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Updated on April 06, 2021

If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and reaching for the blue black hair dye you’ve come to the right place. This is our definitive guide to blue black hair; how to get it right, how to make it pop and how to inject some edgy attitude into your style.

This color combination can make for a really sleek, chic look, but it can also go over the top very quickly. You might be opting for a tonal treatment, funking things up with some vivid blue highlights, or simply going for it with an all over color; either way, to ensure you get great results it’s important to select a tone that suits you.

We’re going to go over the options and techniques available so you can select the exact style that you’re looking for.

Black Blue Hair

Are you aiming for dark and sultry, but with a cool edge? If so, then this is the look for you! Subtle and chic, this hair color will take you from the office to the party and have you looking totally fab for both occasions. It transforms in different lighting, and the deep dark color leaves your hair with great depth and shine. To achieve this look, search for a dark blue black color that will give a high gloss. We also recommend treating your hair prior to coloring so it’s super smooth and ready to rock the new shade!

Blue Highlights

Want to inject some color? Blue highlights are the way to do it! We recommend pairing them with a deep blue black hair color as the base, so they really pop. Or alternatively, add the highlights to your natural color to simply rejuvenate your look. These are often great for a bit of fun as the brightness will fade after a few washes, but they also pack a real punch and make a real statement. These colored blue highlights work particularly well in layered hair, adding texture, interest and fullness to the style.

The All Over Look

If you like to make a statement with your hair, this is the one for you! An all over blue black hair dye will really make people do a double take and say ‘Wow’. Play around with colors and see what works for your skin tone and style. Fairer skin often works better using more of a purple blue, whereas darker, more olive complexions can take a deep cooler blue. This all-over color works best on short, cropped styles for a really vivid color pop to lift your look.

We’ve included some pictures of ladies who have nailed it! Each look is unique, standout and works to create a strong and striking image…

1. Funky, Fun Bob

Adding cool blue highlights to a simple bob will inject life into your look. Those blue pieces are fantastic in messy wash-and-go hairstyles.

Black Bob With Blue Balayage

Instagram / @glamiris

2. Long, luscious and Sulty

A black and blue hair color all over stands out, adding depth, gloss and glam to your luscious locks.

Long Curly Blue Black Hair

Instagram / @constancerobbins

3. Long, Layered and Glossy

Just enough attitude and mystery! A subtle blue tint all over brings interest, texture and gloss to your hair.

Long Layered Black Hairstyle

Instagram / @larisadoll

4. Peek-a-boo Color

For a striking flash of vivid color, add some bright blue highlights underneath your top layer to create a fun and fashionable look.

Black Lob With Blue Peek-A-Boos

Instagram / @rachelpesh

5. Long, Tousled Layers

Create that midnight blue black look with a blue tint over dark or black hair. We guarantee it will leave your locks looking luscious, your layers enriched and your style points skyrocketing.

6. Mid-Length with a Twist

Dark, sultry and demure, with blue tint to amp up the chic. Classy and classic with a twist.

7. Colourful Casual Curls

This look works great with long styles. Thin peek-a-boo blue highlights add fun, texture and surprise for a playful update. Wear this look sleek so the blue is more of a hidden surprise; or tussle it up and let the color shine through. We love it both ways.

Long Black Hair With Blue Highlights

Instagram / @hairbyedwin

8. Black and Blue Waves

Twists of black blue highlights through tussled curls will give some extra attitude to a normally casual look.

Chunky Blue Highlights For Black Hair

Instagram / @southmarksouth

9. Mid-Length at Midnight

Inject a cool shine into your long locks with a blue tint over dark hair. Long, glossy, luxurious and totally chic.

Mid-Length Layered Haircut

Instagram / @beauticole_

10. Fashion Forward Crop

Bring a short cut or crop alive with a black blue color update. This violet midnight blue is as good as it gets; stylish, unique and perfect for her skin tone. This cool black and blue cut gives us shivers for all the right reasons.

Blue Black Bowl Cut

Instagram / @number_76

11. Colour Transformation

Vibrant, cute and fun, this hair is brought to a new level with streaks of dark blue hair color. The medium shaggy cut is the perfect base for such a cool hair color solution.

Layered Hairstyle For Blue Black Hair

Instagram / @richardatkuthaus

12. Edgy Blue Black Bob

Rejuvenate a cute, classic bob with some stylish color and amp up your style. This look is edgy, glossy, cool and fun.

Sleek Black Bob With Blue Highlights

Instagram / @kristen.lumiere

13. Relaxed Style

Add another dimension to the relaxed, tussled look with midnight blue highlights. As you can see, these work great in black hair, but could also be used to bring a touch of style to natural dark hair.

Black Hair With Subtle Blue Highlights

Instagram / @jamiekeikohair

14. Blue Bombshell

Weave some magic into your hair using blue black highlights. The short crop is transformed into a dramatic, stylish statement.

African American Blue Black Pixie

Instagram / @stylesbyshoshana

15. Cool, Chic and Short

This dark midnight blue is super subtle and provides a stylish and chic update to the classic bob.

Black Layered Bob

Instagram / @hairbyvanessahile

16. Effortlessly Cool

Create a subtle update to your look with a blue tint. We guarantee you will look glossy, gorgeous and glam with your refreshed blue and black hair.

Medium Shaggy Haircut

Instagram / @maremaredoeshair

17. Purple Pixie

Color can be used to make a real style statement. This girl looks like she is ready for anything! An all over blue-purple color on a short, crop style creates a real fashion impact that will reload your whole look.

Black Pixie With Long Sideburns

Instagram / @gettinglooksoc

18. Trendy Tint

Upgrade your gorgeous long hair with blue tint to amp up the style factor with some extra gloss and glamour on your locks.

Long Blue Black Hair

Instagram / @chromacrowns

19. Subtle Style with a Hint of Teal

Dark blue black highlights can be vivid or subtle. Opt for a cool soft blue-green if you want a unique and subtle textured look.

20. Cool Curls

Update and refresh naturally black or dark hair with a tint all over. The blue black combination creates depth, highlights and is super fun.

Blue black hair can either be loud, proud and vivid or subtle and sultry, but whether you are looking for a standout style or a cool chic update, one thing is for sure; it is never boring!

Black Bob With Blue Balayage Long Curly Blue Black Hair Long Layered Black Hairstyle Black Lob With Blue Peek-A-Boos Blue Black Layered Hair Medium Layered Black Hair Long Black Hair With Blue Highlights Chunky Blue Highlights For Black Hair Mid-Length Layered Haircut Blue Black Bowl Cut Layered Hairstyle For Blue Black Hair Sleek Black Bob With Blue Highlights Black Hair With Subtle Blue Highlights African American Blue Black Pixie Black Layered Bob Medium Shaggy Haircut Black Pixie With Long Sideburns Long Blue Black Hair Black Hair With Teal Highlights Short Natural Blue Black Hair