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Updated on September 06, 2021
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Crochet braids, also sometimes called latch hook braids. They are typically made from synthetic hair extensions looped through your natural hair (braided into cornrows). Crochet twists are another form of the same concept, only they’re twists, instead of braids. While they take some time and patience to create, once they’re done, they can be styled in a variety of ways — piled on top of your head, pulled back, in a ponytail, or just loose. When you decide to take them out, you can wear your hair naturally. Let`s see the variants!

1. Sew-In Curly Bob

Side-Parted Curly Crochet Bob

Instagram / @mercedehightower

Crochet hair is beautiful not only in long lengths. This short and bouncy bob crop with a loose curl pattern is trendy and flattering. Look runway ready from the moment you awake!

2. Short Curly Crop

When you need a break from braids, short, curly, crochet hair is the best way to go. Dress this hairstyle up with dangling earrings.

Short Curly Natural Hairstyle

Instagram / @vanitybydanit

3. Curly Layered Bob

Short shaggy layers and bangs create a super-cute rounded bob. Pair it with bold accessories or bright outfits to further translate its fun, carefree vibes. Shorter hair is easier to style, so if you’re sick of waiting for your hair to be done, try this lighthearted option.

African American Curly Bob With Bangs

Instagram / @tqueenhairsalon

4. S-Shaped Waves

Dramatic, edgy waves can be achieved with marley hair or kanekalon hair. This is one of the more unique crochet hairstyles thanks to its color and curvy waves. Its shorter length and rich auburn hue provide a gorgeous-looking style perfect for any event.

African American Curly Auburn Bob

Instagram / @hairbeenatural

5. Curly Crochet Pixie

The best hair styles aren’t always long. Sew-ins are a great way to create cropped shapes as well. This is a brilliant option if you like short hair that’s fun and sassy. It’s also ideal for previewing a chop.

Short Curly Crocheted Hairstyle

Instagram / @vanitybydanit

6. Layered Micro Braids

In this look, crochet hair takes the form of tiny braids worn loose and casual. Clip them back, or put them in a ponytail to switch things up.

7. Crop with Additions

While crochet is often used for full-head coverage, it can also be utilized to augment specific sections. On pixies with tapered sides, you can leave the sides and back natural, using crochet to add length up top. Match colors carefully for a believable blend.

Short Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram / @vanitybydanit

8. Crochet Hair with Bangs

Want to make your curly bob unique? Try this 1980’s inspired bob with bangs that are generously piled on top, above your forehead. Something that you can’t achieve with natural hair is easy with crochet braids.

Curly Bob Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram / @beautybysheri

9. Dimensional Springy Bob

Is your style rather funky than classic? Try the bold look with short layered 3-color coils. These corkscrews are reminiscent of dreadlocks, separating hair into defined pieces with a kinky texture. Contrasting tones add even more definition.

Kinky Bob Sew-In

Instagram / @mnmstyles

10. Curly Bob with Bangs

Searching for something youthful and fun? This buoyant lob will do the trick. A corkscrew texture and an up-to-the-minute fringe are fashionable choices. Pictures can help you decide on your ideal length and texture.

Layered Curly Crochet Bob

Instagram / @beautybysheri

11. Dramatic Piled-Up Braids

Style your hair any way you want once your extensions are added. Here, crochet braids are pulled back and piled on top of the head to create a look fit for a queen. How to wash: use a tiny bit of shampoo on your scalp only, and rinse carefully.

Half Up Bun For Crochet Braids

Instagram / @hairmiracle._

12. Long Curly Hair

Crochet hair can be worn curly for a carefree, bohemian style. These flowing waves look gorgeous whether you’re wearing a T-shirt, a suit, or a cocktail dress.

Long Wavy Crochet Braids Hairstyle

Instagram / @ebonybertisha

13. Lush Crochet Twist Braids

These gorgeous crochet twist braids are modern and unique, demanding to be noticed (and maybe touched—look out!). When you want a more dressed-down style, pull them back into a ponytail, or even two.

Long Layered Crochet Twists Braids

Instagram / @hairbytess_

14. Cool Blonde Curls

Corkscrew twist curls make an even bigger statement in a bright blonde hue. Style this look with your fingers or a pick comb to really enhance the volume. More is more!

Medium Natural Blonde Hairstyle Crochet

Instagram / @hairbeenatural

15. Braided Updo

Natural hair is braided into cornrows and twisted into a bun at the back to create a laconic and beautiful style, which works at the office, at home, at the gym, or elsewhere. Add synthetic braids at the back if you want a larger chignon. Just coil the ends of the braids and secure with bobby pins.

Cornrows With A Bun

Instagram / @stylezbykey

16. Crocheted Burgundy Waves

Want to rock long hair without waiting till yours grows out? Try extensions; they’re simple, gorgeous and natural-looking. You can achieve the length of your dreams and experiment with fun colors. The wavy texture and organic shape shown here soften the vivid hue.

Long Crochet Burgundy Curly Hair

Instagram / @hairbeenatural

17. Big Hair with Highlights

Crochet hair styles give you both the desired length and volume. Your own hair is protected in micro braids underneath this luxurious mane. Use a few different shades for a dimensional effect.

Medium Curly Crochet Hairstyle

Instagram / @magavilhas

18. Crochet Yarn Braids

If you desire a chunky plaited style, check yarn. Using these convenient pieces will ensure a flawless result without flyaways or scraggly ends. Yarn is the cheapest base for extensions and it looks quite showy, allowing you to flaunt bright colors.

Black And Purple Yarn Braids

Instagram / @kersti.pitre

19. Bob Twist Braids

Short kinky crochet braids are the perfect solution for ladies who want a light and classy hairstyle that doesn’t need additional styling. Thick ropes provide a funky, fashionable feel. The shoulder-grazing length has minimal weight, so it won’t stress your tresses underneath.

Bob With Kinky Twists

Instagram / @beautybysheri

20. A-line Two-Tone Coils

Sew-ins are ideal for keeping up with hair trends, allowing you to stay au courant without commitment. The black and caramel curls in the bob style are lovely in both texture and shape, while the length is perfect for summer.

Curly Crocheted Bob

Instagram / @lorinda_shea

21. Long Raven Corkscrews

Growing hair out is a long and slow process. If you want length now, extensions are the way to go. With human hair, you can find the best match for your natural color and desired texture. You’ll also be able to style extensions just as you would your own hair.

Long Curly Sew In Hairstyle

Instagram / @crownedbyd2

22. Highlighted Zigzag Style

The side part, crimped texture, and bronde highlights give these crochet twist out a casual feel. If you chose a dimensional color for your extensions, be sure to bring your stylist pictures that show the density, hue, and placement of the lighter sections.

Kinky Curly Shoulder Length Sew In

Instagram / @mercedehightower

23. Voluminous Side-Parted Bob

A crochet twist out can offer perfectly uniform curlicues. Synthetic hair is best as it is unaffected by humidity and other environmental factors. The ash brown hue is a modern and sophisticated color choice.

Sew In Curly Lob

Instagram / @_hernameisme

24. Long Sleek Sew-In

Although many women choose curled or wavy hairstyles for their sew-ins, crochet braids provide beautiful looks with straight hair as well. When you see such a naturally looking result, you can only go “wow” and really consider getting a weave.

Silk Pressed Crochet Braids

Instagram / @hairbeenatural

25. Coily Hair with Balayage Highlights

Sew-ins can and should be upgraded by modern colors, including trendy solutions, such as balayage. It’s a smart way to add lightness that blends into dark roots. The line of demarcation between the two hues is softened by curls and layers.

Curly Sew In With Balayage Highlights

Instagram / @mnmstyles

26. Medium Senegalese Twists

Crochet braids aren’t just pretty, they’re also a great way to protect your natural hair. Braiding your own strands into cornrows keeps them safe while providing a strong foundation for attaching the locks of your dreams, like these cute senegalese twists, for instance.

Lack Mid-Length Twist Braids

Instagram / @bose_thestylist

27. Center Part, Mingled Textures

If you like the look of faux locs but don’t want to get a full head of them, try a style with mingled textures. Here, curls and locs provide a low-key contrast. Adding a few wraps works as pretty accents. Use the types of hair for crochet braids you’d use for faux locs, such as Marley hair.

Crochet Curls And Faux Locs

Instagram / @iam.nubian

28. Layered Sew-In Spirals

Many African American women prefer curly crochet hair styles that are natural-looking, like natural hair in its perfect condition. A layered medium chocolate brown style with the rounded bottom is an appealing choice in this relation.

Chocolate Brown Curly Sew-In

Instagram / @angelicallykute

29. Half Up Bun for Crochet Hair

Installing crochet braids is one thing, but styling them is where you can really unleash your creativity. A giant half up bun is a simple idea, but the look is quite showy and quick to do in the morning. It’s polished and cool, perfect for work and happy hour.

30. Long Box Braids

For those who prefer a laidback appearance, classic crochet braids styles such as box braids should work well. Keeping the braids small allows them to flow like loose strands, providing a bounty of styling options, both free-hanging and pinned. The dark espresso hue feels organic.

Crochet Box Braids

Instagram / @iam.nubian

31. Pulled-Back Crochet Twist Braids

This crochet hair style features pulled-back chunky, layered twists that are held in place with bobby pins. Medium-to-long twist braids like these are easy to style, whether you’re aiming for a casual or elegant look.

32. Long Straight Hair

Girls who like a new hairstyle every day, can go for straight natural hair extensions. They look like your own hair that you’ll love to style without any fair of damage. Here, long black hair is lush and glossy.

Long Crochet Hair

Instagram / @tqueenhairsalon

33. Crochet Twist Hair

If you don’t want to break your head over how to style your hair every day, get a side part hairstyle with crochet braids. With a medium length and layered braids or twists, it’s a complete look with zero styling time needed.

Medium Lenght Thick Crochet Twists

Instagram / @taletteb

34. Natural Corkscrew Curls

Long layers pump up the volume of this curly style. You can achieve these crochet braids styles by using freetress hair. Once the look is created, it’s easy to style.

35. Romantic Curls

When you want to look elegant for an important event, like a job interview or party, use synthetic hair to simplify the process. Create a side part, and if you want to put in some extra effort, use a curling iron to add some big curls that you can then finger-comb into soft waves.

Side-Parted Curled Hairstyle For Crochet Hair

Instagram / @crownedbyd2

36. Voluminous Crochet Braids

You may need to achieve this look with kanekalon hair. Bold crochet hair styles like this one can take a ton of time to install, but the effect is worth it. Here, the braids are sideswept, for a cool asymmetrical ‘do that amazes with its volume and texture.

Big Crochet Hair

Instagram / @divascabelos

37. Side-Swept Crochet Twists

Long, sideswept crochet twist hair looks beautifully casual. The sharp extra long ends are fun in movement. To channel your inner queen, sweep the braids into a twist or ponytail.

Long Side Swept Twists

Instagram / @grip_and_twist

38. Soft Twist Out Lob

In this classic style soft crochet twists are parted on the side and worn down. Pull hair up for a more polished look that goes from work to date night in a snap.

Medium Side Parted Natural Hairstyle

Instagram / @crownedbyd2

39. Vivid Crochet Braids

The long crochet braids get extra oomph from a bright magenta hue and strategically placed beads. Part of the fun of synthetic hair extensions is that you can play with color! Go red, purple, blue, blonde… or mix it up!

Long Marsala Crochet Braids

Instagram / @kissbykriss

40. Long Curls

Crochet braids hairstyles promise a chic look, no matter where you’re headed. This long, curly style can be achieved with marley crochet braids hair or kanekalon hair, and styled easily with your fingers or a pick comb.

Side Parted Long Natural Hairstyle

Instagram / @curledbyb

Crochet braids are one of the most versatile hairstyle trends for black hair to emerge this year. Whether you create your crochet look with human hair, synthetic hair, or a combination of the two, styling is easy once the braids have been added. Get inspired by the images above, and recreate these looks. Or, use the pictures as a jumping-off point to try your own thing and create a totally new style!

Side-Parted Curly Crochet Bob Short Curly Natural Hairstyle African American Curly Bob With Bangs African American Curly Auburn Bob Short Curly Crocheted Hairstyle Shoulder-Length Crochet Braids Short Crochet Hairstyle Curly Bob Crochet Hairstyle Kinky Bob Sew-In Layered Curly Crochet Bob Half Up Bun For Crochet Braids Long Wavy Crochet Braids Hairstyle Long Layered Crochet Twists Braids Medium Natural Blonde Hairstyle Crochet Cornrows With A Bun Long Crochet Burgundy Curly Hair Medium Curly Crochet Hairstyle Black And Purple Yarn Braids Bob With Kinky Twists Curly Crocheted Bob Long Curly Sew In Hairstyle Kinky Curly Shoulder Length Sew In Sew In Curly Lob Silk Pressed Crochet Braids Curly Sew In With Balayage Highlights Lack Mid-Length Twist Braids Crochet Curls And Faux Locs Chocolate Brown Curly Sew-In Half Updo For Long Crochet Braids Crochet Box Braids Thick Layered Twists Braids Long Crochet Hair Medium Lenght Thick Crochet Twists Mid-Length Natural Curly Hairstyle Side-Parted Curled Hairstyle For Crochet Hair Big Crochet Hair Long Side Swept Twists Medium Side Parted Natural Hairstyle Long Marsala Crochet Braids Side Parted Long Natural Hairstyle
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