30 Chunky Highlights Ideas to Rock in 2023

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The late ’90s and early ’00s beauty trends are undoubtedly experiencing a real revival at the moment. Now we’re more inspired by the past than ever, especially when it comes to hairstyles, like, for instance, bold chunky highlights.

If you are skeptical of this trend because of its original version, you probably haven’t seen how stunning chunky highlights may look! So, sit back and enjoy our ultimate compilation of the trendy chunky highlight ideas to get some inspo for your future style.

What Are Modern Chunky Highlights Like?

Chunky highlights, also known as money piece highlights, are the favorite trend of all celebrities who keep up with the latest fashions. Unlike the ’90s chunky highlights, which resembled of zebra-looking stripes, the 2023 version is more of face-framing ribbon highlights that continue throughout the strands.

Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, and Dua Lipa have already impressed everyone with their amazing face-framing pieces, and if you wish to join them, here are some gorgeous styles to go over.

#1: Sunny Blonde Money Pieces on Dark Hair

Cool Brown Hair with Warm Blonde Highlights

Instagram / @romeufelipe

A blend of brunette and warm blonde is quite a common combination, yet it can instantly spice up your look. Ribboning will add depth and dimension to your natural hair color and bring more texture to the locks.

#2: Dimensional Highlights

The lighter — the brighter! Add brightness to your classic bob haircut by incorporating by incorporating generous strokes of blonde hair. This will bring more texture and dimension to your natural brown hue, thus visually thickening the hair.

Highlights and Lowlights for Classic Bob

Instagram / @alexfadich

#3: White Blonde Ribbons on Brown Hair

This dark brown and icy blonde combo is adorable! Face-framing ribbons brighten up the face and add depth to the front section. You may also enhance this look with a cute highlighted fringe.

Blonde Money Pieces on Long Dark Hair

Instagram / @slm.beauty

#4: Chunky Highlights and Curtain Bangs

Give your fine straight hair extra volume and thickness by mixing your natural hair with chunky blonde highlights. With a curtain fringe, your ‘do will look even more voluminous, plus it will help to highlight the facial features.

Curtain Bangs Plus Ashy Highlights Hairstyle

Instagram / @carrisamarie_hair

#5: Sandy Blonde Ribbon Balayage

This creative zebra-like style is an excellent solution for girls who dream of something more than a simple classic balayage. Starting from the very roots, these blonde ribbons create much contrast with the brown base color, thus drawing more attention to the hairstyle.

Platinum Chunky Highlights for Brown Locks

Instagram / @mo_raven

#6: Strawberry Blonde Face-Framing Look

Here is a good example of trendy chunky highlight coloring for women who are not afraid of experiments. To implement this astonishing piece-y hairstyle, highlight your auburn hair with volume-adding strawberry blonde ribbons.

Auburn Hair with Thick Rose Gold Highlights

Instagram / @abbeybrookee

#7: Stylish Contrasting Highlights

We are obsessed with this gorgeous style inspired by the early ’00s! Ask your stylist to bleach chunky pieces of hair to create this beautiful mix of delicate chocolate brown and sandy shades.

Chocolate Brown Hair with Blonde Vibes

Instagram / @legallyxxblonde

#8: Striking Black and Burgundy Hair

Black hair is a perfect canvas for vibrant red wine shades. Alternate thick highlights with babylights to add extra depth to your wavy locks. Looks sexy and fiery!

Red Wine Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram / @k.dollhair

#9: Vibrant Multi-Tone Loose Waves

The main thing about successful balayage is to find the colors that would perfectly match each other, but you don’t have to limit yourself to two options. Mix dark brown base with burgundy, caramel, and blonde shades to create this mesmerizing look full of texture and dimension.

Astonishing Multidimensional Highlights

Instagram / @samihairmagic

#10: Head-Turning Chunky Highlights

Blunt cuts look quite simple, but with trendy thick highlights, this versatile hairstyle can become an object of adoration! Bright chunky sections will illuminate your face and and make your facial features stand out.

#11: Long Black Hair and Gray Money Pieces

Piece-y highlights are the most common option for spicing up a hairstyle without radical changes. Pair your cool dark brown hair with grayish-brown face-framing locks, and curl your tresses to deliver soft yet chic vibes to your mane.

Grayish Face Framing Highlights for Brunettes

Instagram / @locksbylauryn

#12: Chunky Blonde Highlights

Do you remember the iconic chunky highlights Kelly Clarkson wore back in the ’90s? This style is a modern version of the popular trend. Upgrade your chunky blonde highlights with a pastel pink balayage to emphasize that this ‘do is from 2023, not the ’90s.

Blonde Plus Pastel Pink Chunky Highlights

Instagram / @sheilahernandez.m

#13: Dimensional Copper Highlights

Copper is one of those hair colors which are on trend right now, but if you don’t want to dye your locks in one hue, you can experiment with vivid chunky highlights. Perfect for baddies who want to step up a classic copper shade.

Vibrant Copper Highlights

Instagram / @stylezzbydreeaa

#14: Icy Blonde Chunky Highlights

Contrast hair color is a real trend in 2023. If you haven’t seen how this trend looks on brown hair yet, you’ll love how this hue works with blonde face-framing highlights! Show this pic to your hairstylist to recreate this dye at a salon.

Chunky Blonde Highlights on Brown Base

Instagram / @e_belhair

#15: Chunky Ash Highlights

If this look makes you want highlights in your hair, then you know how to refresh your hairstyle! The cascading ashy hues will add lift to your dark roots and visually thicken your thin locks.

Ashy Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

Instagram / @shades_by_sydney

#16: Neck-Length Hair with Money Pieces

These blonde face-framing strands on brown hair look adorable! Chunky highlights will give an extra dimension to your mane, taking your neck-length brunette locks to the next level.

Blonde Money Piece on Medium Length Hair

Instagram / @narshahair

#17: Black Hair with Contrasting Money Pieces

Sometimes all you need to revive your cut is just a touch of color here and there. Choose a light contrasting hue to brighten up your look and set your dark hair ablaze. In addition, it pairs well with virtually all skin tones.

Long Layered Haircut with Chunky Highlights

Instagram / @avacorinnehair

#18: Pinstripe Annie Blonde Highlights

This shoulder length cut with a side part is our #1 favorite. Chunky highlights in blonde shades open the eye toward the inner layer of strands, creating a beautiful glowall around your face. Wear with a smile and literally any outfit!

#19: Soft Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Prefer a highlighted look that will ideally blend with your brunette base? Select soft caramel highlights that offer a subtle dimension. Also, incorporate blonde face-framing highlights into your darker hair color to complement the skin tone.

Caramel Highlights on Long Wavy Hair

Instagram / @hairbychandler

#20: High-Contrast Chunky Ribbon on Dark Hair

If you think your hairstyle is not impressive enough, add a money piece on the front of your hair. Dye this chunky ribbon in a completely different hue to make a beautiful accent that will contrast with the rest of your hair.

Contrasting Money Piece on Dark Hair

Instagram / @hairbyevelia

#21: Curly Hair with Blonde Highlights

The stripy waves in honey blonde are truly captivating! Add points of attraction to your medium-length hair with curly styling and blonde money pieces.

Blonde Ribbons on Curly Hair

Instagram / @in_micheleschair

#22: Gorgeous Golden Copper Locks

You don’t have to dye all mane in a bright color to draw attention to your wavy mid-length cut. Highlight individual locks with a golden copper hue to complement your primary hair color. This cool look will definitely turn heads!

Copper Highlights on Black Hair

Instagram / @guddhair

#23: Red Hair with Strawberry Highlights

Would you like something hot and spicy? Bring out the richness of your dazzling red hair with these amazing strawberry blonde chunky highlights. With these money pieces, you will look as fiery and fabulous as never before!

Strawberry Blonde Chunky Highlights on Red Base

Instagram / @memmieyo

#24: Yellow Highlights and Money Pieces

If you’re a fan of bright hues, you can try to mix this stunning yellow shade with natural brown hair to achieve something really catchy. Use a curling iron or hot brush to create beautiful curls and give more texture and dimension to your new color.

Bright Yellow Money Pieces

Instagram / @class_estetica

#25: Subtle Money Piece

If you want to test the waters with something a bit more understated, choose this subtle money piece highlight. Lighten a smaller section of face-framing hair to accentuate your classic long bob and draw more attention to your look.

Beige Money Piece

Instagram / @styled_by_alli

#26: Toasted Caramel Money Pieces

Ask your hairstylist to add warmth to your dark hair by making these gorgeous caramel chunky highlights. The warm caramel shade will perfectly contrast with the darker base, while face-framing pieces will make the style look more voluminous and airy.

#27: Blonde Ribbon Highlights

For those who want to take a bolder approach to the chunky highlights trend, this platinum blonde ribbon highlight on black hair is just what you need. Paired with funky ‘do, this hue looks truly stylish and unique.

Platinum Blonde Money Piece on Black Hair

Instagram / @gracek.creates

#28: Blonde Highlighted Curls

At first glance, these chunky blonde highlights are barely noticeable, but that’s what makes them so great. These highlights are easy to maintain, as they don’t really differ from the natural color, so you won’t need to visit a hairstylist often.

Light Blonde Highlights on Dirty Blonde Wavy Hair

Instagram / @heyheatherdk

#29: Two-Toned 90’s Hairstyle

Look how these two contrasting yet complementary hues of brown and caramel suit each other. With these catchy blonde highlights, your basic shade will get a fresher look, making your long locks funkier!

#30: Blue Chunky Highlights

This type of hair color highlight is a great example of refreshing the ’00s chunky highlights trend. Amp up your black bob with a blue hue to give your classic hairstyle a modern and trendy look.

Bob with Chunky Blue Highlights

Instagram / @thesalvistylist

Let your imagination run wild with chunky highlights, and play a bit with the color to find the style that will stun everyone!

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