20 Stylish Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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As a lover of all things beauty and self-confidence related, my real passion lies in hair: cuts, colors, trends, and always looking my best! Age really is just a number, and now more than ever woman of all numbers upwards of 50 are rocking their best looks with flattering medium length hairstyles of all types: all different hair textures, styles with and without bangs, banging bobs, and more.

Today’s stylists offer a wealth options and encourage older women to be trendy, classic, and everything in between! There’s nothing more youthful than confidence and these medium length hairstyles for 50-year-old women are sure to make that happen.

#1: Tousled Blonde Highlights

Platinum Wavy Lob

Instagram / @twozeroonesalon

This tousled, blonde-highlighted look is a classy yet youthful cut. If you have a love of the beachy vibe, you can’t go wrong with this inspiration. The best part about this look is that it works like a dream with any hair texture.

#2: Bright Blond Highlights Against Darker Lowlights

This showpiece for both straight and curly hair is a cool look at any age. With bright blond highlights against darker lowlights, you are sure to have fun with this youthful hairstyle for medium length hair.

#3: Balayage Bob

Hair stylist puts thick hair front and center with this chic balayaged bob. There’s a timelessness about dark golden tones and thick, soft curls in this medium length hairstyle for a 50-year-old woman.

Centre Parted Bob With Caramel Streaks

Instagram / @elyserox00

#4: Trendy Bob and Beach Waves

This style here is a naturally gorgeous look with dark tones and an easy to manage cut. If you want a put-together look but don’t have a lot of time to style day in and day out, make sure to look for easily managed layers that won’t require a ton of product to perfect each morning.

Mid Length Layered Bob

Instagram / @katiew_hair

#5: Grey Lowlights with a Bold Pop of Color

This magical look for curly hair is an amazing short medium hairstyle for women over 50 who are confident, current, and proud of their trendy gray hair. This look pairs especially well with glasses. The soft curls paired with a bold pop of color make this shoulder length look a stunner.

#6: Blonde Highs and Warm Lows

This refined, layered bob is timeless. Medium length layered hairstyles for over 50 work well with both fine and thick hair and so are a safe choice that looks perfectly polished at any age. Especially lovely is the naturally sweeping side bang pulling this all together.

Layered Bob With Blonde Babylights

Instagram / @dallaslandynhair

#7: Dirty Blonde Medium Bob

Another awesome medium bob works naturally well with oval and round faces. It is age appropriate but not in any way old-fashioned or old school. Don’t be afraid to play with dirty blonde shades and experiment with colors, as the only limits you really have are the ones you place on yourself.

Rachel Cut With Bangs

Instagram / @elainedoes_hair

#8: Red Layered Hairstyle

This amazing layered haircut does wonders for a finer hair texture by making it look thick and full. The trick to awesome layers is to make sure your stylist knows your goals, whether they are adding volume, length, or interest. Orange and red shades can make your look even more stylish!

Auburn Layers With Colored Highlights

Instagram / @hairby_helene

#9: Balayage with Undercut Layers

Just grazing in at shoulder length, this full-looking cut uses undercut layers to create a hairstyle that is thick and sleek (and shiny!) With perfect sculpting, this look is a perfect medium hairstyle for women over 50 with fine hair.

Medium Bob With Grey Lowlights

Instagram / @saloncrim

#10: Honey Blonde Bob

This medium length bob allows for naturally cascading locks, noticeable bottom layers, and a statement bang. While this look is stunning in honey blonde, it would work well with any hair color, and the fashion-forward attitude of it creates an undeniable youthful cut.

#11: Ashy Cool Tones

Rock that gorgeous gray! This medium length hairstyle gracefully skirts the collarbone and embraces your natural hair color. Soft waves give it a stylishly tousled look that is easy to maintain and can easily be dressed up or dressed down. If you are looking for really classic hair ideas for older women, this is a winner.

Silver Grey Beach Waves

Instagram / @perkfectionhair

#12: Blonde Layers on Sweeping Locks

This super sleek and super classy medium cut capitalizes on sweeping locks and just a touch of layers. This is an excellent look for those with fine hair, as the cut adds volume without being obvious. In the world of medium haircuts for women over 50, this particular cut is a timeless beauty.

Blonde Lob And Face Framing Bangs

Instagram / @igobygina

#13: Perfectly Auburn Lob

A gentle side swept bang, a confident auburn color, and a conscious framing that works well for glasses wearers; this medium length hairstyle is for the woman over 50 who is put together, smart, and confident. It is a classic style that highlights the face without taking any crazy risks and combining a youthful cut with poise and maturity.

Copper Lob For Fine Hair

Instagram / @iamryanbirmingham

#14: Bright Blonde High and Lowlights

This cut does wonders in creating body and framing round faces. The obvious layers keep this hairstyle interesting and current, while the choice of bright blonde high and lowlights inject a youthful feel into this age-appropriate medium haircut for women over 50.

#15: Romantic Round Curls

This hairstyle is a win for thick hair. It boasts long layers, round curls, and a romantic side part. This look is both soft and strong and showcases a naturally radiant energy within at any age. It can be worn in blonde, as shown, or would also look stunning in gray.

#16: Natural Highlights

Layers aren’t always a part of a sleek medium hairstyle for women over 50! This mid-length blunt cut showcase thick hair, a razor-sharp trim, and softer, fuller bangs up top. If you have hair that is naturally full of volume, a sleek straight cut such as this is a great bet to highlight your natural hair texture.

Straight Lob With Tiny Highlights

Instagram / @hairxayaa

#17: Vanilla Blonde Beachy Waves

This shoulder length cut has a very strong and long side fringe that create soft, romantic swoops around the face. The medium length look combines many of our favorite features above such as tousled, beachy waves, a bright blonde color, gentle layers, and creative bangs. If you have fine hair, this is an especially great look that benefits from a soft hair texture.

Tousled Beige Blonde Hairstyle

Instagram / @minkimcolorist

#18: Blonde Highlights with a Confident Flip

Highlights are a girls’ – and a woman over 50’s – best friend and add a naturally youthful glow to any look. This fun style capitalizes on trendy layers but kicks up the excitement with a confident flip and perfect use of a side part. This is an upbeat and confident stunner in the world of medium hairstyles for women over 50.

Flpped Lob With Golden Highlights

Instagram / @iamryanbirmingham

#19: Grayish Voluminous Locks

Another win for thick hair! This woman over 50 rocks full, voluminous bangs and lightly layered locks. This color is a fantastic choice as well: not quite gray, not quite blonde. Just long enough to be shoulder length, this naturally styled haircut will never go out of style.

#20: Summer Blonde with Darker Ends

Another shoulder-length stunner, this blonde beauty stuns with a strong cut. The layers are soft and allow for longer strands, but there is a pronounced difference to create this incredible shape. A winner for both fine and thick hair, this gorgeous hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks great on any face.

Multi Toned Medium Hair

Instagram / @sankekingwood

When it comes to medium and medium short hairstyles, the best rule, of course, is that there are no rules! There is a bevy of luscious looks available for women over 50, so the ultimate guideline is simply whatever makes you feel like a million bucks.

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