Jessica S. Perpatih

Jessica and her thirteen-year-old daughter are living with their family on a beautiful island in Spain. As the oldest girl of an Indonesian father and a German mother, she learned that long and beautiful hair is a symbol of physical strength, virility, wisdom, and identity! Therefore, it wasn't surprising at all that Jessica's first born daughter had long hair already at the age of two, mostly braided into two French or Dutch braids for kindergarden where her friends gave her the nickname Trencita meaning „little braid“. Ten years later Trencita's hairstyles became more intricate but both, mother and daughter are enjoying the time of hairstyling as their moment together.

Jessica and Trencita are mother and daughter who both love beautiful braids! Their creative hairstyles are popular on Instagram, so girls experiment on a daily basis. Exclusively for The Right Hairstyles, Jessica gives a detailed Viking braid tutorial with a combination of three different braiding techniques. If you also have a daughter with long hair, or if you want to look fabulous yourself, you might want to check out her tutorial. [click to continue…]