10 Banana Clip Hairstyles to Rock in 2023

The traditional banana clip for hair is sort of a relic of the past but has made a recent comeback. It was often worn in the 80’s in Starlite movies, by models in ads and fashionistas of the day. And it made their hair appear longer, fuller and thicker even when this was not a goal.

With Google Trends noting a sharp increase in the search term “banana clip” and Pinterest – a 105% increase in the search “how to style hair clips”, banana clip hairstyles are officially back in trend. Here is a helpful guide that will help you come to terms with these old-new hair tools.

What Is a Banana Clip?

The banana clip is a hair accessory with two comb-like sides that meet to fix your hair securely in place. Banana clips are usually about 5-6 inches long and have a curve inward that is meant to support the curve of the back of your head and help to create an iconic “faux-hawk-meets-pony” hairstyle. Still, the current variety of banana clips allows for much more style variations.

For example, one popular design is a U-shaped clip with stretchy teeth on each side to hold the hair in place. Also, in an alternative design that a Carly Clip offers, a banana clip is one long continuous piece with comb-like teeth that you may use to grab as much hair as you want. Best of all, it doesn’t have any hinges or metal that can damage your hair.

Types of Banana Clips

How to Use the Banana Clip?

It is quite simple to use a traditional banana clip or one of the modern-day alternatives. Whether you want to create a banana clip ponytail or a half up half down updo, you will have to follow these simple steps:

  • Grab your hair strands in a ponytail fashion;
  • Place the opened banana clip under the gathered strands;
  • Insert the teeth up and around the hair;
  • Clasp the ends together.

The usage technique may vary depending on the type of banana clip and the hairstyle you want to create. Here are 10 simple ideas that can be styled using a banana clip in just a few minutes.

#1: Side Bun More Fun

Side Bun Hairstyle for Natural Hair

Instagram / @carlyclip

The CarlyClip was used to create this beautiful side bun on full medium length thick natural hair. You can see how the clip is barely visible adding to allure and mystic.

To create this look, prepare your natural hair as if you were going to wear a bun or ponytail. Then, comb or brush hair to the side of your head. Gather your hair strands then insert the teeth of the CarlyClip up into the base of the ponytail, wrap around the hair strands and clasp the two ends together.

#2: Royal Ringlets

Imagine having this head full of amazing super thick ringlets. The world of hairstyles would be your oasis. Then, you are thinking, would I be able to wear that perfect ponytail? Absolutely! Try some long ponytail trick or just insert the magical banana clip featured in this video.

To style, simply gather all your hair to the lower back, wrap the styling tool (with the comb-less section underneath the pony) around the pony and clip ends in place at the top. This style is so amazingly quick and easy.

#3: Beautiful Butterfly Pony

This pretty one-of-a-kind banana clip can dress up any ponytail. In one day, go from casual to formal or anywhere in between: take your pick. To create this look, using your fingers, gather all of your hair into a high ponytail. Then, place the open banana clip over the top of the ponytail.

Ensure teeth are inserted firmly around the gathered hair then clasp ends at the bottom of the pony. Now, backcomb the base of the pony and tousle the rest to create this full effect.

#4: Long Luscious Loose Spirals

Hairstyle that Makes Ponytail Look Longer

Instagram / @afroasiancurly

Get lost in this bevy of long luscious curls. Can you believe a traditional skinny banana clip created this full overflowing 3 in 1 hairstyle? Let’s see how you can achieve this same look.

First, you need long curls (at least 17 inches) or if your long hair is not curly just set it with long rods to create spiral curls. Once you have your long spiral curls, create a cascading mohawk effect, placing the banana clip up and around the spiraling curls. Then you can wear it as a cascading curl fall in the back of the head or pull it to the side as a side ponytail.

#5: Voluminous Hair with a Curly Flair

Curly Gray Hair Hairstyle

Instagram / @sheryl_ann73

Curly/naturals can never go wrong with wearing a banana clip inspired hairstyle. It makes curls look longer, pop, shine and flow. It simply gets you noticed whether it’s your intent or not.

To achieve this look, brush or smooth hair to the middle of the head, grab your favorite banana clip, ensure the teeth are inserted around the base of the pony, and clasp c-shaped ends and let the accolades begin.

#6: Classic Quintessential Natural Bun

Natural Bun Hairstyle for Black Women

Instagram / @carlyclip

You love bun hairstyles but cringe at the idea of bobby pins? Create this beautiful updo on short to medium length thick natural hair with one CarlyClip only. You can never go wrong with this look: from boardroom to bedroom.

To create this look, prepare your natural hair as if you were going to wear a bun or ponytail. Then, position, comb or brush hair to the top of your head. Gather your hair strands then insert the teeth of the CarlyClip up into the base of the ponytail, wrap around the hair strands and clasp the two ends together.

#7: Mermaid Magic Half Up Half Down Updo

Half Up Half Down with a Banana Clip

Instagram / @hair.fetishers

Caught up in the waves of these alluring long shiny locks? Of course, this look is magically stunning so get inspired to create this hairstyle by all means necessary.

For those with similar hair length and type, grab your favorite claw clip, part the top of your hair, position the claw and let the rest hang loose. For those who do not have similar hair as the model, this style can be achieved with a long lace front wig or long weave.

#8: Mesmerizing Half Up Half Down Updo

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with a Barette

Instagram / @greathairdaybox

This half up half down look is absolutely perfect for those with thick heavy straight hair. It allows the hair in the back to relax and flow without restriction.

You too can create this look by using the unique barrette-like banana clip. To start, neatly separate the top half of your hair and clamps with the pretty barrette-like clip. Now, you are ready for a nice evening around town.

#9: Lovely Low Ponytail

Banana Clip Hairstyle with Bouffant

Instagram / @erable.0915

You can never go wrong with this classic low ponytail look created using a bow-decorated banana clip. It allows the hair to appear thicker, fuller, and forever so lovely.

To create this style, neatly comb the hair back, open the banana clip of your choice, insert and clasp ends. This style is easy to achieve and maintain making it a popular look for work.

#10: Pretty Perfect Pineapple

Pineapple Bun on Natural Hair

Instagram / @tapiwa_gachala

This is the epitome of pineapple hairstyles: thick, full and sits high in the sky. Hair goals indeed!

To replicate this look, bring forth all your hair strands to the top of your head (leaning forward a little toward the ground makes it easier). Take a rounded banana clip and firmly wrap it around the base of the ponytail, close ends and use your fingers to fluff out and pull your hair throughout the teeth of the clip. The best thing about the pineapple hairstyle is that it works well on many hair lengths and textures.

Banana clips make your fresh style stay in place allowing you to enjoy your night on the town, play outside, do sports or engage in other activities that require a firm hold. While this is already a good reason for a comeback, could it be contributed to more women working remotely and now having the luxury of wearing effortless hairstyles? Regardless, it is nice to see banana clip hairstyles return.

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Featured Image via Instagram