Wilmie Klop

Wilmie is a writer, editor, and proofreader across many platforms. She is second to none when it comes to describing hair tutorials. Knows Afrikaans, so works as an English/Afrikaans translator.

A high ponytail with bouffant is a hairstyle worn high on the head, with the crown part teased and puffed out. While it is a classic everyday style, the addition of a bouffant adds an interesting twist. The bouffant itself has very glamorous origins: legend has that it was created especially for Marie Antionette by her royal hairdressers. She may have had her share of negative publicity, but nobody can deny that she was an icon of class and beauty. Her hair was on the fine side, and the bouffant worked wonders to give her crowning glory an extra boost. If you have fine or flat hair, this will make you look like a queen!

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The French Twist is a classic updo hairstyle that is sure to add lashings of glamour to any outfit or occasion. A red carpet ready look that never goes out of style, the French roll can be worn neat and chic or casual and loose. Favoured by Hollywood beauties and streetwise fashionistas alike, once you get the hang of the hairstyle, you’ll be sure to rock the look regularly.

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