60 Easy and Showy Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

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How much time daily would you like to spend on your hair styling? I bet minimum but you definitely wouldn’t like going out with your hair sticking out in some sort of explosion on your head. Well, African-American women are blessed with thick dense hair that can be skillfully shaped into breathtaking hairstyles. However, natural dryness and brittleness of kinky hair is the other side of the medal that needs special care. Protective hairstyles aim to limit the stress of environmental factors on natural hair. Here we are going to share 60 easy yet very showy protective hairstyles and tips on how to care for your natural hair.

Benefits of Protective Hairstyles

  1. Protection from the elements;
  2. Maintenance of moisture;
  3. Length retention;
  4. Stylish look.

Protective hairstyles are priceless in themselves, since besides a flawless elegant look, they keep your hair ends tucked and protected from aggressive damaging factors. How can you boost the protective effect?

Tips for Natural Hair Care

  1. Nourish your hair and scalp with natural oils or apply hydrating balms before styling your hair;
  2. Let your hair dry overnight;
  3. Wear a hat to protect your hair from high or low temperatures;
  4. Sleep with a satin scarf on your head.

Protective Hairstyles for Natural Hair

Okay, so now let’s see how you can style your hair in a protective way.

#1: Protection for Shorter Hair

Chignon with Crown Braid Natural Hairstyle

Instagram/ @sashabasha2

Natural Hair Updo with Twists and Curls

Instagram/ @jd_winters

Flat Twist Low Bun

Instagram / @kinkycurlybeauty

Twist Updo with Bangs

Instagram/ @modelesque_nic

High Black Braided Bun

Instagram/ @kiakhameleon

Low Rolled Updo with a Twist

Instagram / @lawandapierrehair

Thick And Thin Goddess Braids with Beads

Instagram / @steph_odia

Black Brown Braid Updo

Instagram / @kiakhameleon

Protective Updo With Flat Twists

Instagram / @iprotecttresses

Flat Twists Undo

Instagram / @actually_ashly

Elegant Low Bun Updo for Natural Hair

Instagram / @westafricanbaby

Inverted Braided Mohawk

Instagram / @nakawunde

Braids To Bun Protective Hairstyle

Instagram / @ayeciara

Black High Twisted Bun With Cornrows

Instagram / @thegriynthumb

Long Fulani Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @dare2beslayed

Beautiful Colored Fauxlocs

Instagram / @nel_makeup_kriola

Black Low Bun Updo

Instagram / @jackofallhair

Natural Curly Updo With Twists And Curls

Instagram / @badubeauty

Protected Twisted Natural Updo

Instagram / @genevieveanyiah

Mohawk Updo With Side Twists

Instagram / @hairbyryane

Two Low Buns Protective Updo

Instagram / @lipstickncurls

Two Twist Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @thegowdygirls

Natural Updo with Nape Undercut

Instagram/ @sashabasha2

Thick Individual Braids

Instagram / @slayedby.c

Nape-To-Crown Feed-In Braids

Instagram / @probraids

Cornrows for Short Hair

Instagram / @natural_jc

Thick and Thin French Braids Updo

Instagram / @thehairqueen

Protective Chunky Flat Twists Updo

Instagram / @transformedbyo

Quick Protective Chignon Updo

Instagram / @iprotecttresses

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