60 Great Short Hairstyles for Black Women

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When you are looking at the hairstyles of black ladies, you can see how extremely fashionable they are. And this is mostly because they prefer stylish short hairstyles. They say that short hairdos for black women are up-to-date, as they go not only with the fashion, but with the entire character of these ladies, who seem great and elegant in the brown and black hair that is cut short to the best size ever.

What is Trendy?

Normally, short hairstyles look best when they are left natural. However, when it comes to really short cuts, you cannot vary their styles often and need a professional hairdo. FYI, latest styles and trends make it possible to go limitless styling options for black women with really short hair.

What to choose? You can opt for versatile bob with different angles, straightened style and typical African hairstyle.

Benefits of Natural Thick Curls

Black woman’s hair is of a special texture, so many lengths and styles won’t match them. Short hair can perfectly complete the look, no matter whether they decide to opt for a straightening or maintain the natural hair texture.

They can run from the bob style and to the extra-mini buzz, looking for the hairdo that will match the personality best. In fact, most celebrities offer wonderful examples on how short hair can be worn with confidence and really great style.

Let’s check what is proper for you and your hair.

#1: Faded Glory Haircut

Nothing says edgy and stylish like short hairdos and arched eyebrows. Jazz up this cute fauxhawk by making it your own! Undercuts flatter black ladies immensely. Adding color will not only compliment your black hair, but skin tone as well. On your way home from the salon, treat yourself to a new ear piercing.

#2: African American Queen

Short hairstyles for black women are killing the hair game lately – this look is leading the pack. The side part of this gorgeous bob sits lower than your average side part for a statement sweep that speaks chic and perfection.

#3: Short, Black, and Choppy

The wonderful side effect that accompanies short haircuts is the attention they draw to your whole look. A choppy pixie reveals your inner sassy girl. It’s fun, playful, sexy and low maintenance. What else could you expect from a cut?

#4: Black Phoenix

Like the avian creature from the legend, this hair is on fire! Unleash your inner Phoenix and let the pigeons, eagles and doves of the world quiver in your presence. This phenomenal hairstyle is not a mere hairstyle, but a statement piece.

#5: Black Royalty

Short haircuts for black women are stylish and appealing even in their shortest lengths. The feathered pieces settle well and create a vision of textured flawlessness.

#6: Curly Pixie Haircut

Here’s another cute pixie variety to add to the stock of classy black women hairstyles. This curly style is neat and discreet, but it oozes good taste and sophistication.

#7: Black Beauty

This style gives the “Jersey Bump” a run for its money. While not as extreme as the famed ‘bump’, this fluff takes a typical African American hairstyle and adds a little flavor. Accomplish this by fluffing the back of your crown. Whip it real good.

#8: Spiral Ombre Hairstyle

The look right here gives a new meaning to “fiery.” The blonde spirals offer the flame effect encouraged by the glorious texture. Get to your hair stylist and have her layer your locks, girl.

#9: Short Maroon Tresses

Not only is the style spunky, the color sets you apart from other black women. Short hairstyles with a tapered silhouette are popular among African American beauties with thick hair. If you have a similar cut, why not visit the barber and get him to refresh your look by lining you up?

#10: Rosewood Ombre Hairstyle

The days of subtle highlights are gone with the wind. Bring out the color of your skin tone with an exquisite rosewood dye job. Also, keep them guessing with a side swept bang – they don’t need to know what’s behind that veil. Not yet.

#11: Black Curls of Softness

Short hairstyles for black women can vary in texture and type – in this example we see soft, controlled curls that are obtained through a hair relaxer followed by hot rollers or a large barreled curling iron.

#12: Short Dramatic Edging

Beautiful hair isn’t always sweet and orderly – if you like a bit of an edge to your style, why not add some actual edges? This hairdo features a long, pointed tip at the nape of the neck, as well as curved edges at the ear line and choppy layers up top.

#13: Varied Lengths for Short Hair

Black hair styles are too cliché at times – so next time you visit your salon, go for something more sophisticated and modern. This curly ‘do brings some overall softness without the hassle of long or high maintenance hair.

#14: Front and Forward

Show off your assertive side with this sassy cut that trumps all other short black hairstyles. Get your hair relaxed or go with a stylish short weave to get this soft yet not-too-curly look that will give you confidence each and every day.

#15: Short Hairstyle for Thin Hair

For every black girl with thick hair, there are several ones with thin, weaker strands. Short styles can give thinner locks a boost and look just as lovely as long hair.

#16: Embracing Short Natural Curl

Going natural is very popular right now with black women, but sometimes it isn’t realistic for all. It requires a lot of maintenance and isn’t always very functional for certain vocations. If you love the idea of natural hair but struggle to sport it yourself, go for a short and cropped version like this cute style.

#17: Faux Hawk Inspired Short Haircut

Punk out with this fun and free hairstyle that looks great on women of different ages. Short haircuts for black women don’t have to be by the book – instead, have a good time and wear hair that loves life as much as you do.

#18: Color Pop on Short Hair

Say goodbye to short hair that follows the rules – today’s black females love to mix it up with both bold styles and colors. This color contrast of a deep burgundy and a more attention-getting orange will light up any room.

#19: Curly Pixie with Long Feathery Bangs

Shy girls rejoice! Here is a hairstyle that is still short and easy to maintain without revealing all of your secrets. These long bangs graze past the eyes to keep the introverted side of your personality comfortable, while also exuding an aura of mystery that will be attractive to everyone who sees you.

#20: Perfectly Coifed Short Black Hair

A modern take on 1950s haircuts, this is one example of the sophisticated hairstyles for black women that are available from today’s stylists. The hair is relaxed and then cut at an angle that’s just long enough to be tucked behind the ear. A stylish swoop of front bangs brightens the eyes.

#21: Short and Silver

Black women transform into silver foxes when hair is colored platinum blonde with a hint of metallic shine. Black short hair doesn’t have to commit to a homegrown color – think outside of the box and go grey, silver or white for a fun new take on life.

#22: Short Haircut with Chopped Layers

Simply brushed back and cut close, this is one African American haircut that is not only lovely but convenient too. You’ll love how easy it is to get ready in the morning, not to mention the money you’ll save with a quick trim at regular salon appointments instead of paying for a fancy weave.

#23: Spikes and Curls

Short black hairstyles can come with many personalities – is yours a bit on the wild side? Using a high quality hair product, this ‘do is created through finger combed spikes and curls that stay strong all day.

#24: Short Hairstyle for Summer

When warm weather hits, consider chopping your locks. Not only is your hair totally beach ready, but you will give off a laid back summer vibe that will be envied.

#25: Varied Lengths in Black Hair

If your hair is relaxed or naturally straight, there are many different hair cuts you can try. A favorite, however? This brushed forward pixie cut that sprouts long front layers out of the shorter back.

#26: Shimmer and Shine

Were you an 80s baby? Do you love throwback looks that aren’t seen too often these days? Black people hold the distinct advantage of being able to wear a stunning pop of color in their hair without it looking too bold or brash. This vibrant purple hue will look adorable on both straight and curly hair. When you’re browsing ideas of short haircuts for African American women, don’t count out some day glo hues that could be a ton of fun.

#27: Color and Curve

This curly hairstyle is perfect for women who want to add in a few color accents without going overboard. Adding an undercut with a signature design etched in makes the overall look completely unique.

#28: Short Hair with Drama

Are you a drama queen? Then check out this short style that is perfect for all those ladies out there with big personalities. Still short enough to be manageable, the dramatic long front bangs and the wavy side burns breathe new life into a common style.

#29: Redheads Have More Fun

Whoever said that blondes have more fun certainly has never been a redhead. For black women, short hairstyles need to be fun and fancy when pulling off a red or orange hue.

#30: Short Black Perfection

Count this hairstyle in when you’re looking for a change that is both fun and stylish. This coifed cut is ready to party but is also sophisticated enough to wear to the office. Add in some cut in lines on one side for a youthful accent you’ll love.

#31: Short Look with Added Texture

Raven is the new black, and this style showcases the understated beauty of black hair, especially short black hair. The look can be dressed down or dressed up. So, adorn yourself with your favorite jewels and paint the town red; or, throw on your favorite sweat pants and cuddle at home.

#32: Black and White

These ebony and ivory strands stand out by themselves, but when worn by stylish black ladies, they take on a new and unique form. Do not hide your exceptional fashion sense, share your glory with the world.

#33: Black Peacock Tresses

Although the Peacock species is a class of birds that do not fly, honey, when your stylist hooks you up with these colors – you will fly. While many ladies rocking black short haircuts feature the tapered look, this undercut style with balayage bangs takes on a life of its own and dominates the trend.

#34: Poseidon Waves Haircut

If Ursula from the Little Mermaid had got this curly cut perhaps things would have turned out differently for her, as this hairstyle is befitting of a Queen! The drop of copper color makes all the difference in the swirls heading the crown. You will make major waves rocking this do.

#35: Red Carpet Haircut

Red carpet ready? Heading to the soccer game? Running errands? This look has got you covered! For black women with busy lifestyles – this is one of those classic chic short cuts that will take you from sun up to sun down and will be ready for the ride the next day too.

#36: African American Short Lavender Cut

African-American short hairstyles can participate in any color trends and win the first prize. This silver lavender pigment creates a welcome stark contrast with the rich bronze tone of the girl’s skin tone. Bold locks are not for the faint of heart. Dare to show your true colors today and forevermore.

#37: Blonde Bombshell Haircut

Who says blonde bombshells have to rock long tresses? A cute pixie cut and simple everyday makeup is more than enough to stir a crowd. Here natural beauty is brought to the forefront with the hairstyle leading the way. Shine on.

#38: When Doves Fly Hairstyle

Give the folks passing by a show with this curly take on the modern day long curly pixie. The classy style is upgraded to the elite status with the off blonde color – a daring dye for any black girl.

#39: Raven Haircut

Short black hairstyles are probably no less versatile than longer ‘dos. You can’t complete much of braiding with this length, but when it comes to texture, you may try spikes, curls, waves, feathers, and look different each time!

#40: Short Feathered Cut

Unleash and release the exotic in you. This tapered cockatoo inspired style will have you turning heads. Your windswept tresses will not only defy gravity but hold the attention of anyone and everyone around you.

#41: Backswept Feathers

Short hairstyles for African American women are always very impressive in texture, and this one is not an exception. It’s a nice idea of how you can style an updo-like look for short hair. Top it off with some gorgeous sparkly studs.

#42: Purple and Gold

Light golden brown is a very soft and delicate color that flatters medium skin tones. Some women think it’s too subtle, but you can always spice things up with a temporary color, like this pastel purple, for instance, or any other shade of your choice.

#43: Chocolate Caramel Swirl

One of the best color combos for black short haircuts is caramel and chocolate because they blend well together and they warm and brighten golden brown complexions. Make sure to keep your roots dark so that the color looks good even when your cut grows out.

#44: Shapely Waves

One of the best ways to add body to hairstyles for black women, especially those with relaxed hair, is with a heavy dose of texture. It’s best to keep your hair dark because solid black hair is better able to show off every curve in your waves.

#45: Strike a Pose

Muted golden blonde hair looks ravishing on black ladies because it picks up on the warm undertones in their complexion. Some of the best complementary shades are the ones with gold and bronze bases. Make sure to style a bright and bold look to compliment those statement-making shades.

#46: Spirited Spirals

One of the easiest ways to achieve defined curls within short haircuts for black women is by using flexi-rods. While many hot curling irons may be too big to style tight ringlets, the rods can easily cope with the task. Bold magenta accents will make them really stand out.

#47: Beautiful Arched Bangs

A bob with bangs will always be a classic and stylish cut. But, if you want to make your look truly exciting, try upgrading it with bold makeup. Multi-colored eye shadow and pretty purple lips will surely do the trick.

#48: Waves of Amber

One of the queens of “slaying” a short haircut is none other than Rihanna. Because of this, she constantly serves as inspiration for women flocking to a stylist’s chair. This swirled style in a vibrant reddish-brown tone is one of the singer’s best and most popular looks.

#49: Fabulous Faux Hawk

A Mohawk is always an edgy and exciting look–but let’s be honest–it’s not for everyone. It takes a lot of guts to shave your head to achieve the full look. Plus, it doesn’t flatter everyone. A faux option gives the similar effect without the serious commitment.

#50: Striped and Short

Black and white patterns usually conjure up memories of a zebra, but within black women hairstyles it can look surprisingly fresh and cool. This is perfect for mature women who are going grey and want to sport a hairstyle that looks appropriate, quite natural and stylish at the same time.

short layered black pixie with blonde feathers

Instagram/ @hairbygoose

#51: Red Ringlets

Naturally curly short black hair needs a cut that provides a shape and structure to the tendrils. By having it tapered towards the neck, you can maintain a cropped look, but still have a nice length above.

#52: Vintage Vision

Pixie cuts are great because they have the ability to look classy or edgy depending on how you style them. This look veers more towards polished because of its vintage inspired texture; ideal for a woman who enjoys drawing inspiration from the past decades.

#53: Cutie with Curls

Ladies with round faces may be apprehensive about sporting cropped cuts because of the fear that they will look wide. To prevent this, even out your hairdo by keeping the middle long. It will add an extra height and instantly slim your visage.

long top short sides natural hairstyle for women

Instagram/ @itstoian

#54: Chocolate Chin-Length Cut

An angled bob is a good choice for women with chemically straightened hair because it provides fullness, thickness and a beautiful silhouette. Incorporating a deep heavy side bang keeps it modern, but it also pulls double duty by helping to elongate faces.

#55: Modern Mohawk

Some of the most swoon-worthy short hairstyles for black women feature a balance of design elements. Incorporating equal parts of rocker and chic, this look is the perfect blend of hard and soft for a memorable and high fashion hairstyle.

#56: Dramatic Designs

When you are rocking an undercut, it can be hard to incorporate interesting elements while wearing the same exact style every day. The key is to work with color and designs to create a unique look. The best part is that you can easily dye or grow out your hair for a completely different hairdo the next time around.

#57: Short Black Round Curled Pixie

Short hair is not an excuse to stop your styling experiments with beautiful and unusual hair textures. These tight circular curls remind round brushstrokes which look amazing with the high shine finish. Something like this can be easily pulled off with a length of a short pixie.

#58: Choppy Pixie with Jagged Ends

Black women who do not shy away from extra short lengths should try a choppy pixie like this. Not only is it very cute in texture and silhouette, it’s one of those no-styling-needed hairstyles we all dream to wear and look good. Short haircuts for black women are meant for such effortless looks.

#59: Black Funky Tricolor Pixie

If a chic texture isn’t just enough for you, resort to the great potential of modern hair color. Mixing natural black, chocolate brown and golden blonde via the most popular today balayage coloristic technique creates a black short hair style that’s anything but common.

#60: Tousled Pixie With Layered Bangs

Short hairstyle for black women can be neatly styled or messy, depending on the occasion and outfit planning. Curly, straight, or just slightly wavy and tousled – the choice is yours. This classy pixie boasts a tapered silhouette and messy, voluminous bangs brushed forward roughly, as if tousled by the wind. That’s a beautiful hairstyle, full of life and motion for a girl on the go.

While choosing a proper hairstyle for yourself, take into consideration the fact that it is a challenging and time-consuming process. If you are not absolutely sure as to what to choose, you should better consult your stylist, ask family and friends, look through different magazines, etc. Then your choice will be perfect. Stay beautiful and elegant!

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