40 Prettiest Dutch Braid Hairstyles to Style

Although hair trends are changing to a greater or less extent every season, braided hairstyles always keep a reserved place in them. Dutch or “backwards” French braided hairstyles give a fresh and showy take on the trend.

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Dutch braiding looks like an inside-out braid that may even appear detachable at first sight. Fear not, it’s not difficult to weave: you’ll master it like a shot. And then it will open for you a full range of new opportunities in unhackneyed braided hairstyles.

Secrets of the Dutch Braid

If you want a really embossed braid, it’s exactly what you are going to get with the Dutch style. It may seem a bit elaborate but basically, it’s the classic 3-strand braid. The principle of its weaving is almost the same as with the French braid, yet you need to bring the side strands not above the central one but beneath it. As a result, the braid appears mounted on top of hair instead of being merged in it.

The Dutch inside-out braid itself appears unusual and stylish, but it can also serve a great base for more elaborate and fancy hairstyles. You have probably seen an awesome romantic braided Dutch flower hairstyle with braid sections settling at the back of your head as though flower petals. Dutch braided ‘dos complement elegant, casual, or party styles equally well!


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The Best Hairstyles with Inside-Out Braiding

An inside-out braid has no age: it’s equally flattering for little girls and grown-up ladies. You simply change the style, add highlights, asymmetry, mess your ‘do, or keep it sleek and neat. Here are the 40 most inspiring examples to try.

#1: Two Dutch Braids

What can be better than a Dutch braid? Two Dutch braids! The double Dutch braids can help you create a really romantic and feminine look. This hairstyle looks exceptionally cool if you have highlights in your hair.

Two Loose Dutch Braids

Instagram / @nia_hairstyles_

#2: Dutch Braid Bun

Delicate and unusual, a Dutch braid bun is a perfect hairstyle for a romantic occasion. No wonder that it’s one of the top choices for a wedding or prom. Combine it with a high neckline dress and statement earrings to feel like a queen.

#3: Asymmetrical Rolled Updo for a Halter Dress

Glam up your Dutch braid by doing it diagonally and adding a couple of delicate flowers here and there. A bit messy and with a few strands from the bangs out, this hairstyle looks relaxed and romantic. A great option for a bride or a bridesmaid.


#4: Dutch Braids Hairstyle for Short Hair

Combine Dutch braids with loose waves to get this bombshell look. Weave two Dutch braids on top and let the rest of your hair fall into soft waves, adding some texture for a more stunning effect.

Party Hairstyle for Bob Length Hair

Instagram / @hairbykayti

#5: Fishtail Dutch Braid

This sophisticated hairstyle combines a fishtail Dutch side braid and a loose low ponytail. Loose face-framing strands make this lady look utterly charming. A quick tip: use a narrow section of hair to cover the elastic and make the style look flawless.

Low Ponytail with Fishtail Dutch Braid

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

#6: Braided Buns

Twist up your Dutch braids into two buns – braids give simple buns a more complex and attractive look without much effort. They look awesome, and they’re super cute. A great choice for a hot summer day, isn’t it?

Double Dutch Braids into Buns

Instagram / @selfbraidwoman

#7: Braided Hairstyle for a Special Occasion

Dressy and sexy, this Dutch braid hairstyle is definitely worth a special occasion. Beautiful Dutch braids are arranged into a voluminous bun at the nape. Loose strands help create the right vibe. Take note of how amazing this style looks on hair with highlights.

Special Occasion Hairstyle with Dutch Braids

Instagram / @updos.by.jocelyn

#8: Diagonal Dutch Braiding

If you’re looking for a Dutch braid style to accentuate your golden hair, scroll no further. Steal this diagonal braid updo to create a smart look. Don’t forget to leave a few loose strands to enhance the romantic feel.

#9: Dutch Braid Crown

It’s hard to take eyes off this fancy style! Crown braids and loose waves are what you need to create a bohemian look. Elegant and feminine, this Вutch braid hairstyle is perfect for a birthday girl.

Half Up Half Down with Accent Braids

Instagram / @sabrinadijkman

#10: Braided Hairstyle for Long Hair

Adorn your precious long locks with a Dutch braid on one side of your head. This style is an exceptionally flattering choice for blonde hair. Although you can use any braiding technique for it, a Dutch braid will look most attractive. Don’t forget to texture the rest of your hair for a more dramatic look.

Accent Dutch Braids with Hair Jewelry

Instagram / @hair.and.nina

#11: Braided Updo

You can easily achieve a stunning elegant look by braiding your hair into tight Dutch cornrows and arranging them into a braided bun at the nape. This style is ideal for both special occasions and office – it’s a case when your clothes and jewelry set the mood. Not to mention, this Dutch braid hairstyle can be your best choice if you want to style a protective hairstyle.

Braided Protective Hairstyle

Instagram / @emmy_signature

#12: Messy Crown to Steal the Looks

This classy Dutch braid crown with loose face-framing strands is an unbeatable choice for a bridesmaid. Romantic and elegant, it’s still reserved enough so that you are secured from stealing the bride’s thunder.

Dutch Crown Braid

Instagram / @hairspray_studio

#13: Dutch Braid Pigtails

If you want to rock your Dutch braids in a more casual way, consider these funky Dutch braid pigtails. Loose braids look way more voluminous, and leaving the ends undone helps achieve a carefree and effortless finish.

Under French Braids into Pigtails

Instagram / @poppy_hairstyles

#14: Half-Updo with Double Dutch Braids

This cute half-updo with Dutch braids is a win-win when you want to keep your face open and show off your hair length. The braids’ ends are masterfully arranged on top, and the remaining hair is styled into soft waves to achieve that awesome look.

Two Front Dutch Braids into a Bun

Instagram / @jessicadomoney

#15: Fancy Braids on Auburn Hair

With elaborate braid hairstyles like this one, you’re destined to have all eyes on you! The middle strand is braided into a French braid, while the side tresses are masterfully done into Dutch braids. We love how this hairstyle perfectly complements the auburn shade of the model’s hair.

Fantasy Braided Hairstyle

Instagram / @myhairstyle_xo

#16: Dutch Braided Pixie

If you have a pixie cut and want to be versatile without much effort, you can mix up your short hair look by adding a Dutch braid. Who told you there are not many hairstyles for short hair?

Dutch Braid Hairstyle for an Undercut Pixie

Instagram / @serahdoeshairahh

#17: Dutch Braiding for a Princess

Feel like a princess with this fabulous half up half down braided hairstyle and get a more romantic vibe too. For this look, create a double Dutch braid, one on each side of your head, lay them like a headband around your head, and let the remaining locks flow freely down your back.

#18: Dutch Braided Hairstyle for Your Special Day

We’ve fallen for this incredibly delicate hairstyle! A crown braid with flowers is a great option for a bride or bridesmaids. Look how beautifully light blue flowers complement the sandy blonde shade of the woman’s hair.

Showy Crown Braid Hairstyle

Instagram / @alexandralee1016

#19: Office-Approved Dutch Braids

This half updo is what you need if you’re dying to spice up your everyday office look. With not a hair out of place, this double Dutch braid style looks formal enough and at the same time helps create that cute romantic vibe.

Waterfall Dutch Braids

Instagram / @benczematee

#20: Dutch Braid on Short Hair

Dutch braid hairstyles are perfectly possible even if you have short hair. Just look at this beautiful lady who rocks a bold purple pixie-bob with Dutch braiding.

Dutch Braid Hairstyle for Short Hair

Instagram / @alex_haircraft

#21: Classic Updo with a Side Dutch Braid

This elegant hairstyle is simpler than it looks: two interlocking side Dutch braids are twisted into a bun. The enhanced volume in the center and face-framing wisps do a perfect job at adding a queen-like feeling to this style.

#22: Romantic Braids

Dutch braid hairstyles are always very feminine and romantic. Loose double Dutch braids behind the head look absolutely awesome on hair with highlights.

#23: Dutch Braids for Long Natural Hair

Why settle for two Dutch braids if you can have four? Check out this idea: two thicker braids are complemented by two thinner side braids. A great idea for a sweltering hot summer day!

Fishbone Braids for Black Hair

Instagram / @cachell_courtney

#24: Double Dutch

If you are wondering what makes each style of braid different, it’s all about the turn of the hand. Typical French braids are done by weaving three pieces of hair on top of each other, while a Dutch-style is braided with an underhanded technique that looks like two pieces of hair fused together.

Two Dutch Braids and a Low Ponytail

Instagram / @annalyncook

#25: Highlighted Crown

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a Dutch braid. Weaving one into a loose style allows you to get texture in your hairdo without taking away from the little bit of volume that you have.

Crown Fishtail Braid for Thin Hair

Instagram / @christinagunnell

#26: Cute Dutch Braids on Top

Check out this easy way to make a totally new look out of your lob with no curling iron and tons of hair mousse. To create this cute look, make two diagonal Dutch braids on top and use a couple of pins to arrange the loose ends into a rose bun.

#27: Formal Braid Updo

Formal occasions can be daunting, especially when it comes to deciding on a style that is elegant without being too stuffy. Upgrade a standard ballerina bun with a dutch braid crown wrapped around. Take it a step further with a reverse braid underneath the bun for a fun contrast of textures.

Dutch Braid and Bun Updo

Instagram / @braidsandstyles12

#28: Intricate Everyday Updo

Learning how to braid can seem challenging, but once you learn, it’s as easy as riding a bike. The thick blonde braids appear intricate, but with a simple tutorial this spiraled updo will be quite easy to duplicate. The delicate winding bun looks like the petals of a rose, which contrasts well with the edgy braids. This hard and soft pairing is also supported by the combination of the light hair and dark roots.

Four Braids and Bun Updo

Instagram / @braidstudio

#29: Multi-Texture Ponytail

Dutch braids can come in many different sizes, although most girls opt for larger variations to better show off the delicate details. Instead of choosing between the two, mix them for a truly unique style.

Ponytail with a Bouffant and Side Braid

Instagram / @abigaillrrose

#30: Pastel Pink Braided Mohawk

True Mohawk styles feature shaved sides that may not work for everyone’s lifestyle. Ladies who want an exciting weekend look can pin their hair towards the middle to mimic the edgy style. Make it pop even more with a vibrant color.

Pastel Pink Braided Mohawk Updo

Instagram / @modernsalon

#31: Messy Bun with Braids

Kick a low updo up a notch with the addition of side braids. The messy texture of the braids blends in with the loose knotted bun and fringe bangs. Have some fun by incorporating braids of different patterns into one overall style.

Two Dutch Braids and a Low Messy Bun

Instagram / @serenitysalon_lr

#32: Long Messy Braid

There is something romantic about a long braided style—just think of Rapunzel! Balance out the messy twisted tail with a dutch braid around the top. The polished appearance will contrast well with the edginess of the rest of the look.

#33: Lovely Loops

Besides the awesome weaved texture, one of the benefits of a dutch flower braid is the ability to show off variations in color. This is especially useful if you have a brown and blonde ombre or any two-toned dye job.

Blonde Updo with Chunky Braids

Instagram/ @alysssahare

#34: Circular Dutch Braid on Top

Steal this idea to make your everyday ponytail look like a piece of art. Although unusual and eye-catching, this is one of the Dutch braid hairstyles that are quite appropriate for a business meeting.

Front Braids into a High Ponytail

Instagram/ @mymirrorszeged

#35: Regal Ribbon Texture

Just because you know how to dutch braid does not mean that you have to be stuck with that basic pattern; build upon it for a ribbon-like style that is more intricate and exciting. While this is a very unique style, it is still polished enough for everyday wear.


#36: Gone Fishing

Girls usually opt for a Dutch fishtail braid to jazz up high or low ponytails. But they can also be used as a decorative accent in loose wavy styles. This will work best on women who have thicker strands.

Loose Hairstyle with a Side Dutch Braid

Instagram/ @mrsboyce18

#37: Jumbo Side Braid

Side styles are extremely popular and common, so if you want to make yours stand out why not to opt for a jumbo sized Dutch braid? The enlarged plait looks hip and also shows off the cool pattern of the style.

#38: Sweet and Stylish Side Braid

Young girls in search of an everyday style should look no further. The side braid is simple and adds just enough excitement to casual looks; perfect for those in high school or college who want to catch a crush’s eye.

Hairstyle with a Side Dutch Braid

Instagram/ @alex_haircraft

#39: Never Too Much Braiding

If you’re a lucky owner of silky long hair, there’s a whopping choice of hairstyles you can try. Dutch braids definitely deserve a special position on your list. This is a great example of how you can combine several different braiding techniques to create an unusual half updo.


#40: Side Inside-Out Braid and a Low Bun

This elaborate-looking yet simple-to-do hairstyle has so many attractions: a “backwards” French braid shaped into a low bun at the end, stunning blonde highlights for the light brown base, curled sassy framing layers.

Dutch Headband Braid and a Bun

Instagram/ @miky_hairstyle_

Braided updos and downdos are timeless for weddings, nights out in the city and casual daytime wear. Girls will always braid their beautiful long tresses, experimenting with styles and finishes. Try an inside-out braid for diversity and distinct braided looks to remain invariably gorgeous.

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