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Updated on August 17, 2021

While long, loose romantic locks are gorgeous, they are not always as practical for today’s busy woman as elegant updos. Having a roster of updo variations to use both at the office and out on the town will ensure you always have gorgeous hair without a tremendous amount of effort.

The Most Beautiful Elegant Updos For Every Occasion In Your Life

Some of the following updos we can picture as a part of your elegant casual look, and others can be considered for special events. You’ll certainly find here a couple of fresh interesting updo ideas!

1. Easy Braided Updo

This romantic updo is reminiscent of medieval princesses with a loose French braid tucked in at the bottom for a completely pulled up look. Soft, feminine and embracing of any wispy strands, this hairstyle is great for those who don’t have time to achieve the “perfect” hair but still want to look done up.

2. Knotted Bun Updo

If you look gorgeous with a deep side part, try this style on your long hair. This elegant updo is simple to style and soft enough to wear to an upscale event. Don’t worry – it is more durable than it looks and will stick with you for hours.

3. Beautiful Twisted Updo

Here is another complex-looking but simple elegant updo. You can get this look by making numerous twists and pinning them in place at the back to create this wonderful bun with fabulous texture.

4. Formal Updo for Long Hair

When it comes to elegant updos, this one looks pretty intricate. However, in reality it’s quite simple. Using small ponytails rolled into buns all over the head, you can complete this hairstyle on any hair type in less than 20 minutes.

5. Messy Texture, Elegant Shape

Messy is “in.” From celebrities to the everyday fashionista in the cubicle next to yours, messy locks have made quite an impact on today’s hair trends. By teasing your hair to add the “mess” and volume, you can achieve the great look like the one below. Remember not to over brush your locks – usually fingers work just fine.

6. Easy Elegant Headband Updo

Another hairstyle that looks much more difficult than it is, this look is simple enough for everyday wear but can still be fancied up enough for a formal occasion. Switch out the type of headband you use to determine how elegant you want the end style to look. A simple colored fabric headband is great for the office, while something with jewels or flowers will instantly make this ‘do fancier.

7. Chignon with Poof

Reminiscent of 1960s hairstyles gone by, the puffed up body of a hair “poof” combined with the elegant grace of a chignon make for a winning combination. Don’t be afraid to let some strands fly free while the rest of your locks sport this gorgeous, easy style.

8. Regency Ball Elegant Updo

Complex-looking and lovely, this hairstyle works well on thick or curly hair. Simply pull the hair into a mid-height ponytail, leaving a section of side hair out. Braid the secured pony and twist into a bun. Then, repeat with the loose section, securing it by wrapping it around to crown the bun.

9. Easy Wrapped Updo

Cute, modern and perfect for all hair types, this wrapped updo only requires some setting spray and hair pins. If you know how to tease your hair, it will look that much better in the end.

10. Ultimate Elegant Updo

Sometimes elegant-looking updos are a bit more complex and take some time. However, they are still easily achievable. For this hairstyle, you’ll need to divide your hair into 3 sections. Backcomb the central section, twist it and pin. And here all the major twisting, braiding and pinning begins.

11. Three Minute Woven Updo

Another complex-looking hairstyle, this one is actually quite-quick compared to other elegant updos listed here. Having sectioned off the hair on the top of your head as well as strands just above the ear line, you can start twisting and securing in various directions to achieve the woven look.

12. No-Frills Elegant Updo

This updo is far from difficult, and it’s also casual enough to wear to school or work. However, if you have a fancy affair coming up, that is great too. The trick to this hairstyle is to purchase a hair poffer at a beauty supply shop. Honestly, a children’s slap bracelet works just as well if you can’t find anything else!

13. Super Fast Chignon

When you’re in a hurry in the morning, you aren’t going to be considering elegant updos that take a lot of time or effort. This style works best on long, straight hair and doesn’t even require any hair pins to secure it. How’s that for quick and easy?

14. Big Twirl Updo

This is an awesome hairstyle for those thin-haired girls who want to add some volume and glamour to otherwise flat hair. It also works well with thick hair that is too heavy to wear down. In short, it’s ideal for all hair types, so give it a try. The Big Twirl is a throwback to elegant updos of eras past, and you can rock it at the office or save it for that next fancy gathering.

15. Bouffant Back Bun

The bouffant is no longer relegated to just the top of the head thanks to hairstyles like the bouffant back bun. Be sure your hair is straight and smooth enough to get a flat front and a big back section. This hairstyle will be tricky with curly hair, so it’s better to use a flat iron prior to trying it out.

16. Ballerina Bun

The most classic of all elegant updos, the ballerina bun can be styled into all hair types and lengths. This is another example of a hairstyle that doesn’t need to be 100% pulled together to still look gorgeous – wispy strands are just fine with this bun. The longer and thicker your hair is, the bigger the bun will be. It’s pretty difficult to avoid making this style look gorgeous.

17. Elegant Side Bun Updo With A Braid

Easier to style on damp hair, this wedding-inspired updo is appropriate for any occasion. French braid your hair starting above one ear and running it sideways along the nape of the neck towards another ear. Twist the bun, secure it with pins and spray.

When you feel like trying out some elegant updos for an upcoming big day, consider and test one of these. The strong majority of them are not only beautiful, but simple and versatile as well. Long haired girls hold the distinct advantage of being able to show off a wide array of various styles, so indulge!

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