Jen Weddle

Jen Weddle is fascinated with hair design and fashion. She enjoys browsing through magazines and Pinterest to find her next style inspiration. Her writing has been featured in the Chicago Tribune, The San Francisco Globe and the Elephant Journal. When she isn't writing or changing her hairstyle you can find her roller skating, cuddling with her dog or baking something scrumptious.

She has for years battled with the media about never changing her original hair — turns out that she wore the signature ponytail for a very specific reason. The constant years of dying her hair for her role as Cat in the Nickelodeon series Sam & Cat had caused some major damage that the star was embarrassed of. She has since then been letting her hair down, quite literally. We have to give her credit because we all wish we could have Ariana Grande hair at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at some of her best hairstyles over the years.

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The newest hair trend to grace this year has everyone talking of its daring and dramatic style and the ability to not just settle on the norm. Colombre is what I like to call a slight twist on the traditional—a love-child of both the ombre style and fashion colors. The wonderful thing about this trend is you can go as bright and vivid or as simple and chic as you want, and it completely depends on your style. [click to continue…]