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Updated on December 22, 2023

Ideally, wedding is one in a lifetime kind of event, and you deserve to have the ceremony you have dreamt about, even if it doesn’t converge with the traditions of your family. In the opinion of the majority of modern brides, beach wedding is the most romantic holiday one can imagine. Beach is the place where you originally feel serene and can enjoy the magic of the moment to the fullest. That`s why beach wedding hairstyles shouldn’t be elaborate. They are as light and spontaneous as the atmosphere of the place, you choose for your wedding ceremony. This review unites trendy, stylish and elegant hairstyles for long, medium and short hair, you’d love to have styled for your beach wedding.

The Loveliest Hairstyles For Your Wedding On the Beach

There are lots of curly hairstyles and chic loose updos, as well as hairstyles with hair flowers and ‘dos to wear with a veil for your beach wedding. If you are planning a magic ceremony, look at these beautiful ideas and get some hairspiration!

1. Neo-Romantic Hairstyle With A Curly Side Pony

The hairstyle with lively locks, gathered into a loose side pony is extremely sweet and absolutely appropriate for a beach wedding. Imagine how the ties of the headband will flatter in the breeze like butterfly’s wings. So simple and endlessly charming. And this is only our first example of the beach hairstyle you can do for your wedding. Go ahead and see the rest pictures, even more gorgeous!

2. Princess-Like Long Curly Hairstyle

To be a bride who looks like a pretty Princess is a girly dream of many brides. The wedding is the moment when dreams should come true. The curls of elongated shape, gracefully-framing your forehead can be naturally scattered over your shoulders or elegantly swept to one side. A Indian style hair piece may become an exquisite compliment of your Princess look.

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3. Curly Voluminous ‘Do With A Headband

Beach isn’t the best setting to rock sophisticated hairstyles, but for an added mysterious touch, you may try a look with whimsical curls which are in tune with turbulent ocean waves. A headband with flowers that reminds sea stars is a great accessory to go with this gorgeous hairstyle.

4. Edgy Wavy Beach Wedding Hairstyle

What are the anchors you may add to your half up hairstyle to support the nautical theme of your wedding? Well, accessories of blue and turquoise colors, pearls, chains, fishtail braids? Yes, they will all do! Here is a new cool idea to style your bob for the beach wedding.

5. Easy Feminine Updo For Medium Hair

The feel of butterflies in your stomach before the ceremony can be soothed by a gentle touch of your loved one. And butterflies as a romantic symbol of lightness and beauty can adorn your spontaneous updo with a side twist and a simple low bun.

6. Elegant Hairstyle With A Headband For Short Black Hair

Short hair will look fine even if it’s going to be windy on the day of your wedding. A simple short hairstyle with straight silky locks and a fancy headband is a great idea. This look is elegant and feminine, despite the short hair length.

7. Beach Wedding Hair Ideas For Short Locks

Well, with short hair you may not have so much freedom when you want to try different styling finishes, hair color solutions, and unusual textures, but you may compensate that with eye-catching hair pieces. Commonly these would look gaudy on medium and long hair. Another cute way to style very short hair for wedding is to comb it back.

8. Wedding Pixie Hairstyle With Fringe For The Beach Ceremony

As it’s obvious from the previous examples, the simpler the hairstyle and hair color are, the brighter and bigger hair accessory you can afford. If you prefer to play with highlights and texturize your short locks, choose a tender and delicate headband.

9. Curly Updo With A Sea Star Hair Clasp

This look will undoubtedly please Poseidon! A loose curly updo is exactly what’s needed to look pretty and to feel comfortable during the beach wedding ceremony. Get theme accessories to enhance the spirit of freedom, inherent to all beach weddings. The colorful pebble-like beads and the sea star hair clasp are fantastic!

10. Mermaid Look

The charming mermaid look like this is easy to achieve on the base of a long curly braided hairstyle. You will need bouncy curls from mid-shaft to ends and a Dutch braid, styled as a headband. Choose makeup with an accent on the eyes. This glance seems to look directly into his soul!

11. Best Beach Wedding Hair

What can look better and more appropriate in the frames of a nautical wedding, than natural-looking beach waves styled into a loose curly updo? This is a very nice hairstyle idea for your beach wedding that seems 100% harmonious!

12. Greek Messy Updo With A Chain

Greek curly updos are also popular beach wedding hairstyles. Such updos with a whimsical interlacement of twists and curls imply usage of double headbands. A chain like in this photo can serve as a creative substitution of a headband.

13. Messy Bun Hairstyle For Beach Wedding

A look of a beautiful ocean nymph can be achieved at the expense of a cute messy bun on the crown. Note that it will look particularly cool if you take care of a creative hair color solution beforehand. Highlights add dimension to any hairstyle and move it to the next level.

14. Tall Updo With Rolls For Both Thick And Thin Hair

French rolls are commonly used in vintage hairstyles, but, as we see, they also fit well in sweet updos with a touch of naturalness and Bohemian chic. A delicate hair piece like this reminds a cloud of drops from the wave that crushes down on the shore. Try to pick out the accessories which are more or less associated with the theme of your wedding.

15. Curly Knot With A Braid And Tropical Hair Flowers

Fresh flowers in your hair is an excellent beach wedding hair idea. Use white orchids or any other white or bright flowers as an accent. A voluminous curly knot at the nape will become a hundred times prettier if you complete it with a large flower next to your ear.

16. Curly Side Downdo With A Floral Headband

Floral headbands are substitutes of bridal veils. They look the best with wavy and braided hairstyles. Your headband can be a true piece of art, if you trust the job of its creation to a professional florist. We love the idea of the ribbon, twining the curls and holding them in place.

17. Simple Curly Hairstyle With A Delicate Headband

If you want a maximally natural hairstyle for your fine hair, get an exquisite headband and prepare a base for it. Curly hair can be scrunched with styling foam or curl enhancer, and straight locks suggest a work with a curling iron. Anyway, messy, natural-looking curls are easy to style even if you opt to do the hairstyle yourself.

18. Curly Bridal Hairstyle For A Fluffy Wedding Veil

Fluffy wedding veils create the lightest haze, covering the bride in the most charming way. The hairstyle that you plan to wear with such a veil should be simple and moderately voluminous. Curls will do fine.

19. Curly Updo With A One-Tier Wedding Veil

One-tier veils look and feel weightless. They are not going to hide your beach wedding hairstyle or weigh it down. A loose curly messy updo is a nice idea to go with such a veil, but it can be a low knot or a bun likewise. By the way, loose updos are not going to lose their popularity in 2024.

20. Orchids And A Veil

Flowers will enhance the fresh and tender feel of your beach hairstyle, and the simple fine veil will look divine when flowing in the breeze for the most beautiful wedding images. The dress and hairstyle in this case shouldn’t be overloaded with details.

A hairstyle for beach wedding ceremony can be very simple and effortless. Pay attention to the choice of complementing accessories and how they blend into the look. We wish you the most beautiful wedding day with lots of deep emotions, bright impressions, and fabulous photos!

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