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Updated on September 03, 2021

Platinum, white, and silvery hair is one of the hottest trends in hairstyles these days. With celebrities sporting the trend in gorgeous weaves, and bloggers and Instagrammers going full-on gray, people are embracing the look head-on. It’s worth noting that black people with white hair carry the trend exceptionally well, thanks to the stunning contrast of tones. However, if you’re very pale with cool skin tones, the look can work for you as well.

Maybe you’re looking to switch up your hair color, or looking for a fresh, new style. For ladies with dark skin, contrasting gray or white locks will garner plenty of compliments.

When choosing a lighter shade for your hair, always be aware of whether your natural skin tone is cool or warm. This will help you choose the perfect shade of white or gray for your hair.

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The perfect match typically sits on the opposite side of the color wheel. Since yellow and purple are on opposite sides of the color wheel, that’s why maintaining blonde hair requires a purple toner. Keep in mind that hair that is too yellow or brassy has the opposite effect that a fresh white or gray does. As a rule of thumb, keep it as icy as possible as opposed to yellowish. Regardless of skin tone, brassy doesn’t look good on anyone!


White hair on dark skin is not just a trendy look we see today. It has a rich history. Legendary blues singer Etta James rocked cropped platinum locks like nobody’s business all throughout the 40s and 50s. Other powerful women, including Dionne Warwick, Mary J. Blige, and Halle Berry as Storm from X-Men, have kept the trend going and brought us to the proliferation of white hair we see today.

Getting The Look

Stripping color from naturally dark hair can be very damaging. While it’s surely possible, it’s important to remember intense hydration is necessary afterward.

However, thanks to the quality and ease of extensions and weaves, it’s easier than ever to rock white hair without the full commitment. If you’re looking to protect your lovely locks from damage, purchase some fun kanekalon braids in bright white or a lovely gray that would put your granny’s hair to shame! Weaves are a great way to keep harsh dying chemicals out of your hair, however, getting human quality hair can be expensive — starting at $600 minimum — and can take a few hours to apply correctly. But with the right stylist and with the high-quality products available today, the look can last a few weeks and won’t require the extensive upkeep that a platinum dye job would.

Gorgeous Gray

These days, gray is anything but old and dull. In fact, it’s fresh and exciting! Hairstyles sure can take some interesting turns over the years! For now, you can go full gray, keeping the tone ashy and icy, or try a little balayage. Keep the roots dark to maintain a fresh appeal. This look is particularly lovely on warm skin tones.

This gray contains a more purple hue — a great option for cooler skin tones. Adding gray to your braids is an especially fresh way to go gray when your hair still contains less silver.

Shocking White

Who knew there could be so much variety in neutrals? If you’ve ever tried to pick out white paint at Home Depot, then you know the struggle is real! When it comes to your hair, choosing from a variety of options can be fun. If you want to go pure white, then you can’t go wrong! This color has a particularly striking effect on dark skin that makes your natural skin tone pop and the apples of your cheeks shine.

This next shade is closer to eggshell, but still a brilliant shade of white. The short crop and fresh, short bangs is perfect for your next summer extravaganza!

Pure white is also stunning on dreadlocks. Channel your inner Zoe Kravtiz with this look.


If you’re looking to permanently dye your locks, ombre is ideal in terms of upkeep. The fade that inevitably happens can last quite a few weeks longer than a straight dye job with obvious roots and a ridiculous amount of upkeep. It’s important to keep your root color and your dyed color in the same family, however. This rich, almost dark navy black needs a deep silver such as this to keep it all cohesive.

This ombre is far less grown out, but still mirrors the same idea. Her tresses almost have a purplish hue to them at the bottom, bringing the silver to life in a fun way.

Ash White

Ashy is ideal when it comes to white hair on dark skin. You can even consider adding a dash of something special like rose when you’re mixing up dye, or ask your stylist to do so at the salon. This will give your ashy locks a unique look that not every girl will have.

Even if you’re going more for a gray or white, keeping it ashy is still ideal in terms of freshness.

When it comes to white hair on dark skin, the options truly seem endless. Whether you want to go full ombre, add in some ashy white braids, or keep it platinum white, the effect is stunning against black skin. Remember to keep yellow and brassy tones far away with a toner on hand if you’ve dyed your locks! Be sure to have fun with this look, that is what it’s all about!

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