Natalie Varrasso

Natalie is a Professional hair stylist in Melbourne Australia. Having practically grown up in a hairdressing salon, Natalie has continued to take her knowledge and talent of hair styling to the next level. Nat is passionate about hair health and working with her salon guests to create unique styles that suit their personalities and lifestyles. Recently Natalie has launched her YouTube Channel where she shows & shares hair tips and techniques. This project started as a way for Nat to continue her journey with her clients from the salon to home, helping them maintain their hairs condition and style once they have left the salon. Natalie has been excited to reach a wider online audience and take people step by step through her processes and tutorials. In the salon Natalie has a varied clientele that lends its self to many areas of hair styling such as; colouring, curly hair styling and haircare, short hair styling, working with natural white hair, long hair styling for frizz control, and she is an expert at how to get your hair healthy - rebuilding damaged hair & maintaining healthy hair. Natalie covers all of these areas of interest in her blog posts as well. With a growing number of women embracing & transitioning to their natural white hair Natalie uses her unique cutting skills to create beautiful hairstyles to frame and contour the face for sassy personal style which supports an empowers women with confidence.

When using a diffuser, you are spreading the air over a wider space, which means you can dry your hair more gently and without the hair moving around. This is why the correct way to diffuse curly hair can make your locks pop. However, you can use a diffuser on wavy and straight hair, too. It’s all in the technique and products you use in your hair that will allow you to create a beautiful hairstyle. Read on to know them all!

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Have you ever started out with all the motivation, tools and products to create that look that is going to turn heads, but become completely disheartened when it just didn’t turn out? What you didn’t know is that it all begins by getting your cleansing right, so you can achieve that perfect Victoria’s Secret model hair finished look. Let me share the most useful guide on how to wash your hair you will ever use. [click to continue…]