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Updated on February 23, 2024

Can’t go to Coachella? No worries because you can feel those boho vibes on a daily basis! According to Pinterest trends report and our Instagram feed, messy boho-chic buns are huge this spring. So we found 10 stylish and easy ways to rock ’em. Read on to discover bohemian updos that can be recreated in 10 minutes or less!

1. Wooden Accessories

Modern hippies are all about wellness and ecology, and the fashion world does its best to fit this philosophy and aesthetic. Among all the greenwashing, it’s great to find small and actually sustainable brands. These edgy, wooden hair accessories are trendy as hell and are perfect to pair with linen clothes and wicker bags. So, the tip is to discover small brands to spice up your style.

Low Knotted Bun With Wooden Hair Stick


2. Game-Changing Chin-Length Bangs

If you think updos aren’t your thing, you probably need to get some long bangs! It’s shocking how they frame the face and add playfulness to any updo. Chin-length bangs drive attention away from big forehead or chubby cheeks. Plus, they grow out beautifully. And, of course, long bangs make boho, messy buns look just amazing!

Messy Bun With Long Bangs


3. Asymmetrical Bun

Asymmetrical forms are in vogue. An intentionally unperfect bun like this only emphasizes femininity and sense of style. Make sure to find the right balance of messiness in your look. Models rock chaotic hairstyles because they have perfect eyebrows and flawless skin. It’s very fine line between elegance and carelessness.

Low Half Ponytail Half Bun


4. Multifunctional Hair Scarf

Having a cute silk scarf opens a whole new doorway to creative scarf hairstyles. You can wrap it around a bun or even braid it in. It’s such an interesting accent to play with! Make sure that the colors and patterns of your scarf match your clothes. Or do whatever you want, girl, if your style is mix ’n’ match!

Low Updo With Head Scarf


5. Side Bun Experiments

Versatile, simple, and always fabulous, everyone needs a side bun in their hair-styling arsenal. And it beautifully shows off baby, sun-kissed highlights. Play with texture and accessories, secure with bobby pins and finish with volumizing spray. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Side Messy Bun For Mature Women


6. Two Buns Mohawk

“This textured updo is perfect for any occasion,” says hair guru Michael Gray, the creator of this hairstyle. Totally agree! You can adjust the level of festiveness by adding shiny accessories. If your hair isn’t so long, use a cheat code in a form of a donut bun maker. Let it be your little secret.

Textured Do With Double Mini Buns


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7. Infinity Braid as a Detail

The infinity braid looks and sounds amazing, so it is definitely worth mastering (Here’s a good tutorial from YouTube). This sophisticated, braided masterpiece can be used to accessorize a messy bun, according to Michael Gray’s idea. It’ll immediately add mystery and style to your hairstyle, because little details matter.

Low Knotted Bun And Fishtail Braid


8. Texture Is Key

Boho divas need good texturizing products to make sure their locks are voluminous and beachy. We recommend to pay attention to mousses for thin hair, texturizing finishing sprays and hair crimpers to create the desirable root volume. By the way, stylists recommend sea salt sprays because they make hair obedient and manageable; the whole updo can be secured with a couple of bobby pins.

Textured Updo For Shoulder Length Hair


9. Goddess Vibes

Braids with beads are ideal for the bohemian-inspired look. Choose golden or wooden accessories to recreate this cute and elegant protective hairstyle. Strong fixation gels will help you achieve sleekness, but you can also make your bun look like a messy puff. Always leave room for fantasy because anything goes!

High Natural Bun And Braids With Beads


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10. Flower Power

True hippie-chic is impossible without flower hair accessories. This tender style by Amalia Berglund deserves special attention as it’s perfect for all the special events, from pool party to wedding. By the way, boho trends have been dominant in bridal hairstyling for years because they make us feel romantic as nothing else.

Boho Bun With Flower Hair Accessories


Can you feel the elegance of these boho-chic messy buns? It’s all about feeling and looking free, without tight elastics or strict standards. Have fun!

Featured Image via Instagram

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