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Updated on November 03, 2022
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There is nothing like getting a fresh trim and style from your hairstylist. But recreating that fabulous do at home can take time, effort, and a lot of styling tools.

Opting for a fresh and fashionable wash and go haircut that doesn’t need blow drying is the perfect way to create a salon-worthy look and keep your hair healthy. So, put down your hairdryer and step away from your curling irons. The next time you need a trim, try one of these low-maintenance looks for every hair type and texture.

The Right Way to Air Dry Hair

One of the main benefits of wash and wear haircuts is letting hair air dry naturally. Still, if you want to maintain a frizz-free finish, then you still need to put in a little effort. Here are some easy tips to follow to get the best from your no blow-dry hairstyle:

  1. Moisturize. Fast hair drying starts in a shower. To make your hair soak less water and be silkier and less frizzy, seal in the moisture with a good conditioner or hair mask.
  2. Use cold water. Cold water seals cuticles. Washing your conditioner out with cold water can make all the difference to the finished look of your hair. A useful hack is to comb through your hair while it is under cold water.
  3. Set it. When opting for air drying, it is important to set hair the way you want it to dry. Ensure your part is in the right place, and your hair is falling how you want it. You can also twist it into a loose braid or bun to add soft waves.
  4. Style. Try using Don’t Blow It from Bumble and Bumble to have more control over your wash and go hairstyle and tame the frizz. If you want to air dry hair straight, comb it all the way through until it gets dry. Once your hair is dry, spray some hairspray onto a brush and gently comb the hair down to get rid of any fry-aways.

Alluring Air Dry Haircuts

Let’s be honest. If we could all get away without having to spend ages blow drying and styling our hair, then we would. Haircuts for lazy women are really just for smart women who want to spend less time blow drying and more time having fun! That’s why low-maintenance haircuts are all the rage now.

If you can relate, then why not try haircuts that don’t need styling? Opt for one of these fuss-free cuts, and embrace the air-drying life!

1. Highlights with Feathered Layers

This seductive style, with its nod to “The Rachel,” can be really easy to maintain. The feathered ends are perfect for straight hair, and the piecey blonde highlights make hair look styled, even when you are opting for a no blow dry finish.

2. Sassy Shoulder-Length Curls

Sexy naturally curly hair make the perfect wash and go choice. Use the curly girl method to achieve moisturized, full and bouncy curls, without having to blow dry or diffuse hair. Make sure you avoid products with sulfates, alcohol, fragrance, and non-water-soluble silicones.

Curly Shoulder-Length Haircut that Needs no Drying

Instagram / @barbararabelo_

3. Sleek Choppy Bob

Nothing says easy style more than a sleek, choppy bob. If you have naturally straight or wavy hair, then this cut will be easy to maintain and will look great when left to air dry.

Middle Length Bob on Brown Hair

Instagram / @stebunovhair

4. Medium Length Wispy Shag with Curtain Bangs

This style is one of the most effortlessly chic and, at the same time, low-maintenance wash and go hairstyles. The combination of textured layers and curtain bangs brings volume and removes the excessive bulkiness from the thick hair. Simple but incredibly gorgeous!

5. Blunt Bob for Straight Hair

Consider a blunt, dark brown bob if you’re looking for a simple yet cute hairstyle for straight fine hair. To achieve this gorgeous glossy look, you don’t have to use any special products or styling appliances. Just brush your strands and blow dry them naturally.

Blunt Angled Bob Before and After

Instagram / @hairbyallybarone

6. Short Bob with Deep Side Part

Looking for a low-maintenance wash and go style for a stylish yet simple everyday look? Then you came to the right place, as a chin-length bob is renowned for effortless styling either on straight, subtly wavy, or curly hair textures. A tip: deep side part will bring more volume to your mane.

7. Shaggy Chestnut Hairstyle

The warm chestnut hue of this easy hairstyle lifts the cut and gives it dimension and depth. The layers give this cut movement and make it easy to style with a little tousling and product.

Naturally Wavy Hair Air Dried Without Frizz

Instagram / @raenikole

8. Long Layered Hair

This trendy look with longer layers takes a special place among the most popular wash and go hairstyles. It is great for those looking for a way to look modern and chic without spending much time and effort on styling. Combine layers with blonde highlights and shadow roots for gorgeous dimensional color.

Voluminous Long Wash-and-Go Cut with Swoopy Layers

Instagram / @michlgon

9. Voluminous Piece-y Wash and Go Shag

Some hairstyles may create a super volumizing effect on your hair, and this shag is one of them. The main features of this haircut are tousled layers, thick feathered bangs, and a slightly teased crown. Air drying and no heat styling!

Voluminous Piece-y Wash-and-Go Shag Cut

Instagram / @rachelwstylist

10. Cute Wavy Wash and Go Shag

A shaggy haircut goes well with curly hair types, as natural waves cut in layers look dimensional and textured without styling. This wash and go hairstyle is quite versatile because it can make a casual, romantic, or sassy impression, depending on the outfit.

11. Medium Hair with Long Layers

Short haircuts are among the most low-maintenance styles, but if you don’t want to go short, we have another awesome option! A flattering medium-length layered cut featuring long curtain bangs is a perfect alternative to a short bob.

Midi-to-Long Wash-and-Go Cut with Piece-y Layers

Instagram / @hairbyallybarone

12. Short Bronde Bob

Some women don’t risk coloring their locks, as dyed hair requires regular renewal, but with subtle highlights or partial balayage, you can forget about salon visits. Blonde ribbons help to create a delicate transition from a natural brown base to a platinum shade, making your strands glow beautifully.

Straight Blunt inverted Wash-and-Go Bob

Instagram / @michlgon

13. Highlights and Long Layers

This is a perfect hairstyle for thin hair, as it helps to deal with two main problems of fine locks: thinning ends and lack of volume. Face-framing highlights and blonde balayage frame your face and make an impression of more dimensional hair color, while long layers add volume to your mane.

Long Wash-and-Go Haircut with Front Layers

Instagram / @_hairbypaula

14. Sleek Angled Lob for Straight Hair

Blunt cuts can look truly cute on thin locks if you choose the right length and style. For example, this angled long bob can create an illusion of volume and fullness, exactly what fine strands require. Moreover, this wash and go hairstyle will look good on any woman!

Accurate Inverted Bob Before and After

Instagram / @hairbyallybarone

15. Stylish Bleached Bob with Dark Roots

We guarantee you will receive many compliments with this voluminous bob! The great news is that it’s easy to style the locks this way without additional styling appliances or hair products. You may achieve rounded ends with just a few strokes of a flat iron or by blow drying the ends of your towel-dried hair with a round brush.

16. Shoulder Length Wavy Hair

If you have wavy to curly hair, it doesn’t mean that your washday should be tedious. Apply a leave-in conditioner and use the micro plopping technique to squeeze the moisture out of your hair. A useful hack – air dry your hair with use a few small claw clips for the root volume.

Low Maintenance Curly Haircut With Volume At The Top 

Instagram / @giboazhair

17. Layered Bob for Thick Hair

This wash and go style is all about volume and dimension! A neck-length wispy bob may suit everyone, regardless of face shape, so you are free to experiment with this cut. Choose a shade of blonde that will complement your complexion to highlight the beauty of your face.

Mid-Length Thick Wash-and-Go Bob

Instagram / @yasinatalayinn

18. Wash and Go Chin-Length Textured Bob

This textured bob haircut is as practical as it is stylish. The tousled hair appears fuller and thicker, making it a great option for women with thin locks. Face framing layers gently frame the jawline and flatter the bone structure.

Wash-and-Go Chin-Length Textured Bob

Instagram / @hirohair

19. Long Shag

Shag cut is a huge trend now and, if the stylist did a good job, you can easily sport your best look without heat styling your mane. You may enhance the intended messiness of the modern wolf cut by scrunching your dry hair with some salt spray.

Copper Shag Hair Idea

Instagram / @nataliarok

20. Shoulder-Length Cut for Wavy Hair

A medium-length shaggy cut is one of the best wash and go hairstyles out there. Ask your stylist for textured layers and wispy bangs to give a nice form to your naturally wavy hair. Use a quality leave-in conditioner and air dry your damp hair – movement and volume are all yours!

Shoulder-Length Wash-and-Go Cut for Wavy Hair

Instagram / @jhonyveiga

21. Wolf Cut for Long Hair

You’ll never regret choosing this messy wolf cut, as it can make miracles with your long thin hair! Choppy layers bring extra texture and volume to the strands and don’t require professional styling, as the hair looks cool as it is. Enjoy an edgy vibe with this hairstyle featuring long feathered bangs.

Long Wash-and-Go Wolf Cut

Instagram / @philipwolffhair

22. Wash and Go Micro Bob

Here’s a cute side-parted micro bob that is easy to style and maintain. This is an excellent option for those looking for a stylish everyday hairdo that will work equally great for a day in the office, a romantic date, and a cool party with friends. It is incredible how it places an accent on facial features!

Ear-Length Bob Before and After

Instagram / @salsalhair

23. Longer Hair to No Fuss Bob Makeover

Can you think of a more low-maintenance hairstyle for straight hair than this one? It requires minimal styling, so you may add so many relaxed moments to your morning routine. Consider adding cute babylights to add interest to your brunette base.

Asian Inverted Wash-and-Go Bob

Instagram / @hirohair

24. Short Bob with Long Curtain Bangs

This bob cut is a true must-have for girls looking for something uncomplicated yet trendy and eye-catching! Layers and highlights make the hair look neat and voluminous. Great for any occasion, whether it’s a casual meeting or a formal event.

Short Bob with Long Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @philipwolffhair

25. Short Wavy Bob

If your natural curl pattern features two different types of curls, a shorter cut is a good way to even them out. Scrunch your hair with a bit of salt spray to rock a bed hair look or use curl cream to define curls — you choose.

Long Curly Hair to Short Curly Bob Makeover

Instagram / @hairbyelvisp

26. Blunt Shaggy Bob

This hairstyle works wonders on every hair type and face shape! To create this magnificent texture and movement, use a texturizing spray, scrunch the ends and let the hair air dry. Bet you will love this minimal effort wash and go hairstyle!

Shoulder-Length Wash-and-Go Bob Thick Hair

Instagram / @donovanmillshair

27. Sultry Tousled Curls with Bangs

When it comes to haircuts for lazy women, this vampy chop takes the cake. Make sure you condition your hair thoroughly before letting it air dry and add a product to create a messy, sexy finish.

Hair Styled with Salt Spray and No Heat

Instagram / @stebunovhair

28. Shaggy Mullet with Bangs

If you have wavy hair structure and want to embark on the wash and go life, opt for a short, shaggy mullet regaining its popularity right now. This piecey style looks edgy and modern, and the cute bangs add an extra feminine touch.

Choppy Hairstyle that Needs no Drying

Instagram / @arrojonyc

29. Long, Loose Waves with Cappuccino Highlights

The coffee hue highlights in this long, wavy hairstyle gives texture and movement. And the soft waves have a slight “straight out of bed” look, making it an alluring and easy to maintain hairstyle.

Long Air-Dry Haircut

Instagram / @suite3hair

30. Chic and Blunt with Long Bangs

If your hair is on the fine side, then a simple air-dry hairstyle would work best for you. The long bangs can be brushed to the side or styled to frame your face. And the shoulder-length cut is a classic and flattering option for straight hair.

Low Maintenance Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Instagram / @pierrotskalamunda

Whether you don’t have the time or the patience to spend hours styling your hair with hairdryers, straighteners, or curling irons, ask for a chic wash and go haircut. These looks are easy to create at home and, as long as you put in a little effort, you can have professional looking locks with hardly any effort!

Feathered Hair Air Dried Straight Curly Shoulder-Length Haircut that Needs no Drying Middle Length Bob on Brown Hair Armpit-Length Wispy Shag with Curtain Bangs Blunt Angled Bob Before and After Jaw-Length Wash-and-Go Bob Haircut Naturally Wavy Hair Air Dried Without Frizz Voluminous Long Wash-and-Go Cut with Swoopy Layers Voluminous Piece-y Wash-and-Go Shag Cut Cute Wavy Wash-and-Go Midi Shag Midi-to-Long Wash-and-Go Cut with Piece-y Layers Straight Blunt inverted Wash-and-Go Bob Long Wash-and-Go Haircut with Front Layers Accurate Inverted Bob Before and After Chin-Length Wash-and-Go Bob Cut Low Maintenance Curly Haircut With Volume At The Top  Mid-Length Thick Wash-and-Go Bob Wash-and-Go Chin-Length Textured Bob Copper Shag Hair Idea Shoulder-Length Wash-and-Go Cut for Wavy Hair Long Wash-and-Go Wolf Cut Ear-Length Bob Before and After Asian Inverted Wash-and-Go Bob Short Bob with Long Curtain Bangs Long Curly Hair to Short Curly Bob Makeover Shoulder-Length Wash-and-Go Bob Thick Hair Hair Styled with Salt Spray and No Heat Choppy Hairstyle that Needs no Drying Long Air-Dry Haircut Low Maintenance Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs
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