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Updated on December 20, 2023

Hair accessories are total game-changers for finishing a look. If you’re like me, you have plenty of options, from combs to headbands to barrettes, but how do you know which one to grab? As a hairstylist who loves a good accessory, keep reading to see all the fun ways you can step up your hair game.

How to Use Hair Accessories Creatively

How much design is too much? This question has been worrying all kinds of artists throughout the times. We are living in the very fun cultural period of fashion, where basically anything goes. Use your imagination and sense of style to buy, craft and mix hairpieces to make your hair-styling games truly exciting. Use the “Save” option on Instagram to collect ideas — and on Pinterest, of course. Here are some of my ideas of how to accessorize your hairstyles and surprise everyone.

1. Wrap a Hair Vine

Want an accessory that can’t be missed? A hair vine is the way to go. From full to delicate, they come in a variety of styles for any occasion. I got this floral one from Amazon, and I wrapped it like a headband and around the braid.

2. Fresh Flowers

Of course, I can’t get too into this without bringing up one of the most popular accessories, fresh flowers. Baby’s Breath is one of the most popular flowers. What is my pro tip for making sure those flowers stay put? Slip a bobby pin into the stems and then pin them in place. (this works great with big flowers, too. Take a peek)

3. Woodland Pins

I grabbed these adorable pins from Amazon, and I love the woodland-fairy vibes they can add to any style. They’re bobby-pin style, so they’re an easy accessory to use!

4. Gold Flakes

Glam it up with some gold flakes and hairspray. Grab some gold gilding (you can find this at about any craft store.), and stick it to the hair using a strong-hold hairspray. When you’re ready for a change, they brush right out.

5. Double Scrunchy

What’s better than one scrunchy? Two. A quick style with two braids and two scrunchies makes this double the fun.

6. Pearl Baubles

You really can’t go wrong by slipping a few pearl baubles into any style, but especially a braid. You can get groups of these at craft stores in various colors, and then slip a pin into them after you’ve put them in place.

7. Boho Headbands

If you have a headband that you can remove the elastic part of like the one shown, from Pink Pewter, wrap it around the back part of your head and pin it into place above your braids. You can also do the same trick with other hairstyles as well as loose hair.

8. Beaded Hair Combs

Beaded hair combs add an air of elegance. They’re easy to use; just slide them into the style, and they can be bent to fit to the shape of your hairstyle. Great for going from day to night styles!

9. A Non-Boring Single Barrette

Barrettes now come in a variety of colors and shapes. They’re so much fun and a quick way to snap on a bit of bling on your way out the door. Down hairdos to all your hair up, they fit in anywhere.

10. Extra Glam Headbands

The headband is the classic hair accessory. You can choose nearly any fabric, from velvet to solid, matte to glitter, 3D to smooth. Simply pick which one (OK, maybe that’s not so simple), slide it on and you’re done. This black velvet and pearl beauty is made by Pastel Renaissance.

11. Oversized Scrunchies

These hair pieces feel dressier and more appropriate for festive events than scrunchies of a normal size. By the way, you don’t have to buy one because YouTube is full of DIY Scrunchie tutorials.

12. Hair Charmsies

Hair charms are very subtle, yet bold, hair accessories. You can buy a handful of charmsies or craft some yourself. We should really write an entire article on using these little pieces. There are also some tutorial videos on YouTube; there aren’t that many yet because this trend has just begun.

For even more accessory inspiration and how-tos, check out my Instagram. You can also find me on YouTube. Thanks for following along, and I hope you found the accessory of your dreams!

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