Rachel Scott
Updated on March 18, 2021

Enhancing our best features and minimizing our worst is what hairstyles are all about–with our own personal style in the mix, of course! You can try face contouring with expensive palettes, but nothing can compare to knowing the right hairstyles for face shapes and figuring out what works best for you. No matter what your troubling feature might be, there is a solution that is not only effective but gorgeous!

Long Chin

Having a strong chin is not always a bad thing, but it’s best to choose a hairstyle that works with this feature and not against it. There are dozens of haircuts for long faces that totally work to give your face the appearance of a more tapered chin and forehead and the illusion of wider cheekbones. When choosing a cut, avoid a style that ends at the chin. This will only draw attention to the feature you want to minimize.

Logically, bangs will balance out a more pronounced chin, helping to shorten a long face shape.

If bangs aren’t your thing, have your stylist cut layers that end at the ears and cheekbones to draw attention to that area of the face and away from a longer chin.

If you have a long chin try rocking a side part. This will tilt the long lines of your face to the side, balancing out your chin and drawing attention to your eyes and other features. A side part is also the best hairstyle for oval faces. Ladies with this face shape are the luckiest because oval is considered the ideal face shapes, but a side part can add some dimension and interest.

If you prefer longer locks or have thicker, fuller hair, start your layers well below the chin. Layers essentially break up a long face as hair that is all the same length doesn’t create any focus for the eye.

Chubby Cheeks

A full face is reminiscent of youth, but it’s natural to find the right haircut for a round face give to the illusion of angularity.

A cute bob is one of the best haircuts for chubby faces. By ending the hair length at the base of the neck, you will highlight your jawline and draw attention to the angular features of your face and away from more pronounced cheeks.

Classic Hollywood retro waves adds definition and interest to a rounder face and bigger cheeks. Give it a tousle for a more modern, everyday look.

It may seem counter productive to cut short hairstyles for round faces, but it can be to your advantage to wear hair in a pixie style. A pixie cut that is messy on top will especially lengthen your face and a simple pixie haircut will let that pretty face shine!

Layered curls for curly, textured hair works wonders on chubby cheeks. Long layers to sculpt your jawline and shorter ones near on the cheekbones to give the illusion of a more angled face.

Who doesn’t love a big bun? This hairdo adds structure to a rounder face.

Square Face

Square faces may not necessarily be fuller, but you’ll want to give the illusion of a longer face to balance out that width. Face-slimming haircuts will work best for gals with stronger jawlines.

Recommended haircuts for square faces are definitely angled bobs, where hair in front is longest and becomes shorter and stacked in the back. This cut has a slimming effect on the face.

If you prefer to wear your hair longer, try adding layers that frame the face to soften your strong feature. The first layers should start in line with the chin to diffuse squareness and accentuate that pretty face!

Not many gals with bigger noses love this prominent feature but having one doesn’t have to necessarily be a bad thing! Celebrities with larger noses, like Lea Michelle, know how to keep the focus away from a larger nose and direct the attention to their lovely features.

Soft, feathered bangs or layers help balance out features and draw the eye away from the center of the face.

Side swept bangs are beautiful for faces with a big nose as they help draw the eyes elsewhere. Make sure to sweep those bangs or shorter layers. Avoid distinct lines and blunt bangs – a severe look will only serve to highlight a large nose.

Big curls are an easy way to achieve a soft balance – and it distracts from large noses better than pin straight hair. Try curling with big rollers for a natural effect.

For styling, try an updo with some volume at the crown and pieces that frame the front of your hair.

Low or High Hairline

If you’ve got a shorter forehead, it’s not difficult to make it seem otherwise. Try a pretty messy updo with added volume at the center of the head. This adds height to the forehead.

For a high hairline, the obvious answer is to try bangs. Shaggy bangs are an easily maintained style if you want to soften the effect of a large forehead.

Once again, bangs aren’t for everyone, so long locks with side swept layers or bangs balance out a high hairline and direct attention elsewhere.

Short or Long Neck

The trick to having either a very short or very long neck is to give the illusion of the opposite. Once again, neither feature is bad, but it’s best to know which hairstyles work to add balance to your look.

For a short neck, add length by choosing a style that doesn’t end at the neck. A short crop with sweeping bangs or long locks with long layers will be to your utmost advantage.

If you’ve got a long neck you’ll want to break up the space by choosing a style that does end at the neck, such as a lob. A shoulder length style with layers framing the neck also works wonders.

Regardless of your face shape or defining features, there is a hair style out there for you that will make you feel unique and beautiful. Try one of these hairstyles to witness a total transformation!