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Updated on May 06, 2021

There’s never been a better time to play with hair color. It seems all the colors of the rainbow are having their days in the sun, but no ‘do is as widely embraced as violet hair. Whether worn long and sleek or short and wavy, purple locks are everywhere. Get some hair inspiration by checking out 20 of the hottest violet hairstyles ever.

Violet Hair Ideas

Violet as a hair color pairs beautifully with chocolate brown and can enliven an ash blonde look. If you want a more complicated color solution, use violet in balayage highlights added to your natural hair color. You can mix these with highlights in other shades. Violet looks beautiful with burgundy, fuchsia, blue and teal. More ideas can be found below.

1. Silvery Dream

Make your hair shine bright like a diamond. Try a violet blonde shade with silver undertones or highlights and you will look every bit the jeweled goddess.

2. Bright Purple Tresses

Have some fun with your violet hair color and show it off the right way by curling it in loose, lovely beach waves. This will add a soft, feminine touch that is irresistible.

3. Deep Plum Locks

Purple hair doesn’t need to go the Crayola route. Try a toned-down, deeper version! Rich, plum hair is best for those who want to avoid going too bright.

4. Perfectly Blended Violet

A well-blended, violet balayage ‘do will transport you to “cool girl” status in an instant. Try to keep both the brown and violet shades with a matte, ashy finish for the ultimate chic vibe. With this hair, everyone’s going to want to sit at your table.

5. 50 Shades of Purple

If you’re torn between what violet hair color to go with, stop racking your brain and go with all the shades you can think of. Add some dimension by mixing bright, neon purples with soft, ashy lilacs. Your hair will have some personality and character that can’t be denied.

6. Long, Lilac Ombré

Go for a two-toned violet ombre that combines a bright, primary purple and a berry-colored violet. Two shades will add vitality and dimension to the look!

7. Black, Blue and Purple All Over

Tired of your boring old black hair and not sure what to do with it? Give it the blue and purple treatment with a blended ombre look that is definitely a walk on the wild side.

8. Violet Balayage

Perfectly weaved violet black hair color is making quite the statement these days. Jump on board the trend train and create a gradient by either sticking to your natural dark roots or dying them brown. Then, blend the bright purple hair color into the hair, starting just below the crown.

9. Purple Shag

The neon lilac look is incredibly chic, but not the easiest to achieve, especially for those with naturally dark hair. With an experienced colorist and color-enhancing home products, this vibrant look is totally worth the work.

10. Purple Pancaked Braid

Be the unicorn of your crew with pastel violet hair styled in an elaborate pancake braid. Pancaking involves tugging at a braid to make it fuller and flatter. Pancaking a Dutch braid around the top of the head and finishing with an intricate fishtail braid along the side makes for an elaborate and beautiful formal ‘do.

11. Amethyst Highlights

Jewel-toned highlights and low lights will make your hair glisten and shine like no other. Try a dual-toned effect that mixes two shades of violet hair. The results are dazzling.

12. Berry Beautiful Hair

Boysenberry, blueberry and raspberry are all types of delicious berries. They also happen to be even more delicious hair colors. Create a fruit cocktail of sorts with your hair and combine all three into a highlighted look that will have you looking amazing.

13. Neon Dream Machine

Go for a look that’s positively striking by opting for two shades of deep violet. Start with a brighter shade up top and transition to a pinkish magenta on the bottom.

14. Indigo Blended Long Bob

Dark violet hair is about as striking as it gets, and you don’t need long, layered locks to make it work. Try purple highlights in your trendy, curled long bob and show people how you live life on the cutting edge of style.

15. Big, Braided Updo

Who says updos need to be buns or intricate chignons? Add some class to that bright and light violet hair of yours by creating a large, thick Dutch braid down the center of the hair. Make sure it’s loose and full, to make it look more formal and updo-ish.

16. Angular Violet Bob

Get the edgiest look in town by trying an angular long bob that hits at the shoulders in the front and at the nape of the neck in the back. To add even more “cool points” to the look, create a silver ombre effect that starts with purple and transitions nicely to a sleek grey.

17. Pretty Purple Ringlets

Crazy wayward curls are meant to stand out, so why not go the extra mile and color them a hot shade of purple? These grape-colored ringlets add a cool funky vibe to your luscious locks. Just make sure you keep your hair hydrated with moisture-packed hair products as the violet hair dye and process can dry it out.

18. Silky, Purple Waves

Not feeling the vivid purple look? Go more subtle with a violet brown color that looks almost natural. Don’t worry, the hint of purple is still visible enough to show off your adventurous side.

19. Plum Purple Half-Updo

Keep your pretty purple hair in the chicest of forms by styling it accordingly. Braided half-updos are ideal as they look high maintenance without actually being high maintenance.

20. Light, Bright and Violet

Go for the ultimate pixie look with cool-toned violet hair color. The icy lilac shade will stand out and contrast nicely with rich purple roots.

Now that you’ve seen all there is to offer in the world of purple hair, aren’t you dying to run to your colorist and request a lilac ombre or a rich red violet hair color? Now’s the time to seize the moment and get the bright and beautiful violet hair color of your dreams.