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Updated on November 15, 2021
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Today’s bowl cut for women is a far cry from what we remember in the 80’s and 90’s. As an edgier hair style it has most recently been worn by some of the fashion’s biggest risk-takers like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. This look is best pulled off with statement makeup, vibrant hair color or extreme earrings.

The Modern Bowl Cut Versions

While there are obvious benefits (can you say ‘low-maintenance’?), it’s also totally liberating to reveal your face to the world. With one simple hairstyle, you can make the statement that has nothing to hide and everything to gain.

So here’s some inspiration for your next short do.

1. Grazing Fringe

For a lighter look that’s still feminine, try a wispy fringe. Keeping your bangs longer, it still lets your bold arches peek through. Try an ash blonde hue for your hair and a bold color to accentuate your eyebrows. Or color your strands in some subtle pink and purple shades to enhance the charm.

2. Edgy Bangs

A shorter bowl cut can be balanced out with a long piece-y fringe in front. Give it some attitude and texture for a complete edgy vibe. Add in a slight pop of color or an accent tone, and you’ve got a cool and crisp style.

3. Sent from the Future

A modern cut deserves a futuristic feel. Make a statement with a silver-grey all over color. Some long wisps up top and a purely blunt cut create an effortless and chic appearance.

4. Deep Part

Not only is this bowl haircut for women elegant and sophisticated, it is also fearless. The severe and deep part combined with the striking color fade effect keeps this style polished and chic.

Asymmetrical Bob With Pastel Green Balayage

Instagram/ @__oskie__

5. Follow the Curve

As far as bowl cuts go, here is one of the sweetest versions. It’s simple and understated, but it has been expertly cut with care and detail. Leaving length on top allows for more room to play and stylize.

6. Bowl-Cut-Inspired Pixie

How do you look feminine and fearlessly modern? With a short undercut haircut featuring some long, soft layers. This look perfectly walks the line between being edgy and ladylike, so if your style and personality walk the same line, you should definitely give this cut a try.

7. Edgy Bowl Cut

For a bowl cut that challenges the typical iteration of the style, ask your stylist to shave your sideburn. It might sound crazy, but it’s really catching on in the female hair styling world, and it’s easier to pull off than you might think.

Women's Undercut For Wavy Hair

Instagram/ @studio417salon

8. Textured Bowl Cut with Highlights

If you want a beautiful bowl cut that makes you feel like a popstar, then you need to remember two things: highlighting and texture. Be sure to ask your stylist for highlights that really stand out. They should be two or three tones lighter than your base. Add separation with products designed for short, straight hair.

9. Layered Platinum Bowl Haircut

Platinum is absolutely one of the best colors for this hair style. You get grunginess and classic glam rolled up in one look. What more could a modern girl want? To really make the shade pop, go for dark hair underneath. Natural blondes can ask for a cool toned brown dye on the shaved part.

10. Choppy Lavender Hair

Your new bowl haircut should be as boundary-pushing as you are. The bowl has considerably evolved in the last few years, so don’t think you need to stick to a set concept. The version you see in this picture showcases longer hair at the temples and closely cropped nape, everything in a gorgeous pastel purple shade, wow!

11. Sunset Colored Hairstyle

The pink and orange tones in this hairstyle are gorgeous—especially when paired with a bold lip and warm toned skin. Black women look particularly stunning with bowl shaped cuts. To recreate this, be sure to keep the front bangs layered and uneven instead of blunt.

12. Mod Fashionista’s Bowl Cut

For a bowl hairstyle that is retro and mod, go for straight, naturally colored hair. This style would be right at home in the most fashionable streets of Paris. Blunt bungs and angled sides complete the futuristic look. To keep your hair soft and sleek, you’ll have to apply conditioning treatments regularly.

13. Bowl Haircut with Edgy Bangs

When you choose a stylist for your new bowlcut, be sure to find someone whose sense of adventure matches your own. If you’re looking for something unique and experimental, find a professional who has experience with creative cuts. This version features a dark cropped undelayer and long blond layers sprinkled on top and flowing along the sides.

14. Feathered Cut with Shaved Sides

For women who want to try a new modern look but still maintain some femininity in their style, a choppy bowl hairstyle is the perfect choice. Long bangs that fall towards your brow are very flattering while shaved sides bring an urban vibe.

15. Bowl Cut with Heavy Bangs

Heavy bangs—simply meaning long bangs with lots of layers pulled from the crown forward —can be a very nice compliment to beautiful eyes and full lips. You get the best of both worlds: short hair that is easy to style and an emphasis on your best features.

16. Extreme Haircut with High Shaving

This bowl haircut is a very unique take on the style, due to the skilful blend of blunt cut and razored layers. The hair has been dyed strategically to further accentuate the difference of textures. So, well, isn’t it a good idea to innovate your own short cut?

17. Neon Side Parted Bowl Cut

This gorgeous shade is so unexpected! You will definitely stand out with this color which tends to pair beautifully with dark shades of makeup and clothing. The asymmetry of this haircut is another element contributing to the overall wow factor.

18. Silver Hair with Jagged Fringe

If blonde is totally not your thing but you want to try the dark-versus-light concept for your short haircut, go for silver. It pairs really well with dark brown hair. Ask your stylist for wispy bangs in the front—that way you can have fun styling them just right.

19. Blunt Blonde Bowl Haircut

Depending on your style and personality, you might like bowl cut hair that is sleek and accurate. This version pairs really well with futuristic fashion. The sleek perfection of the cut creates a more thought-out and less subversive style.

20. Bowl and Bob

If you want to try certain elements of the bowl but are not ready to jump into the style, then try bowl cut-inspired bangs and pair them with your common bob. You can keep longer hair along the sides for a look that is half bowl and half bob.

21. Ice Blue Bowl Cut

With silver and white hair colors becoming very popular and widespread, this ice blue hue is a breath of fresh air. The color is really gorgeous paired with dark brows and lips. To pull it off without looking too perfect and princessy, allow your hair’s natural wave and texture to shine through.

22. Textured Cut with Undershave

Bowl cuts can also skew elegant and sophisticated. For a chic style that will look super cool paired with punk rock clothes and jewelry, ask your stylist for a deep side part, an undershave that runs above your ears, long bangs and subtle highlights. Cutting the hair close above the ears gives the cut a beautiful shape and boosts thickness of your hair.

23. Short Fringed Bowl Cut

Not for the faint of heart, this style takes the asymmetry trend to a whole new level. The side burn is shaved on one side, while the other side is kept long and wispy. The high-up blunt fringe adds to the futuristic appeal of the look.

24. High Fade Bowl Haircut

This beautiful cut has a very glamorous vibe, due to the cool toned platinum locks and bold undershave. Notice how the line of demarcation is high up on the head? That gives it an edgier, more unisex look. If you want something more feminine, try having the line a little lower.

25. Tucked Back Bowl Cut

Clearly, the bowl cut has taken on a life of its own. There are no set rules or requirements. The clean shaved temples and short fringe give this version a modern flare. With long textured pieces in the back, this cut offers a lot of cute styling options. And that color is to die for!

26. Firm Hold

The bleached out color and blunt-end cut combine to create an androgynous feel. With an extra-firm hold hair product, you can maintain your precise hairstyle throughout the day.

27. Soft and Simple

Bowl cut hair isn’t easy for just anyone to pull off. It’s as much about confidence and attitude as the cut itself. A perfectly maintained chic and sleek ‘do that makes no excuses.

28. Tousled, not Tamed

Add some sass to your shorter cut with tousled, textured pieces in the back. For a bed head feel that embodies free-spiritedness and confidence, be sure to select the right texturizing hair product.

29. Long Story

A longer version of this hairstyle can help ease you into the full-on short cut. Slightly covering the ears and keeping bangs long gives you ample room to play with style and color.

30. Detailed Cut

Who says a haircut needs to be even all-around? Introducing some unexpected longer pieces adds intrigue to the bowl haircut. Toss in plenty of subtle highlights and a blunt, short fringe. Draw attention to your beautiful female facial features and artistic makeup.

31. Jewel Tones

Shorter ‘dos have another added benefit – less maintenance when it comes to hair color. Fewer and shorter strands mean more ability to play with color and keep it looking sharp. Try iridescent colors in deep green jewel tones for fun and sophistication.

32. It’s in the Layers

Just because a hairstyle is short doesn’t mean it needs to be all one length. Get a layered bowl to add texture and volume. Plus, layers help to keep your ‘do looking sharp without much added effort, for the ultimate low-maintenance hair style.

33. Length Matters

For a carefree short-haired look with lots of body, try a classic bowl cut that grazes the cheekbones. By keeping some length, you can afford to thin your cut out a bit more.

34. Eye-Catching Magenta Cut

For the right balance between sweet and sassy, try a blunt cut with a bold magenta or pastel pink color. Adding shine-enhancing products helps to keep it looking fresh and pristine.

Magenta Colored Bowl Cut

Instagram/ @catladydoeshair

35. Silver Richness

Bold doesn’t always have to be bright. The contrast between the daring blunt silver bang and the deep rich espresso color is gorgeously understated. All you need is the perfect earrings and eyeliner.

36. More Color, More Volume

As far as short haircuts for women go, here is one that’s fun and funky. With ample volume and a myriad of colors, you’ll have endless days of adventure and confidence. Just think of all the compliments you’ll receive!

37. Low-Maintenance Wisdom

If there’s one thing you learn in life, it’s how much time (and money) you can save with the right haircut. Try a cut that’s perfect for maintaining sophistication but adding in the oomph of edginess. Let your natural color speak for itself and show the world you’ve got nothing to hide.

38. Cute and Light

For an adorable bowl haircut that is soft and airy, try a style with semblances of a pixie cut. The extreme light color and fine hair texture keep it looking silky and smooth. But rest assured this cut is still all attitude and a great way to enhance your fabulous facial features.

39. Keep it Short

For a cut that takes short even shorter, this style is the one. A bit more length on top and at the back adds interest. Plus it offers the ability to play with the style a bit more. The bonus benefit here is that it elongates the neck and enhances your best features.

40. Purple Layered Style

Here is a cut that was made popular during 60’s. But this time it’s been remixed with infinite colors and endless style. The cut speaks for itself, and this stunning look is easy to pull off with the right attitude.

If you thought one bowl cut is the same as any other, these pictures have proved otherwise. With a fresh cut bowl you can achieve versatility, edginess, and even elegance. What’s even more is the confidence a woman can gain from going short and sticking to it.

Ash Blonde Bowl Cut Asymmetrical Blonde Bowl Cut Silver Bowl Cut With Undercut Asymmetrical Bob With Pastel Green Balayage Textured Bowl Cut With Undercut Pixie With Undercut Women's Undercut For Wavy Hair Red Choppy Bowl Cut Short Blonde Undercut For Women Pastel Purple Undercut Haircut Layered Bowl Cut For Thick Hair Blunt Mushroom Haircut Two Tone Short Choppy Hairstyle Choppy Blonde Undercut For Women African American Bowl Cut Short Choppy Asymmetrical Bowl Cut Blunt Asymmetrical Bob Haircut Black And Silver Tapered Pixie Bowl Cut With Undercut Gray Bowl Bob Haircut Pastel Blue Bowl Cut With Undershave Brown Bowl Cut With Subtle Highlights Extra Short Asymmetrical Bowl Cut Extra Short Blonde Bowl Cut Half Bowl Half Bob Haircut Precise White Blonde Bowl Cut Brunette Bowl Cut Shaggy Bowl Cut Style Bowl Cut With Balayage Highlights Funky Undercut Bowl Cut Brunette Bowl Cut With Green Balayage Layered Bowl Cut Pink Blonde Layered Bowl Cut Magenta Colored Bowl Cut Black Bowl Cut With Silver Bangs Layered Bowl Cut With Blue And Teal Highlights Short Layered Undercut Haircut For Gray Hair Silver Blonde Bowl Cut Short Feathered Bowl Cut Purple Colored Bowl Cut
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