40 Women’s Undercut Hairstyles to Make a Real Statement

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An undercut hairstyle women currently consider as one of the trendiest in 2017, is an extremal type of haircut with one or both temple areas cut very short or even shaven. Although it’s a very popular men’s style, women also keep up with the trend. Consider the idea and look through our top 40 women’s undercut hairstyles.

The Most Stylish Undercuts for Women

Undercuts can be used on short, medium and even long hair. Well, not every lady would dare get a shaved temple. However, on a second thought, if you are ready to add an extra edge to your look, why not to try at least once? Hair will grow out after all… And if your hair stylist sees that on no account an undercut would flatter you, he or she would tell you and help to choose the right compromise style. So, let`s see the images with best variants!

#1: Undercut with Purple Bun

The great part about shaved details with long hair is they can easily be covered up when needed, so, get as creative as you want. Etched lined add texture to the flat section, while the messy high bun is trendy and playful.

#2: Subtle and Shaved

An undercut hairstyle does not always have to be the star of the show, sometimes it can just be a supporting detail. The voluminous shaggy angled bob is sure to grab attention, but the buzzed detail at the nape of your neck will keep all eyes on you.

#3: Smoky Lavender Undercut

An undercut does not just have to be in the back, it can also be used as a fun detail to accent your face on the side. You can brush over it when you become tired of it or want to let it grow out. This short section will work well on chin-length to long hair—just make sure you have enough length to cover it up.

#4: Shaved with Diagonal Braid

Can’t choose between long and short? With this style you won’t have to. This daring half-and-half style combines shoulder-length hair and a cropped side plus a French braid to tie them together. Soft curls balance out the edgy hairdo for women.

#5: Spiky Shaved Mohawk

A Mohawk is one of the most popular shaved hairstyles for women, but that also means that it can be the most common and expected. Take yours a step further with a two-toned blonde and black style. Make it modern by opting for a cool-toned ash shade instead of a golden hue.

#6: Rainbow Undercut

If the thought of a pixie cut brings up images of Anne Hathaway or Audrey Hepburn, it’s time to revamp your notion of the classic style. High impact colors will take the look from sweet to sassy. For tips on how to style, try pairing it with neon Lucite sunglasses.

#7: Blue Haze Undercut

Smoky hues are all the rage this year, with colors ranging from purple to silvery grey. This misty blue is a unique spin on the trendy colors. Those who can afford to rock a look like this in the workplace should try a higher undercut.

#8: Platinum Under Shaved Pixie

There are many different ways to rock undercut hair outside of the typical isolated shaved sections around the back or side. Those who want to take it a step further should opt for a Mohawk style. If the hair is cut really low, create a striped design with dye in a darker color.

#9: Zig-Zag Undercut

One of the most popular updos for a female is a high bun, but those can seem too boring or casual for women who want an extra dose of style. An intricate design takes your look to the next level without dyes. Plus, like most undercuts, it can be completely hidden when you let your hair loose.

#10: Cool Copper Undercut Style

Copper is a hard color for women to pull off and choosing the right shade depends on the undertones in your complexion. Make short shaved hair pop by wearing a lighter color on top and a darker color at the bottom. Stripes on the side add visual interest.

#11: Eighties Inspired Undercut

One of the benefits of the undercut hairstyle women like today so much, is that you can use the shaved section to boost your overall look. By cutting the back short, you can rock dyed details, jagged layers and curved edges and make them pop in a way that they otherwise would not.

#12: Undercut with Primary Colors

One of the most popular female hairstyles is a messy pixie cut. It is refined, yet casual and carefree at the same time. With a haircut like this, the undercut seems more subdued as it blends in to the shorter layers and makes the green and purple colors the star of the show.

#13: Shaved Temple and Side Part

This hairdo is perfect for a girl in high school or college who wants to experiment a little without overhauling her entire look. Incorporating a smaller shaved section on one side makes it easier to cover up by simply un-tucking your hair. A look like this would be best suited for those with thick hair.

#14: Freehand Design Undercut

Get fancy with your undercut haircut and try a complex, eye-catching design. The beauty of this style is that despite the edginess of the shaved section, the overall pattern actually manages to be soft and subtle because it resembles a sunflower.

#15: Ethereal Ponytail with Shaved Nape

While a ponytail may seem like the most basic women’s updo, this look is anything but that. The color on its own is enough to make this messy braided ponytail stand out, but since it’s so soft and romantic, it needs something opposite to balance it out.

#16: Platinum Curly Undercut

Bob haircuts can be classy and cute, but this look shuns that notion for a truly bad girl vibe. When going extremely light, it’s helpful to keep your roots dark to prevent a harsh color line and aid in the growing out process. The side detail shows that you can play with different levels to create depth within a shaved section.

#17: Purple Pastel with Shaved Details

This undercut hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. If you believe less is more, it might not be the look for you. From the extreme changes in length and textures to the purple color and the shaved strips, the punk rock look combines a bunch of major moments into one hairdo.

#18: Looped Braid and Undercut

Balance out a short undercut with a whimsical looped braid. The hard buzzed detail needs something soft to temper it like a loose French braid and soft brushed out layers. What really takes this style to the next level is the unique blue-grey hue.

#19: Shaved High-Top Fade

One of the most popular styles of the nineties for African Americans was the high-top fade. Since the decade is making a return nowadays in the fashion and beauty realm, it’s not surprising that the look is also experiencing resurgence. Make it modern with a pop of color and double stripes.

#20: Shaved Mermaid Bob

Mermaid hair is all the rage with high school girls and established women in the creative field alike trying to get in touch with their inner fairytale characters. But instead of the typical bohemian long wavy variations of the look, shaved side hairstyles make the color combo look modern and tough.

#21: Punked Out Beauty

For this look, the undercut haircut is taken to the extreme. Hair is shorn close to the scalp, resulting in the awesome “V” shape. The rest of the hair may be left loose to conceal the short shaved section on more conservative occasions.

#22: Short with Shapes

Reminiscent of the 1980s style a la Molly Ringwald, this new and updated undercut bob shows off sleek, straight tresses with ease. Adding in an angled and shaped base layer, you let the remaining hair fall easily into place.

#23: Natural Undercuts

Let your natural hair flow high and freely with the help of a short undercut to set the stage. This look is ideal for women who want a low-maintenance style that still packs quite a punch.

#24: Two Directions

Choosing a path in life can be tricky, so why to stress out about going in just one direction with your hairstyle? You can involve two distinct personalities, same like this style that leaves hair a bit longer and more even on one side.

#25: Cropped and Curly

Flaunt your curly locks with a short, cropped style that is all kinds of beautiful. Pair it with an accent of deep, dark color like magenta or burgundy, and don’t hold back on bold accessories or makeup. If your hair isn’t naturally curly, leave in some small rollers overnight and experience a whole new look in the morning.

#26: Cut and Colored

Female hairstyles don’t always have to be long to be feminine – instead, try this under cut that features a dash of girly purple color throughout the top.

#27: Cute and Curly

An undercut hairstyle for women with curly hair can keep otherwise unruly tresses under control. Start with an undercut bob that is on the longer side, and then allow your natural curls to tumble down from atop. Cute, curly and unique – you can embrace your girly side without having to deal with a complicated style.

#28: Mohawk Fabulous

Womens undercut styles are increasingly popular in today’s no nonsense world. Keep things a bit more edgy by combining your eye-catching style into a wild Mohawk. This will work best if your hair is of medium texture and long enough to get some impressive height.

#29: Business Casual Style

If you have a day job that requires a bit of a straight laced look, an undercut is still definitely possible. An undercut hairstyle women can acceptably wear in an office environment usually involves short underneath sections that are left a bit longer, paired with long hair on top to conceal the look when necessary.

#30: Colorful and Creative Short Style

An undercut hairstyle can still boast a fair level of versatility. For this look, keep a longer amount of hair up top. Work it into a ponytail or braid when you’re feeling creative, and add in some wash out color in bold, bright hues.

#31: Sweet and Spicy Spikes

A girl undercut can be inspired by boy styles, including this spiked version that includes a long, sideswept section across the forehead. By using some strong holding gel and getting a quality cut that makes the look easy to maintain, girls can definitely rock this guy-inspired style.

#32: Long and Blonde

Hang onto your long blonde locks from childhood and want to update them with a modern twist? Here’s an undercut hairstyle women would go for without a second thought. Well, many women would. It features subtle shaved patterns blended together with more traditional hair.

#33: Classic Undercut Beauty

One undercut hairstyle women often wear hasn’t changed much over the years. Shaved sides combined with a pompadour up top make a classic look of a sweet rebellion that’s been popular for generations. Best of all, you can wear it for almost any occasion including school, work or a formal evening out.

#34: Mohawk with Braids and Undercuts

If your hair tends to be on the thicker side, long hair can get hot and uncomfortable during the warmer months. Instead of constantly battling the long hair you love, thin it out in a unique way – get the cute undercuts. Style with added thin braids defining the line between the long hair and the short sections.

#35: Triangular Style

Shaved back or nape undercut hair can reveal cute designs when you pull your hair up into a pony or bun. In this case, some tribal patterns are used but you can try any design you like. You might opt for a cut that brings out a beautiful tattoo with meaning, or perhaps you will simply utilize it to try something new with otherwise mundane hair.

#36: Intricate Designs

Looking for a cool hairstyle that shows off your creative side? Look no further than this natural coif enhanced with a simple but so flattering undercut. You may brighten up this beautiful style with a cuff earring, and you’ll be sporting truly unique hair in no time at all.

#37: Feminine Designs

Embrace artistic designs shaved underneath the hair, bringing a unique piece of art to the nape of the neck. Continue onward with typical feminine styles, including braids, buns and ponytails. This works especially well on fine hair types that need to be spiced up a bit with dynamics.

#38: Long Hair Rebellion

For those not ready for a short cut all around, check out this long hair undercut that keeps hair looking long and natural with a hidden surprise. Pull locks into a top knot to reveal an edgy design shaved underneath.

#39: Braids for Days

Shaved hairstyles for women are a challenge, and cornrows aren’t just for black women – any nationality can flaunt this classic style with a twist. This particular provocative look involves shaving the sides while working the rest of the hair into dozens of small braids. Pull it all back into a ponytail to show off the final look.

#40: Fantasy Inspired Cut

Many undercut hairstyles are inspired by something based in fantasy, like this nape undercut that features etched designs and a bold aqua hue. This style takes its cue from anime or perhaps a comic con cutie, and it’s simple and fun to maintain.

There are many controversial opinions about women’s undercut styles. Someone considers them too extravagant and non-feminine. But we have seen enough worthy examples above which never diminish your feminine appeal, but, on the contrary, make you brighter as a woman. Go for what you feel is right and don’t let other people’s opinions influence your choice, especially when it comes to self-expression and other important things.

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