15 Wash and Go Haircuts for Fuss-Free Styling

There is nothing like getting a fresh trim and style from your hairstylist. But recreating that fabulous do at home can take time, effort, and a lot of styling tools.

Opting for a fresh and fashionable wash and go haircut that doesn’t need blow drying is the perfect way to create a salon-worthy look and keep your hair healthy. So, put down your hairdryer and step away from your curling irons. The next time you need a trim, try one of these low-maintenance looks for every hair type and texture.

The Right Way to Air Dry Hair

One of the main benefits of wash and wear haircuts is letting hair air dry naturally. Still, if you want to maintain a frizz-free finish, then you still need to put in a little effort. Here are some easy tips to follow to get the best from your no blow-dry hairstyle:

  1. Moisturize. Fast hair drying starts in a shower. To make your hair soak less water and be silkier and less frizzy, seal in the moisture with a good conditioner or hair mask.
  2. Use cold water. Cold water seals cuticles. Washing your conditioner out with cold water can make all the difference to the finished look of your hair. A useful hack is to comb through your hair while it is under the cold water.
  3. Set it. When opting for air drying, it is important to set hair the way you want it to dry. Ensure your part is in the right place, and your hair is falling how you want it. You can also twist it into a loose braid or bun to add soft waves.
  4. Style. Try using Don’t Blow It from Bumble and Bumble to have more control over your wash and go hairstyle and tame the frizz. If you want to air dry hair straight, comb it all the way through until it gets dry. Once your hair is dry, spray some hairspray onto a brush and gently comb the hair down to get rid of any fry-aways.

Alluring Air Dry Haircuts

Let’s be honest. If we could all get away without having to spend ages blow drying and styling our hair, then we would. Haircuts for lazy women are really just for smart women who want to spend less time blow drying and more time having fun! That’s why low-maintenance haircuts are all the rage now.

If you can relate, then why not try haircuts that don’t need styling? Opt for one of these fuss-free cuts, and embrace the air-drying life!

#1: Sleek Choppy Bob

Nothing says easy style more than a sleek, choppy bob. If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, then this cut will be easy to maintain and will look great when left to air dry.

Middle Length Bob on Brown Hair

Instagram / @stebunovhair

#2: Sassy Shoulder-Length Curls

Sexy curls make the perfect wash and go choice. Use the curly girl method to achieve moisturized, full and bouncy curls, without having to blow dry or diffuse hair. Just make sure you avoid products with sulfates, alcohol, fragrance, and non-water-soluble silicones.

Curly Shoulder-Length Haircut that Needs no Drying

Instagram / @barbararabelo_

#3: Short, Tousled Bob with Bangs

This super cute short, tousled bob is the perfect cut to rock bed hair look. The side part is easy to create when letting your hair dry, and you can add extra texture by using your fingers and hairspray.

Low Maintenance Bob Haircut

Instagram / @andy_doesyourhair

#4: Long, Loose Waves with Cappuccino Highlights

The coffee hue highlights in this long, wavy hairstyle gives texture and movement. And the soft waves have a slight “straight out of bed” look, making it an alluring and easy to maintain hairstyle.

Long Air-Dry Haircut

Instagram / @suite3hair

#5: Highlights with Feathered Layers

This seductive style, with its nod to “The Rachel,” can be really easy to maintain. The feathered ends are perfect for straight hair, and the piecey blonde highlights make hair look styled, even when you are opting for a no blow dry finish.

#6: Ultra Short Platinum Pixie

Cutting hair short creates the ultimate edgy look that needs no more introduction! A sexy short crop shows off facial features, while the platinum dye makes the look pop – with minimal styling required.

Short Natural Hair Dyed White

Instagram / @hairbyuno

#7: Shaggy Mullet with Bangs

If you have wavy hair structure and want to embark on the wash and go life, opt for a short, shaggy mullet regaining its popularity right now. This piecey style looks edgy and modern, and the cute bangs add an extra feminine touch.

Choppy Hairstyle that Needs no Drying

Instagram / @arrojonyc

#8: Perfect Pixie

Depending on the hairstylist’s job, a pixie cut may be both low-maintenance and difficult to style. This pixie requires hardly any styling, and, thanks to its texture and flair, it can be left to air dry without a worry.

Haircut that Needs no Heat Styling

Instagram / @hashtagshanehair

#9: Shaggy Chestnut Hairstyle

The warm chestnut hue of this easy hairstyle lifts the cut and gives it dimension and depth. The layers give this cut movement and make it easy to style with a little tousling and product.

Naturally Wavy Hair Air Dried Without Frizz

Instagram / @raenikole

#10: Highlights and Long Layers

A simple cut with bright highlights is an ideal wash and wear hairstyle for long hair. The long layers add volume to this style and allow for movement. They also frame the face beautifully, creating a playful finish to the ‘do.

Wash and Wear Hairstyle for Long Hair

Instagram / @hannahkunels

#11: Long Layers and Feathered Ends

This is another splendid haircut that doesn’t need styling. The cool tone of the chic locks looks contemporary and trendy, while the feathered ends and long layers lay smooth and require minimal styling.

Haircut with Long Feathered Side Bangs

Instagram / @hairshaftmiguel

#12: Sultry Tousled Curls with Bangs

When it comes to haircuts for lazy women, this vampy chop takes the cake. Make sure you condition your hair thoroughly before letting it air dry and add a product to create a messy, sexy finish.

Hair Styled with Salt Spray and No Heat

Instagram / @stebunovhair

#13: Asymmetric Icy Details

When the main focus of your look is intricate color, then you don’t need to focus on flawless styling. The color does all the work for you, creating an effortless and easy to maintain cut. The icy details and blunt edges are flattering and contemporary.

Dirty Blonde with Icy Face-Framing Highlights

Instagram / @maggiemh

#14: Long Feathered Cut with Wispy Bangs

Long layers add dimension and look gentle and feminine. When you team this with stunning curtain bangs, you have a winning combination. The long bangs are natural, soft, and easy to style without the help of a hairdryer.

Heatless Naturally Wavy Hairstyle

Instagram / @nakedeyebeauty

#15: Chic and Blunt with Long Bangs

If your hair is on the fine side, then a simple air-dry hairstyle would work best for you. The long bangs can be brushed to the side or styled to frame your face. And the shoulder-length cut is a classic and flattering option for straight hair.

Low Maintenance Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @pierrotskalamunda

Whether you don’t have the time or the patience to spend hours styling your hair with hairdryers, straighteners, or curling irons, ask for a chic wash and go haircut. These looks are easy to create at home and, as long as you put in a little effort, you can have professional looking locks with hardly any effort!

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