Blonde, Red, Brown, Ombre-ed and Highlighted Pixie Cuts for Any Taste

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A short and sassy pixie has become extremely popular in many hairstylists’ chairs. What was once an edgy haircut has become the standard for women seeking a streamlined and polished look. In order to add some punch to your new pixie cut, we recommend adding in a lovely or fun color. From rich dark dyes to punchy primary hues, we have 40 looks below that are sure to inspire.

Colorful Pixie Cuts

It’s much easier and safer to try new hues on shorter lengths. A cool short cut plus a stunning hair color is a winning combo and a nice way to change your appearance drastically, if it’s something you are in the mood for!

#1: Layered Brown-Purple Pixie

Forget fifty shades of grey and instead go for fifty shades of purple! By combining multiple violet hues, you can transform a standard layered pixie cut into something very interesting and chic.

#2: Lavender Pixie Cut with Highlights

When you want to rock a fun color like lavender, the darkened roots are a way to make your hair color more sophisticated. This creates depth and keeps your edgy cut from looking overwhelming. Plus, incorporating the darker elements makes the hue less sweet.

#3: Bleach Blonde Pixie Cut As Fauxhawk

Bleach blonde hair is a favorite among rock stars due to its ability to be sexy and sweet at the same time. Take a cue from a style icon like Gwen Stefani and pair your hue with a signature red lip.

#4: Bleach Blonde Pixie

Having a bleach blonde look is the best move to make when your hair is shorter. As we all know, bleaching hair can affect the health of your tresses; however, with a short do – you’re free to explore color!

#5: Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

This platinum pixie cut puts a smile on anyone’s face! New variations of trendy pixie hair colors include ash blonde balayage solutions which can be multi-tonal or two tone, like in this example.

#6: Magenta Pixie Cut

Images like this one always catch the eye and don’t leave anyone indifferent. This lady must work in a creative field or be a trendsetter. A daring look for a daring woman.

#7: Black Pixie Cut

Hair pigmented green used to be nonsense, not anymore. This black pixie features green peekaboo highlights in the bangs, turning a common style into a chic hairdo that doesn’t need any special styling to look gorgeous.

#8: Black Choppy Pixie

No pixie cut gallery is complete without a choppy pixie. This is an example of a must have in the world of short hair. A brunette pixie for thick hair can stand out with its texture, while the color may remain natural.

#9: Colorful Pixie Cut

This modern brown pixie cut is upgraded with a side undercut and e few colorful feathers that work as a stunning accent you can pair with the colors of your clothes, accessories or makeup.

#10: Layered Pixie Cut

Colorful, bleached or natural, pixies look great on African American women. This cut boast expertly cut layers throughout that increase in length towards the bangs. We love the warm orange-y hue of this blonde that flatters the girl’s skin tone so much.

#11: Frosty Pixie Cut

Sleek and elegant, this platinum blonde pixie bob creates a layer of intrigue that surrounds whoever is rocking the style. The black underlayer peeking through the edges makes a dramatic contrast to the main color and pairs beautifully with dark eyebrows and eyelashes.

#12: Fuchsia Pixie Cut

A fuchsia hair cut or a shocking pink pixie cut sounds like a challenge and looks like a wig, but if it’s something your personally asks for in terms of self-expression, why not? The style appears pretty “refreshing” in the world filled with black and white.

#13: Choppy Brown Pixie

For the coffee queens out there, why not profess your undying love for the beverage by coloring your hair multiple shades of brown. The base color may be a beautiful deep mocha, while the highlights a nice swirly milk chocolate.

Brunette Pixie Cut

Instagram/ @hairstorystudio

#14: Snowflake Pixie Cut

They say no two snowflakes are identical. Some stylists would claim the same about haircuts and hair colors. Each one takes on its own unique flavor, because every woman holds her own unique essence. What does your pixie hair color say about you?

#15: Shades of Purple Pixie Cut

This hairstyle is a gift that keeps on giving. In the cut, in the color, and in the texture, it’s a beautiful version to illustrate the pastel hair trend. This pixie cut with highlights is a colorful dream. Make it come true.

#16: Fauxhawk Pixie

Black and blonde or brown and blonde two tone hair is popular again, but this time not as blonde highlights in dark hair, but as a coloristic solution for undercut hairstyles that helps to distinguish different lengths and textures within your haircut. Times are changing – don’t get left behind. This silver fox fauxhawk is perfect for any woman on a mission. Use a blow dryer or try a diffuser to style your hawk in voluminous waves.

#17: Red Wine Pixie

This red pixie cut is no mere red pixie cut. It’s choppy, with subtle highlights and awesome acicular texture. The color is flattering for both fair skin tones and tanned skin.

#18: Foxtail Pixie

Unleash your spirit animal with your new haircut. Trendy colorful hairstyles come and go, so make yours personal and unique to you as an individual. Red lips, perfect brows, your foxtail do, and you’re good to go. Make the world a brighter place with your inner light.

#19: Sky Blue Pixie Cut

This is not your everyday pixie cut. This is a short hair style of the future. You don’t need to have long tresses to rock a cool undercut. This ombre pixie cut works on just about any and all hair lengths! Whatever your hairstyle, know that you run the show – not your hair.

#20: Sea Shore Pixie

If teal is your favorite color, and you’ve always been looking for a way to apply it to your do – look no further! This subtle but striking pixie cut with teal highlights is one of those color ideas that comes along every so often. Definitely have a skilled hand hook you up with this look.

#21: Crimson Pixie Cut

Short hair cut in layers makes a stunning look of a sassy girl. If that’s not enough, you can enhance it with a bright red hair color which is, of course, not solid. Dark roots and subtle highlights add class and sophistication to the style that could be otherwise classified as funky and even gaudy.

Short Asymmetrical Haircut

Instagram/ @lapomponnee

#22: Silver Colored Pixie

While the younger generation is experimenting with the granny hair craze, the older generation is ramping up the future of colored hair. Ash blonde pixie cuts like this have more than a little bit of edge! The pastel blue roots and light purple highlights make all the difference for the overall look.

#23: Gray and Blue Pixie

What new pixie hair color to pick? Ash blonde or gray hues are now among the most popular choices. If you are young, gray does not age you – give it a test run. Throw some pastel blue highlights into the mix if you want to go further.

#24: Chin-Length Fuschia Cut with Etched Design

This is not a classic pixie cut. The cool fuschia pixie-bob is an edgy alternative to the popular today short haircuts in candy-coated and pink pastel colors. Blunt bangs and chin-length choppy layers provide a great texture and cute silhouette of the cut. If you want to try a design, but don’t want to rock it every day, get an undercut that you only showcase when you pin your hair up.

#25: Pixie with Long Side Bangs

The edginess in this look comes from the drastic difference in lengths between the long bang and the length of the cut. The ash brown base color with thin dark blonde highlights creates a shimmering effect throughout your style that is an elegant touch to such a sassy cut.

#26: Red Pixie Cut With Brown Striped Mohawk

Square face shapes can benefit from short haircuts with textured top. With clipped sides and a design towards the nape, it is best to reserve any color for the central section to keep the look from seeming too gimmicky and cluttered.

#27: Asymmetrical Cut with Long Side Bang

Sweet waves and shaggy layers are always an appealing combination, but if you want a look that is different from everyone else’s, simply inject a pop of color. Side bangs are also wonderful to balance out thin faces.

#28: Curly Bangs for Long Faces

Balance out your bouncy side bang with shorter curls in the back. This brunette pixie cut with a side part really complements long face shapes.

#29: Pixie With Edgy Layered Bangs

Relaxed black hair looks shinier and healthier in a natural black hue. But, if you crave for a color, try layering and white blonde highlights throughout your bang. This technique is helpful because you can use clip-in pieces to protect your hair from damaging bleach.

#30: Creamsicle Waves

By mixing platinum roots with golden copper ends you create a white and orange effect similar to everyone’s favorite ice cream—the creamsicle! Keep the style from falling flat with a retro pompadour styled in a modern way.

#31: Spiked Brunette Pixie with Brown Blonde Highlights

Show off chiseled cheekbones by drawing attention to them with a spunky bang. This style is perfect for a night spent club hopping with your gal pals.

#32: Asymmetrical Brown Curls with Violet Accents

An asymmetrical bang is all the rage because it flatters most face shapes. Sweet medium curls are the perfect pairing with an edgy brunette pixie cut that boasts closely cropped sides and colorful highlights.

#33: Blonde Faux Mohawk with Bangs

If you want to wear a fringe with your pixie, but are worried about a look that is reminiscent of a bowl cut, it is important to add layers to the top section and get the sides clipped short. These two points create an edgy Mohawk-inspired style, while still providing a length on top.

textured platinum blonde pixie

Instagram/ @jacquelynmarieh

#34: Brown Pixie Cut with Layered Side Bang

Sometimes it’s best to stick with the tried and true styles. A rich mahogany pixie with long layers is a classic look that can work for any occasion and in any setting.

#35: Very Short Cut with Green Bang

Here is another great example of playing with proportions. You can use it to achieve an edgy result. This stunning pixie also incorporates a color for a truly head-turning hairstyle. The green ombre side bang still manages to appear lightweight and charming.

#36: Pixie Cut with Purple Highlights

Soft waves are usually romantic, but when combined with a shaved design and violet highlights, they become tough and exciting. It is a great way to show off your individuality, especially if you work in a creative environment.

#37: Jet Black Pixie With Choppy Layers

African American women with relaxed or straightened hair should receive regular trims, as using chemicals can lead to split ends and breakage. A layered hairstyle such as this is easy to maintain – it will keep its shape and lovely texture between the trims.

#38: Retro Wavy Fiery Red Style

Rock a red pixie cut with flair by combining different red shades to achieve an ombre effect. Create texture with flat curls that add a wave-like effect to the front of your style. This hairdo is perfect for women who don’t wear a lot of makeup, as the color will brighten your complexion and add vibrancy.

#39: Rainbow Pixie for Round Faces

Use many different colors to create one huge impact; this style blends red and yellow but you could try any color for a similar effect. Long layers on one side elongate round faces for a slimmer look.

#40: Blue Pixie Cut for Heart Shaped Faces

This is a proof that you can sport colored hair at any age. It is all about your confidence and personal style. To balance out the shades of dark blue, stick with sleek layers all around.

Pixie is a universally flattering style that can be worn in a variety of different ways – curly, wavy, straight, messy, sleek, asymmetrical and with a color pop. While the hairdo usually has the reputation of being buttoned-up, these looks show that with a healthy dose of color the classic haircut can be transformed.

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