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Updated on December 20, 2023

If we speak about hair trends, “hair graffiti” is the one you cannot miss. It is ideal for those who are not afraid to take risks and love to be different. Today, when hyper-personalization is very important, we can see a growing interest to futuristic graffiti hair ideas that become more handmade and personalized. Isn’t it a must for 2024?

Involving stencils, razor, patterns, shapes, weaving, numbers, letters, silhouettes, emojis, or even free hand drawing, hair graffiti is pushing the creativity of both hairdressers and barbers to the limit. These are some of the examples that we have seen through the years and today.

1. Stencil Graffiti

Angelo Seminara, one of the main exponents of hair graffiti trend, is a real master of hair transformation. One of his favorite techniques is hair stencil designs, shown on the three excellent examples below.

Angelo Seminara was the first to use the imprinter – a template with perforations, through which the color or bleaching agent is transferred. This is the technique used to achieve this stunning bright blue pattern on white blonde locks.

Another head-turning result is due to the combination of texture and color leaning on a stencil, as well as mixing vibrant colors like gold and rubi.

Another example is a high-impact 3D look with lots of dimension for long hair, created by mixing three colors and playing around with a square shape.

2. Creative Crafted Hair Graffiti

This technique is like a printer, but better, as it’s custom made with free hand painting. This is what makes hair color a super craft work.

Barber Henry Rodriguez, better known as @PapiBlendz created this hairstyle on fire using free hands technique and leaning on vibrant colors to create the flame on a shaved hair. The ultimate come-on-baby-light-my-fire look!

3. Hair Tattoo

Just like a tattooed skin, colored undercut tatoo design is a great hair idea for people who like to get into the spotlight.

Christopher Benson shows an incredible combination of techniques, as he uses not just a graffiti hair color, but also leans on a trimmer to give more dimension to the color and create embossed 3D graffiti. The intricate combination of shave and color is definitely makes me nuts about the style.

Drawing inspiration from crop circles, @irena.chereze used the trimmer and color to create this awesome look. Do you already hesitate it could have been done by humans?

This perfect tattooed tribal pattern with a mirrored effect created by @janinazais is last but not least example. Red and black is a winning combo for a rebellious personality, isn’t it?

4. Pixel Graffiti

The @xpresioncreativos are world-renowned for their pixel technique, taking hairdressing to another level. This technique is created by small squares and lines, to create bidimensional shapes.

Just look how they manage to mix colors and patterns to bring hair from monochrome to rainbow in one look. They rely on translucent sheets to achieve this effect.

Pikachu, are you? The look is created using the precision of the brushstrokes and the translucent sheets the hair artists themselves developed, and it’s incredible how it manages to step up the analogue and mix the past and the future in one piece.

Pixels, pixels and more pixels… Solid lines, placed precisely and strategically, to achieve the pixelated effect is the most popular technique of these amazing guys.

5. Street Graffiti Hairstyle

Street graffiti hair design is another super popular technique, because hairdressers can get super creative implementing shapes, letters, and colors.

@kidbronze shows a pure style of graffiti hair, where designs are created with free hand technique, using cotton swabs.

And here is another great example of street graffiti hairstyle created by me and my team.

6. Tie Dye Hair

One of most trendy and popular techniques that’s full of color and dimension goes about mixing colors and imitating the tie dye effect used to funk up t-shirts and clothing.

7. Faded Colors and Solid Lines

Today, pairing multiple colors and solids with shaved heads is graffiti hair idea people ask for most often at a salon. These styles by @chriscutyourhair is a good illustration why.

The first look was created with brushes to achieve that precision in the strokes, the second look is a solid color, and the third one was created with a sponge to make and blend this faded rainbow color.

8. Emoji Graffiti Hair

Emojis are on trend, so many people want to personalize their hair with happy faces and funny emoticons, giving birth to a new hair graffiti technique, that’s rapidly gaining popularity.

Look at this fun hairstyle by @cocoagogohs inspired by Dj Marshmello that was created using a brush.

@p_i_g_m_e_n_t created this super fun hair graffiti with the emoji classics: a HAPPY FACE. Implemented as a pick a boo color underneath jet black locks, it lets you decide how far you can go each day.

9. Animal Print

This hair trend is inspired by different animal skin patterns and I love using it in my work. In this example, I created a wild style to give a refresh to this shaved head. It was created by drawing some black zebra-style lines with the help of paint brushes over the pastel hues.

Leopard skin print is among the most popular options and its high-contrast realization by @paskudavid is just impeccable.

Although graffiti hair technique is not new, today, it’s very current and gaining strength, so it might be safe to say it is definitely here to stay. Now that you have seen the options, what will be your next hair graffiti look?

If you like to know about this and other techniques, don’t forget to visit my Instagram account @clautijeras XOXO.

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