20 Successful Hairstyles for Double Chin

Every woman wants to conceal the perceived imperfections in her looks. These interesting ideas of short, long, and medium-length hairstyles for double chin can help you hide what you don’t want to have exposed and emphasize your most beautiful features instead.

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The Best Hairstyles for Double Chin

If you have a round face with a double chin, you should try to make your face look longer, shaping it into a cute oval. Thick straight bangs, horizontal coloring, and lots of volume on the sides of your head visually make the face wider and should be avoided. Instead, give preference to torn, cascading, and slightly careless hairstyles. Short or side-swept bangs, well-thought hair color and face-framing layers are great tools to create the right accents and visually hide a double chin.

No need to rack your brain because we prepared a list of 20 amazing haircuts for double chin, designed to elongate your face and take the entire focus away from the double chin and chubby cheeks.

#1: Face-Framing Red Shag

The soft layers and loose waves help create body, without adding too much volume at the sides. Middle-length haircuts for double chin elongate the round face. The red color adds points of interest to the hairstyle. One of the best hairstyles for both thin and thick hair!

Medium Length Haircut for Overweight Women

Instagram / @brianaguilarhair

#2: Layered Haircut with Curtain Bangs

All the slicing and layering enhance natural hair texture. Layered medium-length hair with a curtain fringe will frame your face on both sides. It is better when the shortest strands are at the level of the cheekbones.

Layered Hairstyle to Hide Double Chin

Instagram / @feliciacantu.hair

#3: Well-Defined Natural Curls

Bangs and curly hair can be an interesting combo but be aware that cutting curly hair types is a bit tricky. It’s better to start with pre-styled hair, let loose curls fall, and thus cut playing to the hair’s texture. The yummy cheeks look super on point with these large curls.

#4: Messy Short Hair

Add height to your face with a razored pixie! The strands can be torn in shape, which keeps straight hair falling on the cheeks and cheekbones. Haircuts for double chin such as choppy pixie cuts add volume on top and visually stretch the oval of the face, taking attention away from a weak jawline. A good fit for women over 50.

Messy Pixie Cut for Double Chin

Instagram / @summerevansstudio

#5: Chin-Length Bob with Side Bangs

The length of this bob haircut for round faces skillfully points to the jawline, and the front side-swept bangs place the right accent on the eyes. A stunning cool blonde root melt is just a cherry on top. One of the best double chin hairstyles, indeed!

Bob Cut for Fat Faces with Double Chins

Instagram / @hairbyallybarone

#6: Messy Bob Cut with Highlights and Lowlights

Whether you prefer medium or short hairstyles, shaggy hair will help you show off your layers and texture more. Curtain bangs nicely frame the cheeks and the jawline. This short hairstyle can also add volume, which is very important if your hair is not too thick.

Plus Size Haircut with Bangs

Instagram / @giboazhair

#7: Short and Textured Pixie

One way to make short haircuts work on round faces is to add a bit of volume on top, but the intricate color accent can do the trick, too. Whether it’s a look with a bright color or a spiky layered short hair, it’s a good way to hide a double chin.

Double Chin Plus Size Pixie Cut

Instagram / @thastylist18

#8: Long Feathered Hair

The front layers of this long hairstyle slightly cover the cheeks and cheekbones, slimming the face and making it approach the shape of an oval. Vertical lines in the hair, implemented with the balayage technique, additionally elongate the face and can mask a thick neck and a double chin.

#9: Shoulder-Length Hair Parted in the Middle

If you have an undefined chin or a weak jawline, it is worth giving preference to haircuts that compensate for it with the right length, smartly placed layers, or a bend. Such hairstyles skillfully create interest and hide double chins away from prying eyes.

Haircut for Thick Neck

Instagram / @nothingobvious

#10: Wavy Hair with Bright Highlights

Long hair ideas for double chins are all about creating an optical illusion. With bright green or purple highlights, you can make a beautiful flow of layered hair and create the right amount of texture and volume. It is aimed both at elongating the face and creating a show-stopping look.

Flattering Hairstyle for Plus Size Women

Instagram / @lindsayshair

#11: Shag with Short Bands

Light shaggy waves are always recommended for overweight women. But do not leave much volume at the sides, as this makes the round faces and double chins stand out. The light, wispy bangs work to place an accent on eyes, without the severity that blunt bangs can have.

Shag Cut for Double Chin

Instagram / @raenikole

#12: Undercut Pixie with Long Bangs

Too much volume in short hair can contribute to the dragged-down look double chins can give. A sassy undercut pixie cut can help you manage this volume and show off a long neck as a bonus. The edge of this razored cut compensates for the undefined chin perfectly well.

Hairstyle for Undefined Jawline

Instagram / @leahfreeman1

#13: Trendy Bob Cut for Thin Hair

An asymmetric hairstyle, particularly an A-line bob is a perfect choice to make your round face appear slimmer. You may opt for a stacked bob with short nape, angled bob, graduated bob, or try playing with colors. All these haircuts for double chin work well if you focus on shoulder-length hair. Going against your cowlick and flipping hair to one side works like magic for adding volume in fine hair.

Bob Haircut for Overweight Women Round Faces

Instagram / @ninok_cut.boi_

#14: Two-Tone Pixie Bob

This long pixie would be a great style choice if you need some face shape contouring and prefer wearing hair short. The face-framing and wispy pieces keep the haircut feminine and youthful. The well-defined blonde strands also prevent the look from falling flat. A good refreshing option for over 50.

#15: 90s Messy Bun

If you have a chubby face and double chin, a messy bun with a few framing strands is one of the best hairstyles to break up the facial symmetry and add length to the face. This beautiful hairstyle for long hair has a lot of variations, making it both carefree and stylish.

Updo Flattering Round Faces with Double Chins

Instagram / @annathestylist

#16: Color Blocking

Platinum blonde with dark brown underneath and cheekbone-grazing bangs visually narrow the thick neck and hide a double chin. It is a good example of hairstyles for double chins that create a quirky and unique look and can be applied to all types of haircuts.

Hair Color Idea to Hide Thick Neck

Instagram / @davidwbullen

#17: Curly Bob

A breezy curly bob will be an eye-catcher, especially if dyed red. This short haircut will grow out for months, with only minor maintenance needed to keep it looking its best. Remember that loose curls and face-framing side pieces are great hairstyle elements to hide a double chin.

#18: Fuchsia Shullet

Choose shaggy hair with a mullet haircut to emphasize your individuality and mask a double chin. Create trends with this fuchsia punk glam. More intense color on top and close to the face together with lighter shades on the sides and straight short bangs contour the round face and make one of the best hairstyles for double chin.

Short Bangs for Chubby Face Undefined Jawline

Instagram / @josh_congreve

#19: Soft Waves on Blonde Lob

Women with double chins and thick necks can never go wrong with a long bob, enhanced with a beautiful color and beachy waves. This hair length can skillfully elongate a short neck and remove the focus from an undefined chin. Besides, it fits both young girls and women over 50 and requires minimal styling.

Haircut for Round Face and Short Neck

Instagram / @shmoakin_hair

#20: Medium Shaggy Bob

Perfect for plus-size women with chubby faces and a double chin, these flicked bangs and layers narrow the upper half of the face and work to create a face-framing effect. The best part, they can also create volume in thin hair.

80s Hairstyle for Round Face and Double Chin

Instagram / @hairpin_me_down85

If you are on the hunt for hairstyles for double chin and chubby face, these ideas will definitely inspire you! Following the general recommendations, you can change any haircut in a way that masks a double chin and emphasizes all your advantages. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure to try a new edgy haircut to help you look and feel your best!

Your hairstyle is your main accessory. When it looks good, you feel good!