Jen Weddle
Updated on September 18, 2021

The newest hair trend to grace this year has everyone talking of its daring and dramatic style and the ability to not just settle on the norm. Colombre is what I like to call a slight twist on the traditional—a love-child of both the ombre style and fashion colors. The wonderful thing about this trend is you can go as bright and vivid or as simple and chic as you want, and it completely depends on your style.

I’ve developed a list of some of the most highly sought after styles and color combinations that may just give you the inspiration to try the trendy look out for yourself.

1. Raven Blue Ombre

The dark raven-black hair set against the lighter shades of blue makes this hair trend especially appealing if you don’t want the fashion colors to be too daring. The two colors mix well while being understated at night and overstated in the day when the sun shows off your adventurous and colorful side. This color combination isn’t going to be difficult to match your wardrobe with since the colors aren’t too intense.

blue balayage for black hair

Instagram / @jimmywaworuntu

2. Violet Hues Ombre

If your hair is naturally a bit lighter or you’re fair-skinned, this violet-colored ombre will really pop with your complexion. It’s another color choice that isn’t going to be overly dramatic or make you feel like you’ve been washed out completely. It’s a pretty pop of color that is highlighted in the day time when the sunshine brings it out, but it won’t make people stop and stare because it’s camouflaged well enough to almost look natural.

brown hair with pastel purple balayage

Instagram / @kayleesmileyhair

3. Green as Fresh Grass Ombre

If you like the look of vibrant colors, then this grass green color will give your hair a major upgrade while you wait for warmer weather. It’s fun and quirky and it’ll make you feel like you need to wear a crown of flowers at all times. The bright green color screams springtime, and I couldn’t be more excited for it to make an appearance.

4. Red on Black Ombre

The red and black color combination is fabulous on every brunette, and I think that’s why this one will be such a popular choice. It can still help you create a dramatic entrance without looking unprofessional at work, and it’s great with a pair of black slacks and high heels. This color choice would be especially appealing for those who want a unique style without having to sacrifice their professional ambitions and the ability to be taken seriously in their careers.

burgundy balayage bob

Instagram / @coryhoffmanhair

5. Pink Unicorn Sunset Ombre

As soon as I see someone rocking pink hair, I am immediately drawn to that person and want to start a conversation. It’s the skill to wear this bold color with confidence that really should inspire us. Pink has always been a representation of our inner princess and dreamer, so, a color like the pink unicorn sunset should be giving us all hair goals. The fade from an almost orange hue to a bright pink makes this the hair color that dreams are made of. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll be brave enough to try it.

copper to pastel pink ombre

Instagram / @hairsba

6. Fiery Orange Ombre

If you’re looking for a fun way to show off your individual style, then look no further then the fire ombre hair color. I love the vivid colors as it fades from black to red to orange and yellow, and it gives me some serious hair envy just looking at it. This trendy color is sure to show off your fiery personality and your passion to stay one step ahead of the curve in fashion.

burgundy and orange balayage hair

Instagram / @wilociraptor

Don’t get trapped in one specific trend and create your own version of two-tone hair. The boldness and intensity of your color is entirely up to you to tweak and play with. Think outside the color box and take risks!

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