefree, this look screams “girl next door”.

9. Cute Short Updo

Emma Watson knows how to turn short haircuts into charming updos and that’s her red carpet superpower! Full of texture, this hairstyle shows off the face and adds a touch of elegance.

10. Classic Tousled Mid-Length Hairstyle

Rachel McAdams rocks classic curls and cuts in the both roles that she plays and in real life. With a middle part and lightly curled ends, this hairstyle speaks to the starlet in all of us. Plus, it’s the perfect length for ponytails and buns.

11. Middle Part Finger Waves

Lily Collins shows us just how good bold brows paired with a bold cut can look. This glam look is a modern take on classic finger waves, made even more trendy with an asymmetrical cut.

12. Crimped Lob

The tousled, long bob with loose waves is a favorite among celebrities. Jennifer Lawrence stepped it up and sported a crimped lob at an event and we can’t wait to test it out. This look works best with a middle part and longer bangs.

13. The Messy Spiky Pixie

Halle Berry is the original pixie cut queen. With a variety of layers and lengths, this cut works best on short black hair. This look is great for playing with textures and curling techniques.

14. Chin-Length Bob Hairstyle

There’s nothing quite as glamorous as a healthy, shiny, chin-length bob. This flattering length balances a wider face and enhances a big smile, just like Kelly’s.

15. The Sleek Lob

Ashley Greene achieves a glossy, sleek look by wearing her long bob haircut straight with a side part. This look is universally flattering and suits most face shapes. Plus, this look is super-easy to accomplish.

16. Beyond Buzzed Cut

Kristen Stewart recently revamped her career, wardrobe, personal life, and hair. She went for the boldest look of them all with a barely-there platinum buzzcut. This look is not for those worried about what others think, but rather those who revel in rebellion and confidence.

17. Classic Layered and Feathered Bob

There are plenty of short hairstyles for older women. Diane Keaton is always chic in her style and cuts and this feathered, longer bob is easy to style and manage.

18. The Asymmetrical Long Bob

This haircut looks good on everyone who tries it and for good reason. With its face-framing length and layers, it creates a flirty, effortless vibe that is magnetic. Emma Stone always knew how to rock short haircuts!

19. Bouncing Curl Bob

We can never get enough of redhead Christina Hendricks’ endless confidence. With the tight curls and fiery color, this haircut screams old-school glamor and Hollywood starlet.

20. Vintage 1920s Flat Wave

This vintage inspired short haircut has endless volume and oozes glamour. It has flattering twisted waves for a feminine, carefree feel and can be worn for any occasion.

And there you have it! There are so many celebrities with short hairstyles to provide you with inspiration to make a big change. Short hair is meant to be fun and fuss-free. Experiment with lengths and start off with a longer cut if you aren’t sure about going short. Which celebrity-inspired cut will you be trying out?

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