30 Most Beautiful Small Box Braid Hairstyles

Combing and brushing your natural hair daily, you subject it to much stress. If you want to take a break from constant brushing for about two months and reduce your styling time to a minimum, box braids can be an excellent protective hairstyle to wear. Don’t want to sacrifice the versatility of styling? These small box braids ideas will prove that you don’t have to!

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Small Box Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Small box braids offer a fantastic feel of movement and gorgeous texture that can be used as a base for numerous updos and downdos: ponytails, braids on braids, high messy and low buns, twisted styles, and fancy side ‘dos. Although small braids take longer to put in, with micro braids you actually do not use too much hair per one braid, so they do not feel heavy. If you also ask your stylist not to braid them extremely tight, you won’t have to deal with headaches or excessive breakage.

Being so flattering for black hair, braided hairstyles for African American women are never out of style or fashion. Beyonce, Eva Marcille, Keri Hilson, Solange, Brandy Norwood, Tae Heckard, Christina Milian, Kandi Burruss, Angela Simmons and Eva Marciller are among the celebrities who love rocking box braids with style, and we often draw inspiration from their eye-catching looks. With box braids, your hair is always in order, you can easily monitor its growth and experiment with effortless and showy hairstyles, like the ones below.

#1: Tiered Bun on Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are among the most versatile braided styles you can try. It unlocks a wide variety of styling options such as this high, tiered bun that is both fun and elegant. Buns are one of the easiest and most common ways to style braids, but don’t sleep on them. There are lots of ways to get creative with buns as this tiered bun shows.

Small Box Braids Styled into Three Layer Bun

Instagram / @beautyspaceke

#2: Thigh Length Box Braids

Let your long braids hang free! When done right, long box braids are a great protective style that can help your hair retain length, while also leaving you with more hair to swish. Most braid wearers tend to go waist length or shorter so with a thigh length look, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

#3: Triangle Parted Box Braids

An easy way to add flair to your braids is to make your parts triangular, instead of using rectangular or square ‘box’ parts after which the box braid hair style is named. Sometimes you want something a little bit fresher or newer, and triangular parts are a great way to achieve that.

Small Box Braids with Triangular Parts

Instagram / @ppowerblack

#4: Pink and Black Braided Ponytail

If you like wearing your braids in a ponytail, use a few of your braids to create a cuff the next time. This is a fresh take on the popular ponytail hairstyle and is sure to identify you as a hair styling diva. The pink ends are also a great contrast to the dark braid.

Ombre Color Knotless Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @zumbahairbeauty

#5: Black and Red Feed-In Cornrows

Hair is art. Hair is expression. Express the unique aspects of your personality by incorporating cool shapes and designs in your next feed-in cornrow hairstyle. Add in a touch of your favorite color for added drama, and you have a winning combination.

Small Cornrows into Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @beautyspaceke

#6: Lemonade Braids

Channel your inner Beyonce with this version of lemonade braids. The simple style is great if you want to test drive what shaved sides would look and feel like.

Small Braids with Curly Ends

Instagram / @beautyspaceke

#7: Ombre Knotless Box Braids

These ombre knotless braids are really giving us a ‘sun-kissed vacation’ vibe, and we love it. Ombre is always a great option when you want to add color because the work is already done for you and all you need to do is install your braiding hair and go. No blending or mixing required.

Small Box Braids with Ombre Effect

Instagram / @bethdefinesbeauty

#8: Goddess Box Braids

The blending of knotless box braids and curls in this hair style is so natural and effortless. The look is soft and feminine with smaller box braids that add to the overall softness of the look.

Small Box Braids and Curls Hairstyle

Instagram / @tresses_africaine

#9: Side-Swept Bangs and High Ponytail

If you are looking for inspiration for styling your small box braids, then look no further. A ponytail and bangs are always worth considering. Adding accessories like these fun bobby pins can help you really own this style.

Small Honey Blonde Braids into High Bun with Side Bangs

Instagram / @tinny_hairdresser

#10: Small Ash Blonde Braids

By now, our love of buns should be clear. It’s one of the easiest ways to style your box braids, short of wearing them down. The small ash blonde box braids contrast well with the natural black hair color and make the bun that much more of a statement. Stunning.

Huge Bun with Small Blonde Box Braids

Instagram / @fancy_claws

#11: Copper Braids and Beads

A quick and easy way of jazzing up your box braids is by accessorizing with beads. Add in the vibrant copper of the braids, and you have a statement hairstyle that will have you basking in the glow of the spotlight.

Middle Part Shoulder Length Box Braids with Beads

Instagram / @brabodastrancas

#12: Feed-In Cornrows with Wooden Beads

Embrace your inner earth goddess with wooden hair accessories such as the beads. It’s a great way to accessorize simple styles, giving them additional flair.

Cornrows into Small Knotless Braids with Wood Beads

Instagram / @thehairhostess_

#13: Half Cornrows, Half Knotless Braids

For us, this style is all about the gold. From the hints of gold in the hair to the golden accessories, you’ll be glowing like this precious metal. Definitely a must try for gold lovers everywhere.

Half Up Half Down with Box Braids

Instagram / @tresses_africaine

#14: Long Knotless Braids

When braiding black natural hair, even the smallest hints of brown can add flair and drama. These long, butt length knotless braids are a statement on their own but the bits of brown, playing peek-a-boo makes it that much better. Long knotless braids work well for everyone, even with large box braids or jumbo ones.

Long Small Box Braids with Brown Highlights

Instagram / @jadeandjala

#15: Knotless Bohemian Braids in High Bun

The face-framing curls of this high bun is the perfect hairstyle for a date night or any occasion that calls for a girly or feminine look. It’s soft and pretty and a great hairstyle to have in the arsenal for your bohemian or goddess style box braids.

Small Goddess Box Braids Updo

Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

#16: Half Up Half Down with Double Topknot

Style your knotless braids in this fun version of tried-and-true half up half down hairstyle. Small box braids are perfect for achieving this look and the style is easily customizable by changing the type and shape of your bun. If you love a good half up style, then you should definitely give this one a try.

Fun Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Small Box Braids

Instagram / @danii_didit

#17: Black Symmetrical Cornrows into Small Braids

Symmetrical cornrows are a fantastic alternative to cornrows that simply go from front to back. The yellow beads offer a great contrast to the black hair, which makes them stand out that much more.

Mid Length Small Braids Style for Natural Hair

Instagram / @babaestylessalon

#18: Knotless Box Braid Bun

Box braids and buns are both classic and timeless hairstyles, so why not combine the two? Whether you like your buns high, low or dead center, box braids are totally up for the job. Get them in your favorite color, classic black or ombre. The possibilities are endless and this style works just as well with small box braids, medium size box braids or jumbo knotless braids.

Golden Brown Box Braids into Big High Bun

Instagram / @davethestylist_

#19: Blue Shoulder-Length Box Braids

We absolutely adore this look. The vibrant blue mixed with the deeper, almost purple highlights, the length, the curly ends. Everything about this just works and is absolutely gorgeous to look at. If blue isn’t your color, don’t worry, this look is totally customizable in every way and you can experiment with your own colors, size and length of the braids.

Blue and Purple Box Braids Bob

Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

#20: Mini Feed-In Cornrows

These mini cornrows that meet to create a high ponytail is sleek and fun. The golden ends are a great contrast and really make this a look.

Thin Cornrows into High Bun and Long Small Box Braids

Instagram / @braidsby_veronica

#21: High-Strung Box Braids Pony

Tiny little braids are super versatile and easy to work with, so why not throw them up in a high pony! Position the pony at the top of your head and wrap it at the base for a sleek, put-together look.

Ponytail for Small Box Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

#22: Small Box Braids Bun on Top

This might be the easiest and classiest of all the small box braids hairstyles. Just create a bun at the crown and pin the style down with bobby pins or secure it with an elastic band. The look is even more amazing with color-infused locks, as it showcases every shade in your hair.

Box Braids Bun Updo

Instagram / @modernsalon

#23: Braided and Bunned Box Braids

What’s better than an elegant bun? A braided elegant bun! To get this look, simply throw your hair up in a pony, divide it in sections and braid. Then, wrap the pony into a bun. And, done!

Braided Bun for Thin Box Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

#24: Small Box Braids in Boho Style

Get some hippie flair with your single braids. Take a section at each side of the head and braid them both, securing with an elastic band. Then, pull the braids to the back of your head and tie them together. You’ll be a boho goddess in no time.

Half Updo for Single Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

#25: Red Ombre Box Braids

Show off your long, beautiful small individual braids by adding a red ombré touch to them. This will lend even more vitality and dimension to your style.

Ombre Red Box Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

#26: Wrapped and Ready Small Box Braids

Add an unexpected twist to your braided bun by wrapping it at the base. This creates a natural accessory for your updo as well as a super classy touch. Box braids styles never looked so good.

Bun Updo for Box Braids

Instagram / @veggie_peggy_84

#27: Face-Framing Braid

Create a beautiful headband out of your thin braids. Simply French braid the front of your hair until you hit the back of the head, just behind the ear. Pin it or secure it with an elastic and you’re good!

Braided Headband for Box Braids

Instagram / @dr.danielle.renee

#28: Half-Bunned Small Box Braids

Try the latest hair trend with your own personal spin on it. The cool and edgy half-bun looks great with those small braids as they create a unique texture and shape!

Half Up Bun for Box Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

#29: Bobbed Box Braids

Braided ‘dos look great when worn cropped and short! Try it on for size by rocking a plaited bob. Not only is this as easy as it gets when it comes to styling, but you’ll also always be the chicest one in the room!

Black Bob Braids Bob

Instagram / @modernsalon

#30: Decorated Small Box Braids

Accessories like head scarves look amazing on skinny-plaited hairstyles. Try a printed scarf and don’t be afraid to go bold with color and design!

Half Updo with Bandana for Small Box Braids

Instagram / @modernsalon

Well, if you’ve definitely set your mind on getting box braids but are uncertain of how to style them, check this guide on all types of box braids and the proper way to maintain them.

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