50 Cute Haircuts for Girls to Put You on Center Stage

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A young age is a beautiful period of life when you can actively experiment with your looks, try on new fashion and style ideas and look invariably stunning, because the sad truth is people become more and more conservative as they grow older. Anyway, if you are a young girl, you have multiple options on what to do with your hair regardless of its length, thickness and color. Look through the following 50 haircuts for girls and you will definitely choose something very special for yourself.

A choice of a haircut is a responsible matter since it’s going to be your reliable base for future amazing styles. It should be comfortable for everyday wear yet leave some potential for fancier dos when you go out. It’s commonly believed that the shorter your hair is, the less options and freedom you have in this relation. Well, this is rather a disputable statement, since modern haircuts feature combinations of contrasting textures, unusual angles and stately edges which generally gives you more opportunities to look each time different.

50 Cute Haircuts for Girls

Bobs, pixies layered and shag haircuts remain very popular, however, most of them are attaining more provocative modern twists. Long side-swept bangs are still in trend and are compatible with practically any contemporary haircut. Enjoy the gallery!

#1: Clean Bob Haircut

Short hair for little girls is as cute and classic as it gets. A wispy, blonde bob is pure perfection and easy to maintain on your little one. It’s simply a matter of air-drying and walking (or running) out the door. When you’re a mom with a toddler girl to keep up with, “easy” is always the magic word.

#2: Cute Pink Strip of Color

Cute haircuts for girls are usually all about the details. When working with little ones, you are free to have some fun and add whimsical touches. For example, a funky pink strip of hair down the side is a great way to jazz up your girl’s look, without going overboard or too adult.

#3: Angled Lob Cut for Girls

Little girls can be picky about how they want their hair to look, so it’s best to choose a simple cut that will still look great on most textures. With short hair, try a bob that’s cut at an angle. The style is sure to please you and your young girl!

Sleek Side-Parted Bob For Girls

Instagram / @gisoosalon

#4: Cute Long Layers

Switch up your little one’s Plain Jane shoulder-length haircut. Give her some dimension and shape by adding long layers at the bottom of her medium cut. While the change seems minimal, it makes quite a difference in the appearance of the hair. Layers breathe life into the look and make it more vibrant and moveable.

#5: High-Low Haircut

Medium and short haircuts for girls typically consist of clean, chin-length blunt bobs. But, your little one deserves a chic hairstyle that’s very in now (just as much as you do). So, switch up the normal go-to and give her an angular bob that’s edgy but cute. This cut is also super easy to style and work with, so you, busy moms, can rest easy.

#6: Cute One-Length Bob with Curled Ends

Today’s cute short haircuts for girls are just as stylish as their mom’s cuts. Layered styles may turn out a little complicated for younger kids to pull off, so keep things low-maintenance with a bob that features flipped-out ends. The haircut is easy to style and great for an everyday wear.

Cute Long Brown Bob

Instagram / @dannielle_robeson

#7: Medium-to-Long Cut with Light Layers

With medium hair, very subtle layers add movement and texture necessary for young girls who have straight hair and like to wear it free-flowing. Make sure the layered style for your cutie isn’t overpowering. The great thing about this cut is that it works for both medium and longer locks.

Lob With Layered Ends

Instagram / @makenziejo92

#8: Medium Haircut with V-cut Layers

You are well aware that cute haircuts come in many lengths and textures. If your girl’s hair is quite thick and long, try a fashionable cut with lots of sharply angled layers throughout the ends. Such a fun fringe is awesome on little bright brunettes.

#9: Short Voluminous Rounded Bob

Tender hair of a kid tends to look limp, but it’s possible to build some extra volume with the right cut. Choose a short inverted bob with discreet layers that create a rounded shape. The voluminous cut is super cute and age-appropriate.

Stacked Bob For Young Girls

Instagram / @boldsalon.tx

#10: Long Blunt Cut with Surface Layers

Cool haircuts for girls with long hair are even more eye-catching than similar adult styles. If your little one has great hair let her grow it out! It’s so heartwarming to see those gorgeous locks even if it means extra styling time that’s your responsibility. Imagine how many different styles you’ll be able to try!

Long Layered Hairstyle For Little Girls

Instagram / @salondelgado

#11: Short Inverted Rounded Bob

For something a little different than common hairstyles for younger girls, try a sleek inverted bob with sun kissed highlights. The cut creates a nice rounded shape and a neat look. The style works equally great with thick and fine hair, especially when kept at chin-level.

Sleek Bob With Sun-Kissed Highlights

Instagram / @deuceshair

#12: Long Layers and Textured Ends

Long layers will deliver movement and texture to even the straightest hair textures, so if your girl needs a nice cut for long hair, definitely give textured ends a try. Ask for two different levels of long layers to insure that hair stays smooth and neat.

Long Haircut For Girls

Instagram / @rmhairbeautique

#13: Messy Choppy Bob

Short girl haircuts can also embrace trends and look current as opposed to boring classic styles. Opt for a new choppy messy bob instead of the boring A-line. The idea is especially to the point for teenage girls who mainly prefer to be rebels at this age.

Teenage Girl's Messy Bob

Instagram / @euniceyk

#14: Medium Blunt Haircut

Want something sleeker? Blunt medium haircuts will look naturally rounded and put together. A great cut for pre-teens and teens, the hair falls right past the shoulders and is easy to style for straight thick hair. Since this cut is so smooth, it would also look great with bangs.

Medium Brown Balayage Hairstyle For Girls

Instagram / @deniseandradee

#15: Chopped Angled Bob for Girls

Bobbed cuts are known as the it-style of today, and younger girls can also enjoy this modern cut. Choppy ends make the ‘do fashionable and edgy, but it’s appropriate for school. You will only need to pin face-framing pieces sometimes if you prefer not to cut any bangs.

Girls' Inverted Choppy Bob

Instagram / @hairbymyriha

#16: Asymmetrical Lob for Girls

A shoulder length girl’s bob haircut is cute and convinient to wear. She can tuck the long face-framing pieces behind the ears or bobby pin them so they don’t fall into her face. The cut can be styled in loose waves or straight. Use uneven layers to form a nice asymmetrical effect that looks great at this length.

Wavy Bob For Girls

Instagram / @__livay

#17: Cute Chestnut Cut

A pretty reddish-brown hair color works great with any cut, but with a side of bangs it’s definitely off-the-charts adorable. So give your little girl the ultimate of cute girl hairstyles by throwing in some wispy, youthful bangs. They frame her little face perfectly and are surprisingly easy to work with. So, no added effort is needed or required.

#18: Slightly Layered Locks

Light layering at the bottom of a chin-length haircut and soft elongation towards the front can make for a perfectly unbalanced bob that your girl will absolutely love.

#19: Cute Simple Bob with a Bow

Sometimes accessorizing a haircut is half the battle! If your young girl wants to keep her style simple and cute, opt for a minimalistic bob that features just enough layering to make the cut slightly curl under. To liven it up, try an oversized bow or a headband for a touch of fun.

#20: Chic Flowy Lob

Chicness can start at a young age, and it can also start with a stylish long bob cut. The elongated front pieces help the hair fall nicely at the shoulders and spice up the bobbed style. Long side bangs that flow into the rest of the layers smoothly fit here perfectly.

Bob With Long Face-Framing Pieces

Instagram / @julies_styles

#21: Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

Sometimes hairstyles for girls need to focus on adding volume to the otherwise thin locks. A stacked bob cut will provide the needed volume to keep hair tangle-free and looking lovely.

#22: Medium Length Little Girl Haircut

Taking a cue from mom’s style, this layered shoulder-length hairstyle looks great on little ladies with thin to medium straight hair. Add in some side bangs or even face-framing highlights for older girls.

#23: Straight Blunt Haircuts For Little Girls

Sleek, straight and simple, this bob haircut is timeless and perfect for the cute girl in your life. This hairstyle is popular because it’s extremely low maintenance – as long as she has naturally straight hair. But bonus! It looks adorable on curly hair, too.

#24: Light as a Feather Fine Hair

Youngsters holding onto their super fine baby hair will love the way this light, layered little girls haircut will make morning detangling sessions so much easier. Instead of long hair that ends up looking stringy due to its fine texture, this feathered style will keep finer strands under control.

#25: Medium Straight Style with Bangs and Highlights

Little girl haircuts are surprisingly easy to make stylish and cute. All you need to choose the right style for your girl’s texture, and for those with straighter hair, a medium style with blunt eyebrow-skimming bangs works extremely well. This cut looks great with either medium length or shorter hair, so it’s all about preference!

#26: Sleek and Straight to the Shoulders

Is your daughter too cool for school and ready for a no-frills haircut that still looks feminine? Check out this super straight shoulder length cut that features rounded ends. It’s especially lovely on those lucky little ladies with thick, super straight hair.

#27: Tapered Pixie with Feathered Bangs

Does your girl want something a little bit more extreme and edgy? Luckily it’s never too early for a great pixie cut. The funky style can still look feminine with some feathered side bangs. The texturized cut will show off any natural highlights and encourage nice movement and flow in the hair.

Layered Bronde Pixie For Girls

Instagram / @serhair1

#28: Rounded Bob with Golden Balayage

With highlighted hair, you want to show the trendy balayage effect, so keep the style smooth and polished. When blow-dried with a round brush, a rounded bob stays sleek all day long and always looks put together, never messy. This style works best for those who have straight hair.

Blunt Bob For Thick Hair

Instagram / @somernwilson

#29: Cute Inverted Bob for Fine Hair

Haircuts for girls with fine hair look their best when they are shorter. It’s important to add as much thickness and volume into the cut as possible, so try an inverted bob. The inverted nature of the style creates a visible lift that can be enhanced with a blowout or at least light teasing.

Angled Bob For Girls

Instagram / @evie.huntingford

#30: Stacked Bob with Choppy Layers

With a stacked choppy bob, hair will never look flat or limp. These pictures show the cut from all angles, so you can see how the different layers really texturize the hair and make it look more dynamic.

Kids' Layered Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / @al.thehairgal

#31: Asymmetrical Angled Golden Brown Bob

Even haircuts for young girls can have a little edge to them. An asymmetrical slanted bob creates a dynamic shape that transforms the whole look. Keep the style sleek so the attention is drawn to the geometry of the cut.

Side-Parted Angled Bob For Girls

Instagram / @courtneyatorlo

#32: Simple Cut and Pop Of Color

Hairstyles for girls don’t always have to be traditional – and if she emulates you, then why not to give her a mini version of your hair to match? This cut features front layers that make a “V” shape as the strands run backward, and a few token streaks of turquoise to add a cute, fun flair.

#33: Slanted Lob with Layers

Cute haircuts for girls may standout thanks to their flowy nature and discreet yet effective texture-boosting layers. An elongated bob like this one can be easily thrown up in an updo whenever your cutie needs a more formal hairstyle.

Centre-Parted Angled Long Bob

Instagram / @hair_stylist.sara

#34: Pixie Cut for Kids

Little girl hairstyles don’t always have to be long – this girls short haircut called pixie is simply adorable on kiddos. If you’re looking for a cute look that will keep her cool during the summer months, try this hairstyle on for size.

#35: Sleek Brown Bob

Short hairstyles for kids don’t have to be restricted to blunt, chin-length cuts. Give your girl a cool new spin on an old favorite. Ask your kid’s hairstylist to cut the hair shorter in the back and have it fall a bit longer toward the front. The look is totally chic, and your girl may be the queen bee of her girl squad before you know it.

#36: Bodacious Bob Blowout

If the teen years are almost upon you, you’re probably starting to hear things like “blowout”, “highlights” and “long bob” come out of your daughter’s mouth. Indulge this maturing girl with a full and bright bob that looks professionally done. You can create that voluminous, wind-blown ‘do at home. Just arm yourself with a blowdryer and rounded bristle brush. Take a section of damp, towel-dried hair and run the brush under the hair with the blowdryer, following its movement. Repeat with the rest of the hair and you’ve got a pro blowout on your hands.

#37: Blunt Bob Haircut

Never underestimate the power of tried-and-true medium-to-short girl haircuts. Blunt, medium length cuts are great because they won’t make you running to your child’s hairstylist every few weeks. Heck, you won’t even have to go every month. This cut will grow out into a cute long ‘do in no time, so feel free to let it be.

#38: Haircut For Little Girl

A-line jaw-grazing bob with flipped in edges and no bangs works fantastic for little girls with straight hair. It’s rounded shape frames the angelic face adorably. It will look equally awesome when styled centre- or side-parted.

#39: Long Bohemian Waves for Little Girls

Do you have a girls’ girl on your hands? Play up your little lady’s über-feminine side with waved long hair. The look is surprisingly easy to create and will turn your girl into a bohemian princess in no time. All she needs now is a flower crown and lace dress, and she’ll be ready to roll.

#40: Pixie with Shades of Purple

Hair color for young girls should be fun and imaginative, just like them. Try a few streaks of purple and pink in the front of the hair to brighten up your little one’s look. This way, you`re able to let your kid’s creative streak show, while not committing her (and yourself) to a full-blown crazy color.

#41: Chic Inverted Bob With Layering

Classic bob styles are usually cut in one length. To make it edgier and trendier, ask your hair stylist to add some layering, especially if you can boast of thick hair. And of course, don’t forget about the angular side tresses in front.

#42: Long Platinum Locks for Girls

Tired of the same old bob? Go for a cute, long hair look that is simple in creation and maintenance but does wonders as a whole. Stick-straight blonde hair reaches new levels of cute with the addition of bangs.

#43: Long Fringed Layers

For little girls who have thick, straight hair, face-framing layers can really add some lightness to the otherwise weighted down locks. Get the layers in the front fringed and curl them with a large barrel iron for special occasions. A blunt cut across the ends keeps a bounty of hair in place and looks great on youngsters.

#44: Haircut For Girl

Just-below-the-chin length is perfect for naturally wavy hair. Opt for a haircut with subtle layering and wispy, trimmed at the ends bangs below the eye-brows.

#45: Short Girl Haircut for Wavy Hair

Those who sport a natural wave are blessed, and a shoulder length cut can help to showcase this unique hair texture. If your daughter is fortunate enough to have a natural wave, don’t hide it – accentuate it with a layered style and side bangs for a look that’s all her own.

#46: Long Layers

Hair of any texture can greatly benefit from long layers that are feathered and styled. Get your girl’s hair cut in various angles to achieve the most out of the layers, which will easily add texture and shape. This style will work best on girls who are willing to put forth some effort in the morning – otherwise, stick to more low-maintenance cuts for those cute tomboys.

#47: Cute and Edgy Short Girl Haircut

Short and sassy, this A-line cut is inspired by a style worn by big girls who mean business. The hot pink strands can either be added with temporary dye or by incorporating some clip ins.

#48: Short Thick Bangs with Layered Hair

Little girls just look so adorable with layers, and adding some thick, shorter bangs can really breathe new life into the look. Featured and angled to lighten up thick hair, the bangs really frame the face in a sweet way that will look great both at school and on special occasions.

#49: Short Haircut For Little Girl

With curly hair have your daughter’s hair cut in one length just below the chin. Curly kids’ hair is self-styling. You will also need a couple of fun bobby-pins or clips to keep bangs in place.

#50: Traditional Girls Haircut

A shoulder-length, rounded cut is a classic for little girls – and with good reason. This sweet cut is flattering on all hair types and is perfect for all seasons.

As you see, the choice is rich for hair of all lengths and structures. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting. Youth is the best timing for this. When else if not now?

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