Katie Gray

Katie Gray is a New York City freelance writer, covering a variety of topics for multiple online and print publications. When she isn't writing she can be found at brunch, binge watching television shows, getting her nails done, attending concerts and watching Huda Beauty tutorials. A Marymount Manhattan College graduate, coffee enthusiast, foodie and bookworm. Lana Del Rey is her spirit animal and getting bouncy blowouts at the hair salon gives her life. She enjoys all things fashion and beauty related. Her favorite hairstyles are the mermaid braid, sleek & chic high ponytail and the half up - half down Ariana Grande hair.

Curtain bangs pair so nicely with all types of bob – they go together like cheese and wine! Popularized in the ‘60s and ‘70s, curtain bangs continue to be a go-to hairstyle after a banging comeback last year, proving that the face-framing fringe is just as timeless and chic as bob haircut itself. Here are 30 hairstyle ideas featuring a bob with curtain bangs to wear in 2023.

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With age comes wisdom, elegance, a sense of peace and lots of experience. All of these qualities apply to our personal knowledge of haircare. As we grow and become more mature every year, we know what works well for us when it comes to our haircuts and hairstyles. A flattering haircut that is easy to manage is attainable at any age. Here are 30 low-maintenance haircuts for women over 50 mature women love. [click to continue…]

Curtain bangs have earned a spot in the Major League of Hairstyles for 2022, as they are currently trending big time. They are effortless chic, grow out seamlessly, and enhance features such as your eyes and cheekbones. Plus, since they are cut short to long, they do a great job of framing the face. But can you wear curtain bangs with short hair? Absolutely! Here are the best ideas to copy.

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The 1980s spawned the creation of many different eccentric styles, like punk-pop fashion and gender-blurring haircuts. It was a decade obsessed with volume, bright colors, and making a statement. It seems like some of the ’80s hair trends are coming back, with fashionistas seen rocking the big hair and high ponytails. While vintage hairstyles coming back isn’t a new phenomenon, the 1980s was such an iconic decade for hair, it’s hard to ignore this particular style rebirth. [click to continue…]

Halloween is quickly approaching and there are so many ways to incorporate festive Halloween hairstyles and Halloween hair color into your seasonal mix. The best part? It will be super easy to achieve your spooky season looks. We have classic Halloween hairstyles to draw inspiration from, from Maleficent’s horns to Princess Leia’s buns, and intricate styles to play with. This holiday is all about witchy hairstyles, space buns, bold colors, spooky accessories and Halloween updos. Read on and trick-or-treat yourself, you deserve it!

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wavy hair

Wavy hair, don’t care! When you have naturally wavy hair, it can be hard to find the right hair products and tools to use that will work with your hair type. Some women have hair that’s not quite straight but not super curly either. Wavy hair is its own type, whether you have fine strands or thick locks. It can be hard to keep your locks nourished and static free. Investing in the right hair products, finding your own personal hair care routine, mastering your blow-dryer and doing a research will be very useful. The struggle is real with waves! However; there are tips and tricks for naturally wavy hair that will work wonders! [click to continue…]