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Updated on December 20, 2023
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The #GrayHairMovement is happening all around us! I’ve found a welcoming tribe of like-minded women and invite you to join me in becoming part of the #GrayHairTransition taking over social media. With the world of style, fashion and hair laid out before us in true techno-color, I was instantly mesmerized by the brave and beautiful women already sharing their silver hair journeys. Check out 11 gray hair blogs you’ll like and love!

1. Nikol Johnson Sanchez @freshbeautystudio

Nikol is one of the original leaders in the gray hair movement. A model, beauty expert and online influencer, she’s someone to watch, if you want to really understand how to go gray gracefully. Her YouTube videos are also an amazing tool, walking us all through the steps of her own transition while providing inspiration for our own.

2. Annika von Holdt @annikavonholdt

Annika is an award winning author as well as lifestyle blogger. Her style is undeniable and the images she shares promise a life filled with beauty, travel and peacefulness. After visiting her instagram feed and website, you’ll want to find out her secrets to a life well-lived. As an added bonus, her support of the gray hair movement is inspiring to all of us no matter where we are in our transition.

3. @grombre

The first line of this account’s bio on Instagram says it all: “Going grey with (grohm) (bray). A radical celebration of the natural phenomenon of grey hair”. You’re going to want to follow this gray hair blog to see the latest in photos of women in their transition. They offer t-shirts with sayings such as “Let Your Silver Do the Talking” and “Salt & Pepper On Top” that help women celebrate their natural beauty. I think I know the next shirt on my purchase list!

4. Silvina Neder @silvinaneder

Ms. Neder is an icon in her own right, having reinvented herself in her 40’s when she decided to pursue her life’s dreams and embrace her natural gray haired beauty. She describes herself as a Model, Actor and Yoga Student as well as a Life and Dreamed-Job-Achievement Mentor. Her website quotes her as saying, “Now I aim to help other people to be brave to be aware of what they want, and to follow their dreams. My goal is to inspire anyone who is willing to, to become the person they want to be.” This is a perfect accompaniment to the gray hair movement and validation of why Silvina is an influencer to watch in this space.

5. Nina @Naturally_Graysful

Nina is number five on my list of Instagrammers to follow in the Gray Hair Movement. Her uplifting posts and thoughtful comments are a constant source of encouragement for those of us starting out on this natural hair journey. I highly encourage you to check out her page for inspiring images, quotes and comments.

6. Regina Burton @burtonregina

Regina is an international model, fashion icon and business woman who has found her stride among the gray hair influencers. Her timeless beauty and unique style are enhanced by her silvery locks. She makes us all want to show our true colors in life.

7. Grece Ghanem @greceghanem

Grece is jetsetting around the globe from New York to Montreal all the while sporting her glorious outfits and glamourous gray bob. She is the epitome of style and luxury amongst the movement. She shows a metropolitan side to fashion that I want to keep an eye on, don’t you?

8. Linda Rodin @lindaandwinks

Saving one of the best towards the end, let me introduce you to Linda Rodin, the stylist behind the brand Linda and Winks. This is a lifestyle company for the dog lover in all of us, where Ms. Rodin calls upon her miniature silver poodle, Winks as her inspiration to produce a special line of dog collars and leashes. These products, made out of faux leather and 100% pre-washed cotton denim are the perfect accompaniment to Linda’s style and beauty all highlighted by her gray haired looks. Not just for the animal lover, this is an account you’ll all want to follow for the sheer fun and frivolity it represents.

9. Lisa Maynard @Beauty101byLisa

It doesn’t have to be said that Lisa is beautiful. Many of her pictures are striking. When you look at Lisa’s images, you’ll want to join the gray hair movement too. I mean, if we can all look like this at 50 (I’m three years away so something to look forward to) why wouldn’t we do it? She also has a sense of style that is uniquely her own that I admire.

10. Dian Griesel @silverdisobedience

Finally, at number 11, Dian Griesel is a true rebel who believes beauty is ageless. She is a model and influencer, sharing her daily meditations with the world. Her gray hair blog is filled with wonderful images of joy and living life to its fullest. I highly recommend checking her out for daily inspiration no matter where you are in your gray hair transition.

Once you start looking into this movement, I know you’ll find as I have that there is no shortage of amazing women (and some men) who are blazing the way for the rest of us who want to join the gray hair movement. It’s because of their openness and bravery that I’ve had the courage to post my own transition photos.

So, if you are secretly having thoughts about breaking out of the hair coloring mode and exploring your natural hair no matter the color, you can rest assured these women will be there to support you. I have been welcomed into the movement and I’m only about 90 days in to the transition.

And, if you want to join in the movement, I for one, will be in the Instagram-world ready and waiting to be your cheerleader and help you shout from the rooftops, “Hey world, this is The Authentic Me!”

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