Hairstyles and Haircuts for Round Faces

Flattering hairstyles for round faces skillfully mask the width of round faces, shaping them into cute ovals. Medium hairstyles for round faces with locks covering the sides of your face make it narrower, slimmer and cuter. Long hairstyles for round faces are no less popular thanks to the super beneficial vertical lines elongating a full face. Pair them with stylish bangs for round faces to bring your look to the absolute perfection. Not every round face will benefit from a short cut but many girls and women are extremely attracted to chic short hairstyles for round faces, and they really may turn out to be suitable for your face shape if you opt for asymmetry. Pay attention to a pixie cut for round face and whatever else will catch your eye!

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60 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

We all come to this world looking different. We have different face shapes, types of figures, heights and weights. Every one of us, ladies, is blessed with unique beauty. The most important thing is to feel and know that! The right hairstyle for a round face will strengthen this feeling and your self-confidence. We want to show you how different you can look and feel with a flattering hairstyle.

by The Editors
May 03, 2023

50 Fresh Looks with Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

Not every short hairstyle is good for a round face, but some of those below seem so cute that you simply can’t deny yourself the pleasure to try a sassy short haircut for a change. Pixie is the most popular short cut for a round face, but shorter versions of bobs can be flattering too if styled properly.

by The Editors
April 10, 2023

20 Successful Hairstyles for Double Chin

Every woman wants to conceal the perceived imperfections in her looks. These interesting ideas of short, long, and medium-length hairstyles for double chin can help you hide what you don't want to have exposed and emphasize your most beautiful features instead.

by Nikki Goddard
April 19, 2023

40 Stunning Medium Hairstyles for Round Faces

The most widespread medium-length haircuts for round faces are graduated bobs and medium layered cuts. These provide the richest styling options, beneficial for round faces and consonant with the current hair trends. The gallery below will provide you with multiple choices of awesome medium-length hairstyles for round faces you should definitely try out this season.

by The Editors
April 20, 2023

50 Stylish and Sassy Bobs for Round Faces

Women with round faces or chubby cheeks sometimes feel that they have to wear their hair long or add extensions to draw attention away from a plumper visage. But, sometimes all of that hair can weigh you down and look somewhat dated. Bobs are definitely the style of the moments, especially their shoulder length varieties, which still offer length, beautiful silhouette and the desirable slimming effect. Whether you are a blonde or brunette with wavy hair or straight tresses, there is a bob hairstyle that won't overemphasize your round face. Check out our top 50 options below.

by The Editors
August 02, 2023

40 Good-Looking Variants of Bangs for Round Face Shapes

Round faces are cute, feminine and sweet. They are often blessed with very attractive dimples on the cheeks and have a rounded line of hair growth. If your face shape is round, the hairstyles which keep all the hair off your face don’t make you any prettier and may underline the fullness of your face. Check out these haircuts with bangs that create an alluring style and visually elongate your face instead.

by The Editors
October 26, 2023

32 Stunning Ways to Style a Pixie Cut for Round Faces

Pixie is the most popular short haircut for women. Its poetical name is reminiscent of forest elves, fairies and sprites. Removing the bulk from the sides and adding height on top, this haircut can miraculously create a sweet lively look for women with round faces. Look at these inspirational photos, and you are sure to see that opening up your face is a great idea after all!

by The Editors
August 30, 2023

20 Jaw-Dropping Long Hairstyles for Round Faces

Long hairstyles with loose locks are generally very flattering for round faces. Straight tresses on both sides of your face cover it partially, and it seems narrower. Besides, they create long vertical lines next to your cute full face, elongating it visually to your advantage. Waves and curls also conceal the fullness of a round face, although they shouldn’t make any excessive volume on the sides.

by The Editors
January 31, 2021

30 Flattering Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs for Round Faces

After an impressive comeback, the iconic curtain bangs have become the most common type of fringe. They look hot, cute, and feminine at the same time, drawing attention to your eyes and pairing well with virtually any 'do. But are curtain bangs good for a round face shape? Yes, they ARE! More than that, curtain bangs can do a perfect job of balancing out and slimming round faces. Have a look at our splendid compilation of curtain bangs for round face shapes for ultimate proof.

by The Editors
December 15, 2022

30 Best Hairstyles for Plus Size Women Over 40

Choosing the right hairstyle can make a significant difference in how a person looks and feels, especially for women who are overweight. The trick is to select a haircut that has a slimming effect and creates a more balanced look. Explore these 30 images of trendy and flattering haircuts for plus size and overweight women over 40 to find inspiration for your next haircut and embrace your unique beauty.

by The Editors
July 11, 2023

20 Chic Hairstyles for Thin Hair and a Round Face

When selecting the perfect haircut for your round face, it’s essential to consider your hair type and texture. While it is more challenging to find a haircut that will suit both thin hair and a chubby face, we’ve compiled 20 fantastic examples of hairstyles for you to choose from. Feel free to share these examples with your stylist before getting your cut to ensure you achieve the look that suits you best!

by The Editors
September 21, 2023

30 Flattering Wavy Hairstyles for Round-Faced Beauties

We know that finding the perfect hairstyle to complement your unique features can sometimes feel like hunting for hidden treasure. But fear not, because we've got your back! In this article, we're dishing out 30 incredible wavy hairstyles tailored just for you, so get ready to flaunt your gorgeous round face with confidence!

by The Editors
October 19, 2023