Nikki Goddard
Updated on September 19, 2023

There is something charming about short gray hair! Whether it’s a classy bob cut or a low-maintenance pixie — your stunning silver locks won’t leave you unnoticed! Gray hair color works great for both mature ladies with silver hairs growing in and young girls looking for ashy tones to match their skin tones.

Check our list of the 30 trendiest short gray hairstyles that suit both colored and naturally gray hair, and take whatever inspires you the most!

1. Gray Bob with Wispy Layers

Gray hair may look beautiful as it is, especially when emphasized with the right haircut. If you want to enhance silver ribbons with a warmer shade, opt for a subtle root smudge using semi-permanent dye.

2. French Bob for Wavy Gray Hair

This is one of those cute short gray hairstyles that can reveal the sweet and flirty side of your personality. White blonde highlights also add to your hair texture and dimension, making your hairdo look exceptionally charming!

3. Silver-Gray Inverted Bob

The angled bob is one of the most flattering hairstyles for short gray hair. Blend your graying strands with white blonde tones to bring more volume to your look and accentuate your beautiful face. Add a pearl necklace to make this style genuinely elegant!

4. Charming White Hair with Lowlights

This shaggy cut is stylish as it is low-maintenance — an excellent solution for ladies looking for something easy and breezy. Tousled-up layers at the crown, along with bob curtain bangs, create that volume your fine hair may lack.

5. Sassy White Long Pixie

We are truly stunned by this gorgeous, modern pixie hairstyle in bright white tones! Messy styling adds texture and movement to the thin hair, boosting its volume at the top. Trendy and eye-catching!

6. Inspiring Short Gray Hair

If you prefer neat, elegant short haircuts, you will definitely love this hairdo, inspired by Carey Mulligan’s cut from 2014. Ashy blonde and light gray hues will complement your fair skin and emphasize the softness of your look.

7. Medium Shaggy Cut with Curtain Bangs

Layered gray hairstyles, like this shoulder-length choppy shag, look exceptionally voluminous and lightweight. The metallic silver shade will give an incredible glow to your locks and beautifully contrast your light skin tone.

8. Chic Comb Over Haircut for Gray Hair

This stunning pixie bob will definitely help you make a bold statement and showcase your interest in fashion. Whether you are a young lady or a mature woman, this hairdo will make you look fresh and aristocratic, especially in combination with this marvelous pearl blonde hue.

9. Mid-Length Cut in Silver Gray Tones

If you wish to make your fine hair look fuller and thicker, hair stylists recommend going for short haircuts with messy layers and a voluminous top. Side bangs and face-framing locks also add elegant notes of charm to this lovely gray hairdo.

10. Trendy Black and White Hair Style

Salt and pepper hairstyles are undoubtedly trending now, which makes them a perfect choice for women of all ages! To recreate this look, you need to incorporate white tones in your dark hair, concentrating most of the color on the frontal strands. This is how you add dimension to your short gray hair in a trendy way.

11. Naturally Wavy White Pixie Bob

Women with wavy hair will never have problems with volume. However, if you have long tresses in your 50+, you are more likely to notice your locks start losing their bounciness. For this reason, we highly recommend you choose short gray hairstyles, like the one in the pic.

12. Astonishing Ultra Short Silver Hair

The right haircut and hair color can do miracles to your hair! While quite daring, a short pixie puts facial features in the spotlight, while the dreamy shade of gray makes your skin shine like never before.

13. Choppy Pixie Bob for Gray Thin Hair

Pixie cuts suit not only naturally gray hair; however, silver shades undoubtedly make them look special! Therefore, you definitely need to try this bright tone of silver blonde, which will ideally accentuate your blue eyes.

14. Short Gray Shag for Fine Hair

Who told you that you aren’t allowed to experiment with your hair after 50? Even if you’re facing the issue of thinning hair, it doesn’t mean short hairstyles aren’t for you. The trick is to find the option that will match your gray hair color and boost the volume of your locks! For instance, this shaggy cut is a real catch for older women.

15. Short Spiky Pixie in Gray Shade

If you are confident enough to go for drastic changes in your style, this idea may come in handy. Edgy, bright, and eye-catching, the pixie haircut with short spikes will emphasize your creativity and allow you to stand out.

16. Blunt Silver Hair with Dark Roots

The blunt bob is an excellent example of a stylish, low-maintenance haircut that fits all women regardless of their age and face shape. However, if you want to balance your long face or hide a high forehead, ask your stylist for a fringe as well.

17. Gray Long Pixie Style with Choppy Layers

Add some boldness to your style with this catchy long pixie with stacked layers and side-swept bangs. This haircut looks cool and captivating as it is, but you can make it even more fascinating by bringing more depth and texture with silver crown highlights.

18. Neat Bob Cut for Gray-Haired Ladies

Conservative from first sight, this smooth, ear-length bob is probably one of the most popular and versatile options here, as it suits any appearance and any occasion. Pay attention to its rounded shape, which makes short gray hair look more voluminous and fuller.

19. Short Layered Cut with Long Bangs

This icy silver pixie hairstyle will definitely make you look more youthful and sassier. Soft layers will deliver fullness to your thin tresses; long bangs will visually elongate your short gray hair, covering your high forehead.

20. Bold Silver Shag for Warm Skin Tones

Gray hair styles with pastel purple or lavender shades work awesome for brunettes, as they bring depth to the color and accentuate hair texture. And be sure — these cool gray tones will look mesmerizing on women with a warm complexion.

21. Platinum Gray Locks and Dark Roots

Some people may still associate gray hair with a sign of old age, but because many young fashionistas follow this trend now, it’s become something very desirable! Try silver blonde balayage with shadow roots to spice up your hair and allow it to grow out beautifully.

22. Sleek Gray Bob with Wispy Bangs

If you have straight short hair packed in a classic bob, a mix of gray hair color with lighter shades will significantly brighten up your look. Blended silver highlights bring more shine and dimension to your mane, drawing more attention to your new short haircut.

23. Salt and Pepper Crop Cut

Be creative and experiment with different shades of gray to create this stunning cool-toned silver-brown balayage on your short hair. Perfect for older women who want to make a statement!

24. Comb Over Pixie Haircut in Silver Tones

Why cover the fact that your hair is going gray if you can show off the beauty of your silver locks with a new, stylish haircut? Short hairstyles, like this pixie cut, are easy to style and maintain, plus they suit all face shapes.

25. Catchy Platinum Gray Bowl Cut

Don’t be afraid of light gray hues if you have a fair complexion, as the right shade of silver will instantly enhance the radiance of your skin tone. Combine this gorgeous hair color with a trendy mushroom cut to stun everyone with your upgraded short hair.

26. Silver Highlights on Dark Gray Hair

If you think your black hair lacks brightness, you can always spice it up with a splash of white highlights. Salt and pepper curls look much prettier; besides, there’s something cinematic about black-and-white hairstyles.

27. Chin-Length Gray Bob for Thick Hair

A combination of icy gray tones and soft, short layers makes your hair look light as a feather — exactly what ladies with thick mane need. Such haircuts are also easy to style: blow dry your locks for a few minutes, and you’re done!

28. Side-Parted Waves with Ash Blonde Ribbons

White shades may blend in with your fair skin, which is why you’d better go for silver or ashy highlights. This will complement the dark base and brighten up your short gray hair.

29. Lovely Silver Bob for Round Face Shape

Check this modern, youthful bob for short hair if you are looking for something that conveys style and elegance. It’s not necessary to go for fully gray hair to keep up with the trends, better mix cool and warm tones of silver to come up with something truly unique!

30. A-Line Lob with Blended Highlights

When it comes to short hairstyles for thin hair types, we usually think of something layered and messy, but this time we offer you pay attention to an angled blunt lob. With blended highlights, you don’t even have to worry about your growing roots anymore, as your natural color will beautifully transition into lighter shades.

Now, with this collection of inspiring short and mid-length gray hairstyles, you will certainly borrow a couple of ideas for your new look. So, call your stylist and get ready to grab everyone’s attention with an awe-inspiring gray hairstyle!

Long White Bob with Dark Gray Lowlights Short Wavy Bob with Bangs Colored Gray Naturally Gray Short Stacked Bob Young Girl with Messy Gray Bob with Curtain Bangs White Blonde Messy Long Pixie Very Short Neat Pixie Dyed Gray Shade Trendy Gray Lob with Curtain Bangs for a Young Lady Platinum Gray Pixie for Women over 40 Gray Bob Cut with a Blue Tint on Asian Hair Inverted White Color Bob with Black Streaks Wavy Bixie Haircut for Gray Hair White Gray Hair Bob with Bangs and Face Framing Layers Messy Icy Blonde Pixie with Gray Roots Ash Blonde Bob with Shadow Root for Older Women Short Spiky Gray Shade Pixie Sleek Bob with Gray Brown Hue and Black Roots Layered Gray Pixie with Long Bangs and White Highlights Undercut Pixie Bob on Pin Straight Gray Hair Edgy Gray Pixie with Bangs for Young Women Gray Pixie Mullet with Root Shadow Light Gray Babylights and Natural Black Roots Hair Color for Olver 50 for Blending Gray Hair Short Tapered Pixie with Gray Highlights on Top Sassy Gray Pixie with Bangs Combover Bowl Haircut on Light Gray Hair Gray Brown Bob with Creamy Blonde Highlgihts Gray Pixie Bob with Deep Root Color Short Ash Brown Hair with Gray Balayage Cool Gray Tone on One Length Rounded Bob Cut Short Bob with Dimensional Gray Balayage