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Updated on July 22, 2021
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Short weave hairstyles are sweet, sassy and a whole lot of fun. From bright colors to sexy layers, there are plenty of options when you’re ready for something new. Depending on how natural and discreet or funky and bright you want your hair to look, you may choose a hairstyle from the gallery below that will pleasantly surprise not only you but everyone around.

Short Weave Hairstyles

From varying lengths to a myriad of color options, no two weaves are alike. This makes it a good choice for a black lady who desires something that tells her unique story without adding a lot of hassle or expense to daily life.

1. Bold Bright Blue

Short weave hairstyles can incorporate it all – this one integrates varied lengths, layered and blunt cuts, side designs and a bold pop of bright blue color on the top layer of hair.

2. Honey Rain Down

Honey colored hues introduced into an A-line weave is the ideal way to liven up dull hair. Go with a center or side part and wear your inverted bob either curly or straight to alternate the styles whenever you like. Add in a little wave angled toward the back of the head for a more versatile look.

3. Silvered Sideswept Style

Lighten your hair for a lovely look that softens and brightens the face. Go for a straight, sideswept style when you want something girly yet simple to upkeep.

4. Rainbow Statement

The long, layered hair is made more striking with rainbow colors. Go with a regal blue or purple, or else go with a few unique hues that express your own personality. Ditch the short curly weave hairstyles for something longer and more original.

5. Straight to the Point

When it comes to short weave hairstyles, this one is truly a classic. Straight, thick and face-framing, this weave relies upon choppy layers and a confident, beautiful smile.

6. Side Swept Bob

Weaves don’t always have to come with dramatic angles and head-turning colors. This version keeps hair a fine texture and a simple length, brightening things up with a subtle mahogany hue. Having a thinner weave will give both your scalp and sanity a much-needed break from heavy, long locks.

7. Pixie Cut Sew In

Short quick weave styles are popular with girls on the go – if you have a busy schedule, then a fast and simple weave enhancement is perfect for your hair.

8. Curly Top

Keep things cute and curly with this style that adds chunky waves all over the head along with two-toned color that will be the envy of every woman you pass.

9. Alternating Hues

One of the fun aspects of a weave is the ability to add a lot of different colors to it without a fear to damage your hair or get bored with the chosen hues. This style alternates hues for a short sew in that’s truly striking.

Two-Tone Short Weave Hairstyle

Instagram/ @keena360

10. Simple Black Weave

Do you like simple and strict styles without unnecessary details? Stick to the classics. Raven-black pixie cut with long asymmetrical bangs will be your wow-factor and the proof of great taste.

11. Cinnamon Short Weave

This hairstyle is lit, and it’s not just because of the flame-like curls and warm palette. The coif shows how sexy short hair weave styles can be. You just have to make the most out of the cropped strands you have.

Rose Gold Pixie Weave

Instagram / @hairbylatise

12. Platinum Blonde Bob

Weave hairstyles are perfect for black women who want to try out a bold color but don’t want to deal with wigs or bleaching easily damaged strands. When you get your next sew-in, ask your stylist to not leave any of your natural locks out so you show off a new hue without actually having to dye your tresses.

Layered Angled Bob Weave

Instagram / @stylebycre

13. Cherry Red Ringlets

Pristine ringlets perfectly play up the sweet style of this cherry red hairdo. To maintain the spirals day after day, wrap the longer pieces of your hair around medium-sized foam flexi rods before you go to bed each night. When you take out the rollers in the morning, you will have easy curls that are ready to go.

Short Curly Burgundy Weave Hairstyle

Instagram / @keena360

14. Short Layered Cut

Do you like keeping your color simple and your hairdo short? Enliven it with feathered layers at the top. This will create subtle dimension—an essential for a modern coif.

Pixie Weave Hairstyle

Instagram / @stylebycre

15. Short Weave with Highlights

If you want to avoid dull strands, you can always trust layers and highlights to dial up the edge. Platinum blonde tips look especially cool against jet black hair. The high-contrast gives a punch to short weave hairstyles that can’t rely on waist-length tresses for a wow factor.

Short Layered Black Pixie Weave

Instagram / @hairbydonetta

16. Asymmetrical Red Bob

Deep red hues complement dark skin beautifully. While the color is anything but natural, it creates a palette that manages to be understated and noteworthy all at once. Show off the color choice with straight tresses that are sleek and sophisticated in equal measure.

African American Burgundy Bob

Instagram / @kiastylez

17. Electric Curly Weave

Red comes in a bevy of shades, and the brighter you go the more fun your style is. A bright crimson is the way to go if you are looking to command attention with your tresses. Voluminous curls will only accentuate the coif’s beautiful drama.

Asymmetrical Brown And Red Weave Bob

Instagram / @glamme_li

18. Black and Blue with Bangs

Spotlight your hairdo with bangs in a vibrant color. Extensions are great because they are often more manageable than your own locks. Quick weave hairstyles, like this one, are easy to maintain if you moisturize your ends and scalp daily, and sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet to keep your strands frizz-free in the morning. If you do that, you won’t have to straighten your tresses more than once a week.

Blue Pixie Bob Weave Wit Roots Fade

Instagram / @hairbyuno

19. Emerald Curls

Truly a gem, these jewel-toned coils top-off the short cut with undeniable style. Not to mention the tall curls give you the illusion of extra height. Weave cuts are a perfect and non-committal way to change up your hair texture and color, again and again, for a look that’s never staid.

Black And Green Curly Pixie Weave

Instagram / @hairbydonetta

20. Hot Pink Weave with Undercut

Want to make a statement and look totally badass? Try combining bright fuchsia locks with a tattooed side-shave for a cut that’s fabulously daring. Finished with bangs swooping down, it’s a bold example of how to spice up your everyday bob.

Bob Weave With Temple Undercut

Instagram / @kiastylez

21. Short Red Weave

One of Rihanna’s favorite shades, this red is a must try if you are looking to channel your inner diva. Subtle highlights throughout give it a natural dimension, despite the color being definitely out of this world.

Curled Burgundy Bob Eave Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairbychantellen

22. Stacked Teal Weave with Root Fade

An electric teal hue really pops against African American skin tones. Actually, all vibrant colors do. So pick your favorite and shamelessly try it out with a shoulder-length weave hair for a style that’s as fun as it is sleek and polished.

African American Pastel Teal Weave Bob

Instagram / @hairbylatise

23. Black and Asymmetrical Bob

Sticking with a natural color is always a smart choice if you don’t want to worry about blending your leave out. That way you don’t have to deal with finding the perfect hue match to the extensions or your roots growing out. Plus, the jet black color is super sleek and sophisticated.

Black Asymmetrical Layered Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @hairbygoose

24. Layered Bob with Bangs

Tried and true, this short crop is a failsafe go-to if you want something that’s a little more downplayed, without sacrificing polish. Quick weave styles like the one shown are great, because as long as your keep your strands protected with a scarf at night, in the morning you will be ready for the day whether you’re off to work or brunch.

Short Black Bob Weave

Instagram / @hairbyuno

25. Black Weave with Red Highlights

Keeping your look unique, cherry highlights are woven throughout this short, layered weave bob. Blending bold shades with your natural color is an easy way to achieve a standout style without going overboard.

26. Layered Weave with Bright Highlights

Opt for vibrant, colorful highlights instead of playing it safe with tonal and natural ones. Colors plucked from the rainbow will not only spotlight your beautiful cut, but also your colorful personality. If you want to be different, then go bold.

Black Bob With Red Balayage Highlights

Instagram / @atlhairbyholly

27. Cropped Weave with Curls

Sometimes the definition of your curls can get lost in dark, solid hues. Remedy this with blonde highlights accenting the ringlets, to add dimension and enhance the curls of the style. The lighter shade will also give the hairdo the illusion of added sheen.

Short Curly Pixie Weave

Instagram / @keena360

28. Layered Shoulder-Length Weave

Layered at the front and brushed back for a whimsical finish, this cropped style beautifully frames the face. Hairstyles with weave can be eye-catching and eclectic but sometimes the simpler short weave styles can make an even bigger statement.

Black Layered Bob Weave

Instagram / @latoyadouglas_m

29. Curly Short Weave

If you are self-conscious about your thin tresses, opt for extensions to create a coif that is as full as it is cute. Add some loose waves and curls to further accentuate the volume, while a natural chocolate brown hue completes the style with sophistication.

Curly Brown Weave Bob

Instagram / @texast71

30. Short Weave with Warm Highlights

Piecey highlights give a stylish edge to short quick weave styles. So when you’re on the go and don’t feel like fussing with your mane, the colorful touches ensure you will always look good in pictures and in person.

Choppy Pixie Weave Hairstyle

Instagram / @chunsayrenee

31. Straight and Curly Combination

You can still look feminine with short hair – try a look like this that adds body and bounce with curls and longer straight sides. Go for long sideburns to soften an otherwise severe look.

Curly Black Pixie Hairstyle

Instagram/ @keena360

32. Diva Dye

Reminiscent of pop divas and admittedly a bit Jessica Rabbit, this sultry, sexy cut combined with a vibrant auburn hue is popular with women who don’t follow the crowd. A deep side part with hair falling across one eye adds an aura of mystery that any girl will love to rock.

33. Short Pixie Weave

Weaves sometimes work to replace unruly locks rather than to extend the length of the hair. This short option keeps strands straight and under control without a lot of maintenance required.

34. Short Tousled Layers

Pick your favorite side and doll it up with a thick weave that includes layers and a deep side part. You can pair this hair with chunky accessories and bolder makeup than that you usually wear.

35. Concave Bob Haircut

Weaves are great when you want to create varied lengths and yet your own hair won’t cooperate. Go with an inverted cut with steeply angled front pieces. Crop the underneath section for thinner, straighter strands that show off the neck line.

Perhaps you’re already a fan of short weave hairstyles, or else you may have always been nervous to try one on for size – wherever you are on the boldness scale, short weaves will work great for you. Quicker to get styled and much more affordable than very long locks, these weaves are versatile and can be manipulated to flatter any face shape and skin tone.

Asymmetrical Bob Weave With Undercut Black Inverted Bob With Caramel Highlights Short Gray Balayage Hairstyle For Black Women Asymmetrical Bob Weave Hairstyle Choppy Black Pixie Side Parted Sew In Bob With Side Bangs Short Weave With Long Peekaboo Bangs Long Curly Black Pixie With Highlights Two-Tone Short Weave Hairstyle Black Pixie With Long Side Bangs Rose Gold Pixie Weave Layered Angled Bob Weave Short Curly Burgundy Weave Hairstyle Pixie Weave Hairstyle Short Layered Black Pixie Weave African American Burgundy Bob Asymmetrical Brown And Red Weave Bob Blue Pixie Bob Weave Wit Roots Fade Black And Green Curly Pixie Weave Bob Weave With Temple Undercut Curled Burgundy Bob Eave Hairstyle African American Pastel Teal Weave Bob Black Asymmetrical Layered Bob With Bangs Short Black Bob Weave African American Stacked Bob Black Bob With Red Balayage Highlights Short Curly Pixie Weave Black Layered Bob Weave Curly Brown Weave Bob Choppy Pixie Weave Hairstyle Curly Black Pixie Hairstyle Short Red Peekaboo Sew In Layered Black Pixie Sew In Black Tousled Pixie Black Angled Bob
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