30 Lavender Hair Color Ideas for Your Next Big Change

Lavender hair color seems to be slowly conquering the world. Lavender comes in an impressive range of hues, from pastel and dusty to bright and intense, allowing you to choose the shade that will best suit your hair texture, eye color, skin tone, and, importantly, your personality.

Amazing Lavender Hair Color Ideas to Get You Inspired

You can dye your hair all-lavender, go for lavender highlights, underlayer color, or embrace the trendy color block. Plethora of shades and the impressive choice of ways to spice up your tresses with lavender allow you to come up with a truly unique solution. Browse our top 30 ideas to get some inspo for your next hair transformation.

#1: Dreamy Lavender with Darker Roots

This dashing lavender hair color is the result of elaborately mixing different shades of lavender that get lighter from roots to ends. Darker roots do a great job adding dimension and depth and perfectly blend with the natural dark brown hair.

Lavender Hairstyle with Blended Natural Roots

Instagram / @unique_donna

#2: Lavender Money Piece

Adding lavender face-framing streaks is another awesome way to tap into the lavender hair color trend. Lavender money piece works wonders juicing up this sleek asymmetrical bob and helps accentuate the girl’s regular facial features and beautiful skin tone.

Short Bob with Long Side Bangs and Lavender Face Framing Streaks

Instagram / @eunicekimhair

#3: Dark Lavender Hair

Ladies with porcelain skin tones can never go wrong with a darker shade of lavender. Dark lavender hair that gradually fades to a lighter color helps brighten up your face and draw attention to your eyes.

Dark Brown Hair with Lavender Balayage

Instagram / @aaashleee

#4: Juicy Lavender Roots

Instead of the average black or brown roots, consider eye-popping bright lavender cascading into a platinum blonde lavender shade. The high-shine metallic finish will go a long way toward making your locks shine through.

Metallic White Hair with Vivid Lavender Roots

Instagram / @cgannhair

#5: Blonde Lavender Hair Color

Blonde lavender hair is destined to turn heads, especially if you boast long wavy locks. To make your lavender bloom longer, don’t forget about the proper maintenance. Use heat protectant and purple shampoo to keep brass away, and never skip nourishing your tresses for an ultimate shine.

#6: Lavender Bob

This gorgeous wavy bob features a sophisticated transition from dark roots to pastel pink lavender ends. Steal this idea if you find it hard choosing a single hue from the rich lavender palette.

Asymmetric Violet Lavender Bob

Instagram / @xcellent_jessie

#7: Dusty Lavender Waves

Pastel shades remain a hot trend, so why not combine it with your unconditional love for the lavender color? Dusty, pastel lavender looks especially elegant on long wavy hair and pairs so well with neutral complexions!

Dusty Lavender Beige Hair Color

Instagram / @toniiii_j_hair

#8: Pastel Hair with Bright Lavender Underlayer

If you are tempted by bright lavender hair colors but your style calls for something less remarkable, we know the solution! To get the best of both worlds, you can go for ashy lavender hair with a brighter underlayer. Your brighter ego can be easily packed into a low bun or emphasized with the help of braiding.

Lavender Brown Hair Color

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#9: Pale Lavender

If you have platinum blonde hair and would love to try something totally new and fresh with minimum commitment, get some pale lavender hair dye. Light lavender hue amazingly complements medium and neutral complexions and makes a great choice for virtually any hair type.

Platinum Blonde Hair with Subtle Lavender Tint

Instagram / @lpk_moonriver

#10: Fairy-Tale Purple Hair

You might want to embrace a warmer lavender hue if you have a honey skin tone. However, remember that such an intense lavender hair color calls for proper maintenance. To keep them bright and shiny for longer, wash your lavender locks with lukewarm or cold water and use shampoo for color treated hair.

Layered Bob with Feathered Curtain Bangs Dyed Purple Lavender

Instagram / @cococutshair

#11: Lavender Faux Hawk

Hair colors and cuts are a tried-and-true way to express your personality. If you’re a strong and daring girl but remain soft and romantic inside, here’s a bombshell combination to take into account. A bold faux hawk with undercut stands for strong personality, while pure lavender color is all about femininity.

Short Undercut Metallic Lavender Hair

Instagram / @nicky_henno

#12: Lavender Ombré

Looking for ways to enhance your natural dark brown hair? Consider lavender ombré. Dark brown seamlessly blends into a subtle lavender tint, the lack of striking contrast making this hair look really elegant and chic.

Dark Lavender Hair Color

Instagram / @kimwasabi

#13: Ombré Bob

If you find that your flattering blunt bob is nothing unusual but want it to be more distinct, spicing it up with a pop of color is your best way to go. The dazzling purple highlights successfully combines warm and cool lavender shades to make this bob stand out.

Pink Bob with Lavender Highlights

Instagram / @tatumshanehair

#14: Lavender for Natural Locks

Dyeing natural hair lavender might take a long time, but the result is definitely worth it. To beautifully accent your skin, choose a warm, light lavender hue with a rose gold tint.

Rose Gold Lavender Hair Afro

Instagram / @hlbutton

#15: Lavender Bangs

While lavender hair color comes in a broad variety of hues, pastel lavender remains the most popular. The secret is that dusty lavender shades go well with all skin tones and flatter virtually any hair texture.

Lilac Hairstyle with Bangs

Instagram / @ipaintyellow

#16: Lavender Blue Shade

Lavender highlights on a silver base do an awesome job brightening fair skin tones and accentuating facial features. The extraordinary combination of lavender strands and a silvery hue looks absolutely amazing on wavy hair, helping you achieve a romantic mermaid look.

Silver and Lavender Hair with Dark Roots

Instagram / @seolahair

#17: Luscious Lavender Locks

This rich lavender shade will surely make your heart skip a beat if you’re a fan of unusual hair colors. Lavender hair color looks really chic on shiny long hair.

Warm Toned Lilac Hair Dye

Instagram / @msnataliejean

#18: Lavender Pixie Cut

Don’t you think that daring pixies and bright colors have been made for one another? While pixie is already a statement, embracing lavender hair color is sure to turn heads.

Short Lavender Colored Pixie

Instagram / @jamararosshair

#19: Dusty Lilac

Dusty lilac hair looks amazing when combined with dark roots. This fancy color combination provides the illusion of volume and depth to make your dusty purple hair glow.

Dusty Lavender Balayage on Brown Hair

Instagram / @bescene

#20: Subtle Lavender Streaks

All those lovely pastels and jazzy purple hues call for a substantial bleaching job if you have dark hair. If you don’t feel like bleaching your precious tresses, you can always opt for a subtle lavender tint over your natural shade.

Chunky Purple Lavender Streaks in Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @hairby__mayu__

#21: Light Lavender Underlayer

If you crave to inject some bright color into your normal hair, lavender is a trendy solution you might want to try. For dark natural color, go for a light lavender underlayer, while more intense, darker shades of purple will perfectly complement blonde locks.

Dark Base with Lavender Peekaboo Hair

Instagram / @ans0403

#22: Dusty Lavender Balayage

This gorgeous balayage features a smooth transition from naturally dark roots to delicate light brown and dusty lavender shades. Dark base helps lavender strands distinctively stand out. A quick tip: for the best effect, choose a lavender hue that will best match your eye color.

Icy Lavender Balayage in Dark Brown Hair

Instagram / @hairbynoora

#23: Electric Lavender Hair

If you crave to stand out from the crowd, the electric lavender hair might be what you’re looking for. Embracing this stunning violet shade is a great way to express yourself and show that you are not afraid to experiment.

Vivid Purple and Lavender Hairstyle

Instagram / @pinkdagger

#24: Dark Lavender Roots

The intense purple hue on the roots draws attention to your eyes, while silvery lavender strands add a mermaid vibe. Perfect for young girls, these colors make for an incredibly romantic look when your hair is arranged in dutch braids.

Lavender Pastel Hair with Root Smudge

Instagram / @sammiiwang

#25: Pastel Lavender Pixie

A pixie cut has won the love of millions of women around the globe since it requires little maintenance and allows you to create an edgy look. If you look to going edgier and dyeing your pixie, consider a trendy lavender shade.

#26: Color Block Hair

Color block hair seems to be gaining traction, so why not pair this hot trend with the lavender hair obsession? For your color block, choose the hue that best suits your base hair and eye color.

Lavender and Brown Block Colored Hair

Instagram / @pinkdagger

#27: Rose Lavender Hair

Lavender color comes in a whopping variety of shades and subtones, giving you ample choice when it comes to selecting the hue that can best reflect your personality. Dreamy rose lavender is ideal for romantic girls who love standing out from the crowd.

#28: Captivating Dark Lavender

Dark lavender hair color is an ideal way to embrace the trend without going too dramatic and noticeable. You can experiment with the color, choosing to dye your entire head or just adding a couple of lavender streaks to spice up your naturally dark tresses.

Dark Dusty Lavender and Black Hair

Instagram / @kimwasabi

#29: Vivid Purple

If you don’t mind going brighter, go for a vivid purple shade. The right hue of purple, hand picked to perfectly blend with your natural hair color, will help you avoid trouble with growing out roots.

Messy Short Hair with Purplish Lavender Hue

Instagram / @seolahair

#30: Silver and Lavender Coils

Breathe life and a pop of color in your super short coils through dyeing them lavender. This fancy combination of silvery and more saturated purple hues looks extremely feminine and beautifully complements darker skin tones.

Short Dimensional Purple and Lavender Coils

Instagram / @korluhairartist

Lavender hair color is a trendy way to jazz up your personal style and express your vibrant personality. When choosing lavender as your statement color, don’t overlook getting into a proper maintenance routine to help your mermaid tresses glow longer.