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Updated on July 19, 2021

The color turquoise is often associated with calmness, femininity, and creativity, all of which are embodied in turquoise hair. Whether you’re looking for a pastel shade or a bright hue, look no further than these 20 tried and true styles.

Turquoise Hair Color Ideas

Vary the saturation of turquoise to get a very light and soft bluish green hue or a more pronounced turquoise that tends to teal. You can certainly get any shade in between and pair your customized turquoise with silver, brown, blonde or any pastel color.

1. Mermaid Pixie Cut

This pixie is beautiful and fashionable – simply adorable in its color, silhouette and texture! To add height to your pixie cut, try blow drying with a round brush.

2. Silver-Blue Fox

Turquoise hair dye isn’t like other hair dyes. It can be tricky and it takes time to achieve the result you want, so, be patient and be prepared to spend a few days – or hair appointments – working towards the right shade. For a vivid yet soft look, consider the silver to glass-like blue transition.

Silver To Pastel Turquoise Ombre

Instagram / @xostylistxo

3. Dark Metal and Seafoam Hairstyle

Two sections are twisted from both sides creating an effortless half-down style. Blending the dark metal shade into more saturated teals creates a dark, sultry hair color. Best matched with black, white, or basic hues.

4. Cotton Candy Blends

Starting with a basic blonde shade, this combination of purple and turquoise creates a cotton candy look that’s fearlessly bold, bright, and feminine. Want to make it even more dynamic? Consider adding a third color like bubblegum pink.

Teal And Pink Pastel Hair

Instagram / @thatjoeybaby

5. Arctic Mermaid

When you think of the Arctic, you might think of cold, icy temperatures, but this turquoise hair color stands out in all seasons. To make it even more vibrant, consider going brighter and lighter as the hair falls.

Teal To Turquoise Ombre

Instagram / @sunkissedbykate

6. Braided Pastel Rainbow Style

This isn’t a do-it-yourself style, but it’s extremely desirous and show-stopping. Starting with a pastel turquoise, you can add pink, orange, red, purple, even green for a rainbow-colored look. With a french braid, you can create an artistic masterpiece, as each strand is beautiful and different than the next one.

7. Chopped Rombre

This rainbow ombre – or rombre – was achieved with a balayage technique. Notice the red and yellow colors perfectly matched to the short layered strands and finished surprisingly with awesome shades of turquoise and teal.

Turquoise Bob With Red And Yellow Roots

Instagram / @pinupjordan

8. Turquoise Turned Purple

For a turquoise ombre hair, you can mix two different colors – like these bluish green and violet – to produce one colorful, complimentary hairstyle. For a healthy blend of colors, let some of the blue flow all the way to the bottom.

Teal And Violet Hair Color

Instagram / @rebeccataylorhair

9. Blue-Green Unicorn

You can use hair painting to achieve a turquoise green color melt. Be your own unicorn and go bold with your colors – using Admiral Blue and a Sea-turtle Green, you’ll get a bright, mystical look.

Teal Hair With Blue Highlights

Instagram / @hairbynn

10. Blue Tang Hair

This underwater look actually combines a turquoise blue with a soft green, making the yellow highlights really pop. If you want this look, but don’t want to make it permanent, consider adding lemon yellow extensions throughout.

Blue Green Hair With Yellow Highlights

Instagram / @lysseon

11. Pastel Princess

Turquoise hair doesn’t have to be bright. You can tone it down with a mix of pastel colors including light greens, purples, and pinks. For a princess-like hairstyle, add a variety of braids and extensions to complete your look.

Turquoise Hair With Pink And Purple Highlights

Instagram / @xostylistxo

12. Black and Blue

The black and turquoise are separated with a high wrap-around ponytail. When let down, the colors would create a drastic – yet beautiful – ombre look. This style looks best with frosty blue eyes and a thick black cat eye. You may use hair extensions, if you don`t want to change your hair color so radically.

Long Pastel Blue Hair With Black Roots

Instagram / @lilithmoonlife

13. Purple Rain Hair

Turquoise blue and purple are blended to create a rain-like drizzle. With soft waves, these colors are beautifully fused for a vibrant look. To make your hair the focal point, pull out a LBD and rock it.

Turquoise Hair With Pastel Purple Highlights

Instagram / @jeffreyrobert_

14. Electric Side-Swept Hair

This turquoise hair color will brighten any day. Style your short teal hair creatively – asymmetrically, with a deep side part and tight braid, for instance. Not sure what to wear this bold look? Consider whites, blacks, flowers, and polka dots.

Short Bright Teal Hairstyle

Instagram / @hairgod_zito

15. Hypnotic Teal-Blue Color

Coloring long locks a turquoise green can be challenging, but the finished product is hypnotizing. Add braids on all sides and bring them into one long half-up mermaid braid. Beautiful and unique, this color will shine at any event.

Blue To Teal Long Ombre Hair

Instagram / @guy_tang

16. Aquamarine Lob

The midnight blue begins at the scalp slowly fading into a hue as shiny and alluring as an aquamarine stone. Soft curls on this long bob make the unnatural colors seem harmonious and feminine.

Angled Blue To Teal Ombre Bob

Instagram / @glamiris

17. Red and Green After Twilight

For more length and more color, weaves are a perfect solution. Black locks look great with bright colors like red and turquoise. Curling iron curls, such as these, emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of turquoise hair.

Black Hair With Teal And Burgundy Highlights

Instagram / @charlae_urstylist

18. Poison Ivy Hairstyle

Brighten up black hair with a turquoise ombre. Use a curling iron or overnight braids to create the crimped waves – and don’t be afraid to pair your new style with a bold lip color such as a bright red or pink.

Black To Teal Ombre Hair With Bangs

Instagram / @hairbynoora

19. Azure Blue Topknot

This shortened cut combines black and turquoise colors with a hint of maroon in the roots. Style with an equally impactful look: pull a section from the top half into a topknot, adding waves at the bottom.

Black To Bright Teal Ombre Bob

Instagram / @hairgod_zito

20. Colorful Curls on a Buzz Cut

Dark turquoise hair is great, but what if you just want a pop of color? The fall-over hair with a side buzz utilizes three different colors to achieve a bright, rocker look. To enrapt the curls, twist the curling iron to both sides and drape the strands around one another.

Blue Green And Red Undercut Hairstyle

Instagram / @alicialaynehair

Surprisingly, blue hair has been around since before the second world war, so, naturally, the turquoise hair trend is back and extremely popular. With so many shades and colorful blends, the style will surely last. Jump on the bandwagon and enjoy the ride!

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